Saying Goodbye and Moving On (A Breakup Story)

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
– George Bernard Shaw

Major major changes happening very soon! I am finally saying goodbye and breaking up with my dearly beloved most precious neighborhood. We’re moving back to the place of my many happy memories – my hometown far down north…hello again Valenzuela City! I am half-excited, half-heartbroken.

Super excited for these things:

  • Family (all my cousins live there) – it means more family reunions, kwentuhans.
  • Lower cost – roughly 30% cheaper
  • New house – anything new excites me!

Super heartbroken for these reasons:

  • Giving up the convenience – access to Edsa, Araneta, Farmers, Ali Mall, Bus Terminal, Estwood, Ortigas etc.
  • Neighborhood – it’s nice and quiet where we live.
  • It’s Cubao! Eto yata ang totoong Central Luzon. Haha. It has access to all points of Luzon!
  • Camp Crame – anybody who lives nearby can get inside to jog, bike etc.
  • 100% flood free. Moving to Valenzuela means I have to go through deep floods despite having light rain only.
  • Garbage truck every Monday and Wednesday. Free.
  • Mang Joey’s and Jerica
  • My favorite Hypermarket in Main Ave. Edsa – deserves to be singled out because honestly, it’s the best Hypermarket ever!

Turns out I have more things to be heartbroken for than to be happy, but it’s alright.

We have not started packing yet. It’s only me and my sister sharing the house but our stuff when combined, it looks like it’s for a family of 12. Maybe even more than that. Help!!!

My biggest and major worry you know’s the travel time I need to take when going to Makati. That’s a total of 6-8hrs, back and forth, on a regular sunny day. When it rains, even with the slightest drizzle, it extends to 10hrs or longer.

Ciao, Cubao! Thank you for the many happy years! Thank you also to Bongato family. We’ll never forget your kindness.

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Apartment Hunting in QC

I didn’t realize house hunting can be very difficult esp. in highly busy place like Quezon City.

My best friend Ruthie and I went house hunting several months ago and it was one heck of an experience. It was very tiring but really fun. Thank you Ruthie, for being soo patient, kind and an excellent rider.

This is the first house we checked, it’s a 3-floor building with 4 bedrooms, 2 CRs and a rooftop. The price? 20K a month, plus for new tenants, you have to pay 1 month advance, 2 months deposit. No way!!!

Studio type apartment, 8K/month, quite nice but the only available unit is on the 5th floor, no elevator.

Having merienda on a super duper sunny afternoon.

After few hours of searching, we finally found the perfect apartment! It’s quite big, with 2nd floor and 2bedrooms. It got lots of hi, a separate room for the dirty kitchen and the house rent is more than double (from what I pay in my Valenzuela apartment). I  love it specially the bedrooms, they’re big!  Plus, both rooms have a built-in closet and they’re huge. I have  my computer table, office chair and queen size bed on one  room, along with the other boxes of stuff and it’s still spacious. Compared to the other houses we checked, mostly studio type with 1 bedroom, this new apartment is the best deal. Thank you Ruthie for all the help, I owe  you big time!

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