Weight Loss Strategy

They say the best weight loss strategy combines regular physical activity, a healthy eating plan and effective best weight loss pills.

The last 2 I can do but exercising? Nah. That I can’t tolerate. I’m too busy facebooking, youtubing, watching dvds blogging beading working haha. I can’t have time doing even the easiest and most accessible type of physical activity that one can do – walking or jogging. Yes, I am as lazy as Juan, what can I do? LOL. How about you? Care to share your weight loss strategy?

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Effective Weight Loss Products

There are hundreds, maybe even, thousands of weight loss products available today and it’s hard to say which one is more effective.

I tried Xenical but the constant trip to the comfort room is really really inconvenient. Several years back, I also tried a chinese slimming pill, which was later banned due to its alarming effects. It was really effective for me, imagine, I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks! But it’s also scary because after finishing 1 box of ZdZ, I started to get palpitations.

If you’re looking for dependable, effective and best weight loss products without any side effects, check out weightlossproduct.net. They can help you to find the best clinically proven and effective weight loss products on the market.

After that dreadful experience with ZdZ, I swore to never try any slimming tablets again haha. Right now, I’m trying to lose weight the natural way – eating healthy and exercising. So far, nothing has changed hahaha. I’m still still miles away from my ideal weight LOL.

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My Bucket List

Learn the Korean alphabet
and language, araso?
Japanese and Spanish as well
Learn to speak in british accent, haha
Visit to a castle
Learn to prepare sushi
Watch the sunset…
On a picnic under the tree, with a blanket, lunch box and sushis
Hold hands and ice skate with someone, while it’s snowing HAHAHA
Watch a foreign film or Broadway and pretend to really like it
Fly to Batanes to drink coffee
One more day in my college pants (to date, i’ve lost 3 amazing lbs hahahah, check out diet pill reviews to see what works for you)
Learn to cross stitch
and to sew a dress
and curtains
Bake a cake for my birthday
and my friends’ birthdays
buy an oven and mixer and baking pans
and enroll at Henny Sison’s
Read all the booksat home
visit to the Universal Studios
buy an SLR
and learn photography

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