I Am Php10,600 Poorer Than I was Yesterday

I was really hesitant to go on a trip to Bora because of many many reasons. For one, I think it’s overrated. Second, not budget-friendly eh. Third, I’d rather sleep. Fourth, eversince that dreadful day in Pug-os beach (Cabugao Ilocos), where I almost drown myself to death, I haven’t really enjoyed going to the beach anymore. Fifth, I am very busy. Sixth, budget talaga. Ninth, budget pa din. Tenth, budgeeet! It’s one very expensive island! Well honestly, kahit saan ka naman mag-travel, it’s gonna cost you a lot money. Even my everyday travel to work is expensive — Php254 (that’s 5,334/month). Ughhh!

Anyway, I’m half glad, half sad that I said yes to Boracay. It was a fun experience and if I can, I’m definitely going back. Kaso lang when I look back and review my expenses…whaaaahhhh I WISH I STAYED AT HOME TO WATCH/SLEEP/EAT INSTEAD. Haaaay now I am Php10,600 poorer than I was yesterday!!!

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My 2015 So Far

A so-so year so far, so what??!! Regardless, I am thankful for a lot of things. For one, I AM STILL ALIVE!

Funny how I met and lost and found and lost you again.

Love and hate relationship. Ginusto ko naman ‘to so yun na nga, embracing it.

I am 100 miles away from my comfort zone!

Undoubtedly, DU30 is my president. Miriam coming in at second. Who’s yours?

Met a lot of new friends for keeps.

Traveling solo soon! Sana out of the country, at sana lang kayanin ko. Although for the most part of the day, I am very independent, I am also very very clingy. Charot.

And yes, just like everyone else, I also watch KalyeSerye. Jose Manalo is super funny!

Lastly, I AM BACK! Ang busy ko kaya, hopefully, it wont take another 8mos before I can blog again.

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Posting Ads on OLX (Sulit) Now Require Payments


Now you need to pay a minimum of 100Php to be able to post/update ads on OLX. Tsk. Good job OLX. NOT!

Payment options available for OLX are:

  • Paypal
  • Gcash
  • BancNet
  • Credit Card
  • Sulit Gold Prepaid Card

Automated options such as BDO, LBC, BPI, Cebuana Lhuillier and 7-11 payments are also available but processed within one(1) business day.

Why OLX why!!!

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Start Your 2015 Right, Declutter Your Bedroom!

I know I’m 3 weeks late but allow me to greet you guys a Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you and your family happiness, good health and good fortune!

And since it’s new year, I decided to do some spring cleaning in my apartment. I started off with my bedroom since I spend most of my time in there. Took me a whole day! I installed a new curtain beam so I can put a nicer set of curtains, took out all the clutter on my wall, removed unused beauty products on my vanity table and decluttered my closet! Surprised to see how many clothes, bags and shoes I have accumulated over the years! I currently have 5 big tool boxes for unused stuff and they’re eating a lot of space! I wish I have ovis built-in cabinet organizers and drawers in my room (in the kitchen too!) so I can have more space.

I am sending these boxes to my barrio so my mother can donate it to the people affected by the typhoon last month.

Let’s make 2015 our best year yet!

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1 Year Since You’ve been Gone

Already 1 year since tatay went to heaven. I miss him everyday!

We’re all okay. Nanay is okay, she cries sometimes but for the most part, she is strong and moving on. Very admirable. You would have been very glad to hear that both your sons are working outside of the country. Ate is okay and very happy with Keith. Inday is following your footsteps! She’s now learning to play the guitar (we bought one for her last Christmas). Julia is super smart, kulit and sings very well, just like you! Sayang, you didn’t get to see Ponsky! He looks just like you, Tatay! You would have been a doting grandfather to him if you were here. I’m okay now, feeling a lot better and slowly accepting everything what happened. I don’t cry as often as I used to now.

I MISS YOU TATAY! I miss you so much, everyday. Please watch over us from heaven! I love you forever!

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In My Next Lifetime, I’ll Be A Musician Too

It’s really beautiful and inspiring whenever I see women who know how to rock a guitar, especially a T-Bird bass guitar. They just look so cool and chic and sexy. Makes me want to be like them when I grow up! LOL

I honestly want to learn even a single piece of musical instrument, but how to when I’m never musically gifted at all! When God poured in talents, I was probably sleeping or too busy doing something else. Why oh why nobody woke me up?! All I can ever do is admire and enjoy as I listen to their music. Anyway it’s okay, maybe in my next lifetime, I could do even better.

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Learning with the help of the internet makes everything so convenient. You don’t need to travel to/from school, no need to shell out money to commute and no need to face traffic every morning!

Good news! Tesda now offers free Online Courses (no tuition fee training) to Filipino Citizens.

The TESDA Online Program (TOP) is created for EVERYONE who would like to develop their technical skills -open for students, out-of-school youths, unemployed, workers, professionals, Overseas Filipino Workers.

Here’s the list of Tesda Online Courses that has no Tuition Fee:

Information Technology
Animation (3D Digital)
Basic Computer Operation
CAM / CAD operation
Computer Hardware Servicing
Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3

Food and Beverage Servicing
Waiter Servicing
Room Attendant Servicing
Bus Boy Servicing

Guest Room Attendant Servicing
Valet Servicing
Public Area Attendant Servicing
Laundry Servicing

Cellphone Servicing
Solar Night Light Assembly

Fruit Grower

Automotive Battery Servicing
Diesel Engine tune Up

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition
Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Trainers Methodology I
Facilitate Learning Session

Trainers Methodology II
Curriculum Development

Swedish Massage

Again, LIBRE po ito. What are you waiting for! Enroll now and register an account here –> http://e-tesda.gov.ph

Email etesdapmo@yahoo.com or call +632 – 3837839 for more questions.

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New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Table

Yeay! It’s only 27 days until Christmas and 34 days until 2015! How do you want to celebrate your new year? My Aunt and I were discussing a while ago about our year end plans, we’re looking into getting a 2-night suite accommodation in Oakwood Premier Hotel somewhere in Ortigas, unfortunately, December 30 – January 1, 2015 are blocked off, so it looks like we’re all just going to celebrate at home. It would have been fun to party in a nice suite!

Anyway, this is our typical New Year’s table during Media Noche. Messy, right? Must get my Aunt a new round gingham tablecloth from here so the table looks more presentable. All my favorite food is served – caldereta, vegetable salad, chicken wings and sinfully delicious black forest cake. Making me hungry since I haven’t eaten anything yet since I woke up.

Hope you guys will have an awesome 2015!

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Done Wasting My Time On People Who Continuously Disappoint ?

photo from tinybuddha

Yes!!!! I’s so done wasting my time on people who continuously disappoint! Not fair. Haaay Lord! Grant me patience and peace and a clean heart. Help me to understand their situations. Please God, comfort me through all the pain that this life brings. I don’t want to be angry and stressed about it anymore. I refuse to be swallowed by this situation!


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