The X Factor Australia 2014 Top 7 Live Performance by Marlisa Punzalan

14 year old Marlisa Punzalan sings “Try” by Pink on The X Factor Australia 2014 Top 7 live performance show on Sunday, September 21.

Wow! I love this performance. This is by far my favorite! Everything is so on point! Her hair, clothes, make-up, accessories, gestures (I like how she slightly tapped her right foot at the beginning) and attitude! She looks soo beautiful! Can’t believe she’s only 14! And of course, her voice never fails to deliver. I just love everything about this performance. Thank you Foo for choosing a good song – Try by Pink. And Ronan Keating always so proud of her! Good job Marlisa! You’re only gonna get better and better each week! Hope you win this season!

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Filipinos In The X Factor Australia 2014

Mary Ann Van Der Horst

Totally love her personality and stage presence. Her movements are very professional. I have a feeling she’d performed in a large crowd back here in the Philippines. Out of the 3, she’s my favorite. I couldn’t stop watching her audition video. So fun to watch. I am excited to see more of her in this show.

Justin Vasquez

Marlissa Punzalan

They’re all very talented! Wish them all the best in The X Factor Australia 2014.

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