A Valentine Dinner Concert

This is good for brokenhearted, loveless, searching, in love and those rekindling the lost love….     

STAIRS Production Inc.   



An Unforgettable Valentine Dinner Concert     

DATE: Feb 14-16, 2007

PLACE:  STAIRS Secretariat @ #30 Imperial st.
Cubao QC

TIME: 7:30PM


Limited to 70 guests / night.        

Email / text me ASAP for reservation.0915-5951838   

Watch and fall in love again!!

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Single and Chasing

Hahaha. Sounds desperate, right? Yup, I’m 27 and single and perfectly fine with it. I’m QUITE happy with what’s going on and what’s not going on in my life right now. I got a job. I’ve got funny friends. I’ve got serious friends. Mom and Dad are together. I’ve got a supportive family. And most of all, I have God in my life. There’s really nothing much to ask…or shall I say, I’m not really needing a bf, for now. Not that I don’t want/need one but sometimes, you just gotta live being contented with what God has given you. And in due time, God’s plan will be revealed. You just have to be patient.

Yup, I’m single and chasing, think about it, I’m not chasing you or anyone, I am chasing the dream.


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