How To Make Sushi Rolls, Maki or Kimbap

I’m a fan of sushis so today I decided to do it myself.

What you need:

Roasted Seaweeds from SM, 71P /10 sheets

Sushi roll maker from Daiso (Japanese store in Cubao), 99P

Japanese Rice na ubod ng mahal!!! Ayaw kaseng kumapit ng NFA.

Crab sticks, Cucumber and Mango strips, you can actually add whatever you like – eggs, carrots, singkam at mani, sitaw, bataw, patani…kundol, patola, upo at kalabasa


I actually wanted to do it the traditional way, using a bamboo sushi mat. Kaso wala akong makita, so I had to buy this sushi roll maker na super convenient.

Fill it with your fillings

Add more rice

And then cover it

No need to roll the sushis!


O di ba ang dali!

Cut into small pieces

and then serve with toyomansi, kulang ng wasabi

i made 3 rolls for tonight’s dinner

It tastes like sushi nga! It’s fun to do it kaso messy…super messy.

Come back soon, I’ll try to cook BIBIMBAP next time ahahha or siguro baka ADOBO na lang.


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