Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Winner: Jovit Baldivino

Jovit all  the way! Hahaha. I’m glad he won. I was rooting for  him, and also for Jeline, Alakim and Ruther. I was surprised that Baguio Metamorphosis made it to top 3. Yeah, that’s brought to you by the power of text voting hahaha. They’re good though but I think the others are far better hehe. Ok back to Jovit…this is gonna be the start of many more wonderful things to come. Looks like ABS-CBN is grooming him as the next big star. Hopefully, we will see a more improved Jovit on TV in the next few days (those acne should go, he needs one of those best acne creams haha).

Below is his winning performance:

He did good but his live cover of “Carrie” I think was his best performance. Anyway, congrats!

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Favorite Band: Queen

I absolutely love the QUEEN. Although I find Freddie Mercury’s protruding teeth quite disturbing, I think they’re the greatest rock band ever. A true classic. Been listening to their songs since noon noon pa. Ang ageeee!!!

This post is inspired by Jovit Baldivino of Pilipinas Got Talent hahaha. He performed TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU last night, and it was quite sensational (sabi ni Marnie)….which somehow reminded of my fave band the Queen.

Sharing some of my fave QUEEN goodies (sooo HD so enjoy!)

And here’s my fave Freddie Mercury solo song – I Was Born To Love You

Lizzie and FreddieMercury

His crazy awesomeness is entertaining. His stage presence and dancing rhythm is pure charisma! He plays the guitar and piano too. It’s just a waste that he died too young.

And I just found this out last night, he’s gay, WTH, he’s a genius and he’s awesome 🙂

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