Team Building Facility Near Metro Manila: San Rafael River Adventure

Looking for a team Building Facility that’s just outside of Metro Manila?

Check out SAN RAFAEL RIVER ADVENTURE! Very nice place to unwind and enjoy the nature! Provinciated but the accommodation is SOSYAL! Imagine sleeping inside a GLASS HOUSE or GLASS VILLA? They have a big facility that offers a lot of team building activities for your team. Quite exclusive accommodation, for now, they only have 4 Glass Cottages and 1 Glass Villa. You can also enjoy sleeping on a tent here, they call it GLAMPING and GLAMPING with a twist — floating tent, basically.


One of the best breakfasts of my life! Al fresco style. Fresh air, good food and good company! Truly enjoyable!

Inside the GLASS COTTAGE, good for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Because it’s made of glass walls, you will see the outside right away. Very refreshing to see the nature as you wake up in the morning! Ang cool ng experience.

View deck overlooking the San Rafael River.

Other side of the view deck.

Bali inspired Reception area.

Plenty of water activities that you and your team can enjoy. You don’t even need to go that far (aka Bohol) to experience river cruising. They all have it here!

There are ATVs as well.

Floating bridge. One of the many teambuilding activities that you can try.

Bigger teambuilding area where you can play volleyball etc.

of course, Infinity Pool!

GLASS VILLA for bigger crowd! Can accommodate up to 20pax. Very nice!

Inside the Glass Villa

Glass Villa has 2 Bathrooms, if I remember correctly.

Veranda overlooking the San Rafael River. Where you can eat lunch/dinner with the whole team.

San Rafael River Adventure is my new go-to place to unwind! Perfect for staycation with your loved ones or colleagues.

Check out their Facebook: San Rafael River Adventure

Contact their Manila Landline: (02) 334 0195 for reservation and inquiries.

Check out their awesome Virtual Tour here:

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Fika Manila, Cozy Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City

Why hasn’t anyone told me about Capitol Greenstreet? Seriously. It’s such a fineee place for late afternoon coffee, very quiet while you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset, array of fire trees and beautiful landscape. The place is not well marketed and I like it that way! I lived and worked in Quezon City but never heard of Capitol Greenstreet until 2-3 weeks ago when I had the chance to eat at Fika Manila.

nullThis adobo is unexpectedly good. Ohmaaay! The best sauce in the world! I need its recipe! Hindi kami maka-get over!

Fika Manila Best Seller AdoboYummy barbecue! Akala ko sawa na ko sa barbecue, hindi pa pala. Huge serving! Not a fan of their sauce though.

Fika Manila Chopsuey Chopsuey! Sakto lang. I like that the veggies are crunchy.

Matcha smoothie with heavy whipped cream!

They also have cakes, brownies, cupcakes and coffee.

More than the food, what I really love most about this cafe is its quietness, coziness and relaxing ambiance. They play the most relaxing Filipino instrumental music ever! Good food + good music + overlooking view = awesome experience!

Fikå Manila
Ground Floor, Capitol Green Street
Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City Philippines
Phone: 355 – 3132 / 514 – 2480

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How To Make a Viral Video?

Help! We are currently working on a project, the goal is to make it viral (we hope), rewarding and high-yielding. We’re looking at different options:

  • Music video type of thing, shot at a resort/pool area – similar to Justin Bieber’s Beauty and the Beat MV.
  • MV of a local artist singing acoustic songs.
  • Short and funny skit ala infomercial.

I a more leaning towards the second option since we only need to prepare a few things – improvised stage or recording room, acoustic guitar and a cool telefunken mic (suitable for voice on both stage and in the studio).

It requires fewer manpower too and it’s a lot less complicated to shoot and edit! My only concern is that it may look boring and may never get as viral as I hope it will be. God please let the creative juices flowing! Deadline of the storyboard is Friday already!

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I Am a Success Now!

Independent lang hindi bitter, ok? At medyo may pagka-defensive din hahaha!!!

Seriously, this is my declaration, from today onwards, I am a success!!!! Claiming the victory! I can and I will! No one can stop me from reaching my goals! POWER! ENERGY! COURAGE!

Random thoughts on:

HUMANITY: Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you #seenzoned. Di ako maka get over eh. It hurts. Kaya hindi ko na gagawin sa iba.

TIME MANAGEMENT: I haven’t blogged in ages! I hope to have more time in my hands to do things that I love – beading, cooking, travel, writing, etc.

LIFE: I badly need an automatic washing machine to live! And a machine that can fold my laundry.

