Updated Bucket List

New addition to my already very long bucket list!

– Plant herbs and pretty flowers
– Dance and have lots of fun while watching a concert
– Backup all my videos
– Explore my barriosiete
– Buy my own car using my passive income
– Buy a bicycle too and a bike rack at cracksandracks.com
– Learn how to ride a motorcycle
– Ice skates even for once
– Reunite with my college friends
– Travel abroad alone (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam)
Will update more when

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On Traveling Alone

Have you tried to travel abroad all by yourself?

I haven’t. The thought of traveling alone sounds very exciting and rewarding, don’t you think? I wish I can do that too. My place of destination is either in Bali Indonesia, Thailand or Cambodia, so I wont look like very different from their locals. Vietnam seems a nice place to visit too. For how long? Maybe a week or so.

I’d like to be able to eat breakfast at the same café each morning, drink a cup of tea while reading a good book and/or writing in my journal, take pictures around the town, visit temples and historical places, shop at the market in the evening, get to know the locals, walk and wander like there’s no tomorrow etc.

Can I really do it? Oh yes, I can and I will, I just don’t know when! Wala nang hindi kinakaya ang mga treinta años!

Meantime, since I don’t have time and many cash to spend, I probably am just going to travel alone in Baguio later this evening, will come back to reality tomorrow midnight or early Sunday morning. If all else fails, I might just end up wandering around Manila tomorrow. Luneta, anyone? LOL

Enjoy the nice weather!

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My Bucket List 2

Jump into the sea,
from a helicopter
with a life vest (I’m a fan of Fear Factor lol)
witness a miracle
to change the life of someone for the better
to become a channel of blessing for others awwww
to have an amazing close up photo with blurred background HAHAHA
spend a week in a luxurious cruise getaway
drive a convertible Ferrari haha (check out Ferrari parts here)
Get in touch with the people I have lost touch with
Become friends with some people I hate, that includes ex and his wife, ROTFL
Join a TV game show, like hole in the wall or Game KNB or amazing race
And win the grand prize
Buy a farm
Build a real bahay kubo
and plant mango trees
or develop a resort
Learn to surf
Build a Zen inspired garden with a tree house
and care for a cute pet, preferably a dog that doesn’t bite and bark haha
Perfect the art of cooking
and preparing gourmet meals
Sky jump in Macau Tower
A ride in a Venetian Gondola
Take up short courses at MFI
Enroll in a grad school, haha, ok, I’m serious.

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