Farmville Addiction

Farmville Addiction

Pretend that I am not sooo late on this – I AM NOW ON THE VERGE OF BEING ADDICTED TO FARMVILLE! Why nobody told me it’s addicting awesome?! I feel like I have this huge responsibility to protect my farm. Someone save me NOW before I drown myself to plowing and planting and harvesting my crops! This is why I never want to play FB games. Now, I worry about my crops even when I am at work hahaha.

My plants may wither any time soon. 4:00PM come faster! I wanna go home now and plant my bell peppers.

I’m even seriously thinking of planting real siling labuyo, kamatis, kalamansi and kalabasa on that tiny piece of land I have in front of my apartment hahaha

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Project: One Blog Post a Day

Ruthie: Len, san mo nakuha yun yung pag nag t-twitter ka lumalabas sa facebook

Len: Tweetdeck, mag download ka ng tweekdeck

Ruthie: San dina download yun

Len: Ano..try mo download sa plantsa hahaha

Ruthie: i mean saang website

Len: sa


Nanaginip ako kagabi…Nasa airport kami…pa-flylalu sa Europe (bonggaaa!) kasama si Toni, Jadie, Carol and Ruthie…naiwan daw ako.

Bumalik daw kase ako sa bahay…para balikan yun suklay ko.



Reading my archives. Natatawa ako sa mga blogpost ko noon. Para akong may sense of humor hahaha.


One blog post a day wont hurt, right? Yes!!! I decided…today is the best time to revive my love affair with YOU.

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Today’s IN and OUT


City Hall
KFC Krusher Strawberry Banana – the best yogurt there is!!!
desk table, comfy chair, electric fan and other office furniture
white shorts and cover ups
aqua shoes and snorkeling gadget
L’oreal toner
seeing my first ever super duper crush after 2 decades (yeah right, in Facebook bwahaha)
Rain – that Korean hottie awwww
coin purse
SM advantage card haha
goodness and generosity of your heart


wisdom tooth and stitches
pimpimpimples hohoho
BoF – haha, finally!
cheap umbrella
frenemies at friendster hohoho

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