TECHNOLOGY: To get a Globe postpaid or not? I’m not a heavy mobile user so I’m okay with prepaid but it is becoming too inconvenient.

MONEY: Overflowing streams of blessings. Walang makakapigil sa success ko!

FRIENDS: Thank you for liking my new profile photo LOL.

FAMILY: Always first! ALWAYS.

Last but not the least,

LOVELIFE: Kahit konting liwanag lang, please?

I cannot wait for the good things coming my way! Thank you God for igniting my passion again. I am alive, I have a lot to live for and I am a success!

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I Am Php10,600 Poorer Than I was Yesterday

I was really hesitant to go on a trip to Bora because of many many reasons. For one, I think it’s overrated. Second, not budget-friendly eh. Third, I’d rather sleep. Fourth, eversince that dreadful day in Pug-os beach (Cabugao Ilocos), where I almost drown myself to death, I haven’t really enjoyed going to the beach anymore. Fifth, I am very busy. Sixth, budget talaga. Ninth, budget pa din. Tenth, budgeeet! It’s one very expensive island! Well honestly, kahit saan ka naman mag-travel, it’s gonna cost you a lot money. Even my everyday travel to work is expensive — Php254 (that’s 5,334/month). Ughhh!

Anyway, I’m half glad, half sad that I said yes to Boracay. It was a fun experience and if I can, I’m definitely going back. Kaso lang when I look back and review my expenses…whaaaahhhh I WISH I STAYED AT HOME TO WATCH/SLEEP/EAT INSTEAD. Haaaay now I am Php10,600 poorer than I was yesterday!!!

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My 2015 So Far

A so-so year so far, so what??!! Regardless, I am thankful for a lot of things. For one, I AM STILL ALIVE!

Funny how I met and lost and found and lost you again.

Love and hate relationship. Ginusto ko naman ‘to so yun na nga, embracing it.

I am 100 miles away from my comfort zone!

Undoubtedly, DU30 is my president. Miriam coming in at second. Who’s yours?

Met a lot of new friends for keeps.

Traveling solo soon! Sana out of the country, at sana lang kayanin ko. Although for the most part of the day, I am very independent, I am also very very clingy. Charot.

And yes, just like everyone else, I also watch KalyeSerye. Jose Manalo is super funny!

Lastly, I AM BACK! Ang busy ko kaya, hopefully, it wont take another 8mos before I can blog again.

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Posting Ads on OLX (Sulit) Now Require Payments


Now you need to pay a minimum of 100Php to be able to post/update ads on OLX. Tsk. Good job OLX. NOT!

Payment options available for OLX are:

  • Paypal
  • Gcash
  • BancNet
  • Credit Card
  • Sulit Gold Prepaid Card

Automated options such as BDO, LBC, BPI, Cebuana Lhuillier and 7-11 payments are also available but processed within one(1) business day.

Why OLX why!!!

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Start Your 2015 Right, Declutter Your Bedroom!

I know I’m 3 weeks late but allow me to greet you guys a Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you and your family happiness, good health and good fortune!

And since it’s new year, I decided to do some spring cleaning in my apartment. I started off with my bedroom since I spend most of my time in there. Took me a whole day! I installed a new curtain beam so I can put a nicer set of curtains, took out all the clutter on my wall, removed unused beauty products on my vanity table and decluttered my closet! Surprised to see how many clothes, bags and shoes I have accumulated over the years! I currently have 5 big tool boxes for unused stuff and they’re eating a lot of space! I wish I have ovis built-in cabinet organizers and drawers in my room (in the kitchen too!) so I can have more space.

I am sending these boxes to my barrio so my mother can donate it to the people affected by the typhoon last month.

Let’s make 2015 our best year yet!

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1 Year Since You’ve been Gone

Already 1 year since tatay went to heaven. I miss him everyday!

We’re all okay. Nanay is okay, she cries sometimes but for the most part, she is strong and moving on. Very admirable. You would have been very glad to hear that both your sons are working outside of the country. Ate is okay and very happy with Keith. Inday is following your footsteps! She’s now learning to play the guitar (we bought one for her last Christmas). Julia is super smart, kulit and sings very well, just like you! Sayang, you didn’t get to see Ponsky! He looks just like you, Tatay! You would have been a doting grandfather to him if you were here. I’m okay now, feeling a lot better and slowly accepting everything what happened. I don’t cry as often as I used to now.

I MISS YOU TATAY! I miss you so much, everyday. Please watch over us from heaven! I love you forever!

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