Best Place To Stay Overnight In Tagaytay

I love visiting Tagaytay! Been there a couple of times already and I just don’t get tired of the place. Its cold, fresh air and awesome sceneries are perfect for unwinding. Definitely one of the few pleasant cities in Asia!

If you’re looking for a very cheap/affordable place to stay in Tagaytay, you might consider this:

JESCA Lakeview Bed and Breakfast. It took a while for us to find it because Japox only knew it’s called LAKEVIEW. Apparently, there is another LAKEVIEW Hotel in Tagaytay – yessss, that bonggang luxurious hotel with swimming pool!!! Eh hello, nakasakay lang kaya kami sa tricycle hahaha. We asked the locals and they all pointed us to that same LAKEVIEW HOTEL, until finally, Ate from the nearby fruit stand told us to walk down the street and look for it.

Walking downhill to check the rooms and the garden. So far soooo good. Perfect for those who are travelling in a tight budget. Not the place for honeymooners, ok, but for a cheap yet romantic date, I think this will do. Room rates are very affordable (500P per room, good for 2) and very homey. It’s just like sleeping over at your friend’s parent’s house in the province. Yun nga lang, shared bathroom but they have a heater/towel so it’s ok.

Little pretty flowers here, there and everywhere.

Old country house style. Those are aircon rooms on 2nd floor, with a nice overlooking view of Lake Taal.

 Ahh what a wonderful world! Mountains, trees and greens, so so beautiful!

Non-aircon single bedroom (good for 2, 500P). Oh yesss, it has a sandblasted floor and stonewalls!!! I initially thought we were in a garage LOL when we first got in. I guess it’s because this house was built down the ridge overlooking the lake so it has to be durable and cannot rot easily. But a little improvements on the flooring and interior walls would be nice, noh? But it’s ok, beggars can’t be choosers eh.

Trust me, you don’t need airconditioning here. It’s too cold by night. No need for TV too. We stayed outside the whole day and spent the rest of our night enjoying the view, Tanduay Ice and chichas. Besides, I have all the time to watch TV when I get back home. All I need is a comfortable bed, pillow and blanket.

Here’s the room we rented, good for 4-5. There’s a huge bed that can accommodate 3 biggies and a double bed. We’re lucky, Japox’s Lolo owns this place so we were able to get this for a very cheap price – 600/4 so that’s 150P each! Not bad.

Chicha for socials. Sarap ng Hansel Premium!

Too tired already.

Wake up call na japoxxxx!

Good morning sunshine!

What a beautiful morning! Ang lammmmmiggg!!

Nice spot to enjoy a sweet date in the morning.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!

Wet weather, cold breeze and morning dews! Simple pleasures but how seldom we achieve it.

Lucky Me bulalo and gardenia bread for breakfast, truly, this was one of the best breakfasts of my life!

There’s a kitchen somewhere so you can cook your own food too, if you like.

Lillies on a pot.

Joanne enjoying the rocking chair.

Yummy breakfast by the porch.

What a huge garden! I like! It expands right down the hill.

The best thing about this place is that it’s very accessible. Just a little walk uphill and you’re at Aguinaldo Hi-way already, from there you can wait for the bus that will bring you to Cubao. It’s also near some fruit stands so you can go shopping first before going home.

Ratings? Well, it didn’t even get the 1star standard, but the place is OK, great value for money. If you’re going to stay in Tagaytay overnight, I highly recommend this place because:

It’s cheap, probably the cheapest you can find in Tagaytay.
It’s just a few steps away from Aguinaldo Hi-way – that means it’s very accessible to all places of interest in Tagaytay
It’s just 1 ride to One Destination (where restos/cafes like Cafe Lupe, Carlos Pizza, Henlin, Kitaro, Mile Hi Diner, Pancake House, Starbucks, Teriyaki Boy, Leslie’s and Antonio’s are located)
1 ride to Tagaytay Rotonda (Chowking, ATMs, 7-11 etc.)
2 rides to Picnic Grove, People’s Park, Sheperd’s House
15-30min ride to Taal Splendido/Caleruega/Sonya’s Garden/Bag of Beans
1 ride to Magallanes Square
It’s near the Poveda Prayer House / Lourdes church, if you want to spend some quiet time.
It’s on a ridge overlooking the Taal lake (i didn’t see the volcano)!

Will definitely come back, hinde na lugi. For a complete Tagaytay Itinerary, check out this LINK


UPDATE (as of FEB. 28, 2013)

Big thanks to Bob ( for this info:
“active pa din yun number kasi nagcall ako :) she talk to me nicely and i make reservation good for 2… the price changed because it’s already 800php yun sa baba daw and 1,200 if you want a room with cr.. :D so i guess this would be the latest post, thanks for this blog.. such a big help for us first timer in tagaytay” 
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