Inday’s Playlist

Kids do say the darnest things…but as for my kid sister Inday, she sings the darnest songs. 

“Isang Bandila….dalawang bandila….” – Rivermaya

“Wag kang bibitiw bigla..wag kang bibitiw biglaaaaahh…baka malaglag ka sa bangin…” – Spongecola

 at ang pinakabago,

“Panalangin ko sa habang buhay…MAWALA ka…sa ‘king piling…mahal ko iyong dinggin…” – APO, orig.

Haha. How contradicting.

And yah know, I feel like singing that last song to you. Awwww!

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I am demoralized!!

You read it right. I am demoralized.

I am fighting the fight against feeling this “feeling”. Ano daw?!!

Dispirited. Disappointed. Disrupted. Disturbed.

Kase naman ikaw. Hmphh!

Pero may awa ang Diyos, alam ko.

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I sooo love POOH

Not Winnie the Pooh but Pooh the-Manny Pacquio-funniest-impersonator…aka Manny Poohquiao. The people’s chUmp! He got me, and the rest of my family, laughing off the chair with his spoofs. Sya nga! Yung may boyfriend na naka-misplace ng ref nya. Hahaha.

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You know, you have a foint.

She said, “maybe he just want to let you know that he’s doing great without you. Malay mo, bwelo lang. Stay put. Relax. May awa ang Diyos…”

Go figure it out. Hahaha

Things actually turned out SAYANG, just when i thought they’ll be ok. Haay! I missed every chanceS I HAD. Those times when I could feel your presence more. But I’m glad things are doing great for you. If you, by any chance, have a time, drop me a line here or text me again or better yet, call me again (I’m up 24/7). I shall be waiting.

See, I’m not chasing YOU.

N E V E R.


~ Krung2x, mali kau ng iniisip. Pramis. If I have time, I’ll tell you.

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I’m Crushing You

Oh my God! I’m crushing you. Yes, you…Agent X44, Don Romantico, Totoy Bibbo, Hesus Resurrection, Rico Suave aka Vhong Navarro. Maybe, I could die a happier person with you. But then again, maybe not. But look, can you see yourself being friends with Agent X44? It’ll be even funnier than you could imagine, I bet.

And also you, Mark Bautista. I just think you’re very handsome…such a handsome crooner. You seem so nice and down-to-earth.

Jologs it is..pero grabe…you can’t help me….coz I can’t even help myself from CRUSHING them.

Warning: If you laugh about this, it means you’re CRUSHING them too.

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Nothing Hill

My dear, it’s NOTTING HILL and not NOTHING HILL. There is NOTTING like “NOTHING HILL” at all. Ok.

So to you and to all others that have misspelled “NOTTING HILL”, you better change it now.

What’s the matter with you malen? Oh well, NOTTING. NOTTING really matters now.


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Eto nakakatawa at nakakainis. May kwento ako. I tried yahoo chat kanina lang. Napapangiti ako..teka. Di ako maka compose ng maayos. Basahin nyo na lng.

sanguni.rm is currently not in your Messenger List.
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sanguni.rm: hi
marlin ada: hey
sanguni.rm: asl plz.
marlin ada: 27fphil
marlin ada: u?
sanguni.rm: i’m looking for a girlfriend ?  and you ?
sanguni.rm: 29/m/phil
marlin ada: ok
marlin ada: haha
sanguni.rm: He he he
marlin ada: i’m just bored kya nag chachat
marlin ada: work k b sir
sanguni.rm: or ka date ? puedeng maka date
sanguni.rm: opo madam.
marlin ada: haha
sanguni.rm: San ka sa PInas madam ?
marlin ada: valenzuela
marlin ada: ikw sir san k
sanguni.rm: Laguna ako.  kung mag dadate tayo ang layo no ?
marlin ada: nye
marlin ada: date tlg ha
sanguni.rm: oo diba kaya nga tayo ng chachat para may maka DATE at maging kaibigan, diba ?
marlin ada: huh
marlin ada: ayoz ka ha
sanguni.rm: kasi useless kung di kayo magkikita.
marlin ada: hahaha
marlin ada: ganun
marlin ada: ano work mo sir
marlin ada: e
sanguni.rm: hey
marlin ada: ano work mo sir
sanguni.rm: teacher po. kaw
marlin ada: hahahaha
marlin ada: di ba may asawa ka na
marlin ada:
marlin ada: kaw ba yan
marlin ada: wahahahahahahaha
sanguni.rm: yes eh nasa abroad sya kaya nalulungkot ako. 
marlin ada: hahaha
sanguni.rm: he he he
marlin ada: ang kapal namang ng mukha mo sir
marlin ada: wahahaha
sanguni.rm: Valenzuela ka di ba ?
marlin ada: yup
sanguni.rm: date tayo Manila ?
marlin ada: sir, teacher ka pa nman..
sanguni.rm: ok lang yon.
marlin ada: hindi kaya
marlin ada: hindi ka na nhiya sir

sanguni.rm: Puede ba tayo mag-date ?
sanguni.rm: he he he
marlin ada: sir…eh kayo ng MISIS at baby nyo..kmusta naman
sanguni.rm: wag mo nga akong i-sir di naman kita estudyante eh.
sanguni.rm: wala pa kaming anak.  Busy siya sa Malaysia.
marlin ada: nyek
sanguni.rm: Ok akong maging boyfriend.  Mapagmahal, malambing, at higit sa lahat mag-eenjoy ka.

** Grabeh! Naku sir, hindi ko pinangarap maging 3rd party!! Pwede bah!  Utang na loob. 

Ang lolo mo’ng yun..namangha at ang galing ko daw mag research. Paano ko daw nalaman yun. Haller. If I can’t find you in Friendster,  you don’t exist.    

Nakakaasar. Grrrh. Whatta u thinkin’??

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A Valentine Dinner Concert

This is good for brokenhearted, loveless, searching, in love and those rekindling the lost love….     

STAIRS Production Inc.   



An Unforgettable Valentine Dinner Concert     

DATE: Feb 14-16, 2007

PLACE:  STAIRS Secretariat @ #30 Imperial st.
Cubao QC

TIME: 7:30PM


Limited to 70 guests / night.        

Email / text me ASAP for reservation.0915-5951838   

Watch and fall in love again!!

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Single and Chasing

Hahaha. Sounds desperate, right? Yup, I’m 27 and single and perfectly fine with it. I’m QUITE happy with what’s going on and what’s not going on in my life right now. I got a job. I’ve got funny friends. I’ve got serious friends. Mom and Dad are together. I’ve got a supportive family. And most of all, I have God in my life. There’s really nothing much to ask…or shall I say, I’m not really needing a bf, for now. Not that I don’t want/need one but sometimes, you just gotta live being contented with what God has given you. And in due time, God’s plan will be revealed. You just have to be patient.

Yup, I’m single and chasing, think about it, I’m not chasing you or anyone, I am chasing the dream.


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