This is my dream life

To wake up each morning with this view just outside my window. To have breakfast by the terrace, overlooking the beach, while reading my favorite book, eating my favorite ensaimada and drinking a cup of great taste white coffee. To have a beach house where I, my family and friends can relax and unwind. To eat healthy vegetables that I planted on my backyard. To eat fresh seafood everyday. I want a garden too with lots of mango trees and pretty flowers. To spend my afternoons walking by the beach and just enjoying God’s creation. To earn passive income so I don’t have to work another day in the office. To sleep in a nice and not so fluffy bed, with 4 fluffy pillows, no aircon but my room should have windows so it’ll be well ventilated. To experience stargazing night after night. To live a peaceful and healthy life – no stress, no deadlines, no traffic, most of all, no pollution!

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The life I’m living right now is sooo much different but I’m embracing what God has given me and I’m trying live well one day at a time, but I know someday, I’ll get there! Dream life come to me soon.

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