The First Time I Felll In Love Was Long Ago

I listen to a lot of genres (depends on my mood, really)  but I must say that, several years back, I was very partial to pop, pop rock, rnb and upbeat songs.

My friends, Amy and Ruthie introduced me to classics – classic pop, classic rock, old skool and those songs that have mostly originated during the decades of the kopong kopong.

I (still) don’t enjoy bossa nova (haha ansakit sa tenga kase nun boses) except for a few isolated songs.

Lately, I discovered something new and I really like it – Standards, jazz and big band music! Shucks, pang mature audience ba? HAHA. I’d heard them before but never really had any interest..until recently. Oo na, signs of aging nga ito. LOLs Ganun naman talaga, everything becomes nostalgia as you grow older. In time, your needs varies…so does your music preferences. Kaya it’s no surprise na kahit anong gawin ko eh hinde ko talaga ma-appreciate si Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana at Jonas Brothers lol.

My heart cries out for this cute and handsome multi-awarded Big-Band crooner aka “Michael Buble of the Philippines”…


He already has 2 albums released under MCA records. 1st album turned platinum, the 2nd turned gold record. Wow, sa panahon ngayon na piracy at Imeem ang uso, may mga bumibili pa din pala ng original hehe

Aside from having a soothing voice, good looks, great stature and dashing tailored outfits, he’s also a guitarist, songwriter and musical arranger…plus he’s a chef too! Bet you know his specialty, Chinese food indeed! Ain’t he the perfect boylet material? Ang gwapo nya pramis. He’s giving the classics a fresh twist kaya even the younger generation can appreciate them. My favorite is his version of an Eric Benet original The Last Time.

I am soo glued to his songs. The problem is, when I like a song, i get euphoric. I had to play it a few times until it becomes boring. So far, after playing his music over and over for 3 days (9 hours/day)  lols, I am still  enjoying them. His songs are really nice. Get a copy of his albums, i tell you.. it’s worth your every penny.  🙂

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