Katialis Ointment for Acne

My nephew has started developing acne the moment he reached puberty. He tried on different products already – soaps, toner, ointment, blackhead remover tool – but nothing seems to work for him. It’s so severe now that he’s got a lot redness on his forehead and cheeks, basically all over his face. I once saw him applying Katialis ointment, I told him that the more products he tries on his face, the more it will get sensitive. I don’t know if Katialis is safe and effective, but its smell is too strong, it might be harmful on the skin.

I advised him to try water therapy instead, avoid touching/picking/scratching his face, use ____soap and stick to it. He’s back in the province for a short break now, I’ll let you know if it’s effective once he come back on June.

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