Jenepram Dablak

danbe fuld baragats daragats
emstel emstel jenepram dablak..

danbe fuld baragats daragats
emstel emstel jenepram dablak..

Repeat 2x

~ oh yeah! i love this! In case you didn’t get it, it’s actually J.Lo’s song

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I wish I hadn’t let go of the chance

Sometimes, life has a cruel way of putting things together.

Noon, okay ka. Ngayon, hindi na. Kase yung ayaw mo noon, gusto mo na ngayon pero ayaw ka naman na.

Wish I didn’t let the chance pass me by. I wish you hadn’t give up on me. But it’s been a while and andami ng nagbago. Hangang WISH na lang siguro ako.

Maybe it’s better if I would just give up coz there’s no point in waiting for someone who doesn’t want to be a part of you anymore. OO! Ramdam ko yun ngayon at abot langit ang panghihinayang ko. Pero sabi mo nga IT, di bale na lang.

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Feeling Bakekang these days

I feel like the ugliest person these days and there’s nothing I can do to make it any better. You see, I have dark spots all over my face, as if I just had chicken pox and my weight just wont come fact, it has reached its highest level since 1997. Imagine Bakekang.

So, starting today, I am changing my habits. I need to stop this petty unhealthy indulgence and try to start a healthy diet. Hehe. Wish!

Here’s the plan. Drink lots more water. Eat as little sugar as possible. Avoid potatoes, pasta, corn, rice and sweets (cake, ice cream, coffee), no more Mcdo, SARSI/RC Cola, fries etc. Instead, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat three meals a day but eat half the portion I would usually eat.

And lastly, go to the Gym.


Leave everything as is and resort to a more expensive way of dieting: buy Xenical.

There, pray that I may honor these words I have just spoken. I’m really beginning to lose hope. Nag pa-derma na ko. Nag anti-acne antibiotics. Anti-acne facial wash. Nag whitening. Haay. Nothing seems to work. They wouldn’t leave my face.

Plus, to make matters worse, my laugh lines can be EASILY seen from afar. Grrrh.

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Missing College life

I miss college a lot. I don’t miss writing papers or studying for tests, but going to lagoon with friends, napping right after class at Mimi’s place, going to SM centerpoint, watching EAT BULAGA during free time, celebrating birthdays with pandesal + LUCKY ME pancit canton, going to Baguio, wishing and hoping that the next prof is not coming, cramming, getting not too serious with everything, I miss it all. I mean, working and being paid is cool because not everyone is lucky to get to work full time, but it would be great to have a lot less adult responsibilities, right? Less worry. See now, I have to be at work every day including almost all holidays. Really, I miss sembreaks.

Tsismis. Issues. Open forum. Isnaban. These and much more!

It’s the CRAZIEST moment of my life. It was a carefree time, when I didn’t have to wake up until it’s 2 hours before my first class of the day. A time when my only worry was finding time to have lunch with my friends and finding things to do to spend the rest of the day.

Unlike now, I’d have to worry about loans, bills, allowances, savings, future and a lot more. I even have to WORRY about YOU…

The memories are all coming back and I guess, I’m having a little regret because I DIDN’T REALLY MAKE THE MOST OUT OF MY COLLEGE LIFE. I could have been more daring. I could have studied HARDER. I could have been NICER. I could have taken more chances. I should have taken MORE PICTURES.

But it’s no time for crying over spilled milk. If I could have it another way, surely, I will give it my best shot. My very best shot. Who knows, things might be a lot better…but I guess, we’ll never really know that.

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Be Still

Hide me now under Your wings. Cover me within Your mighty hand. When the oceans rise and thunders roar. I will soar with You above the storm.

Father You are king over the flood. I will be still and know You are God

Find rest my soul in Christ alone. Know His power in quietness and trust.

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Sir, you flatter me

To You,

I really wanna thank you for still remembering me after a long long time of no talk, email or text at all. It means a lot. No. It means the world to me, that you, while far from being reached, have searched me in Friendster and have called me, when in truth, I wasn’t being nice and cooperative to you for as long as I can remember.

Sir, you flatter me.

ANd if I could just turn back time, I would have been nicer to you. I would have been wiser and clever and choose you.

Things could’ve been so beautiful. It could’ve been so right. Don’t you think?

Bilog nga ang mundo. I guess, you aren’t interested anymore. You probably just called again because you wanted me to see your success while I, along with my arrogance, am still trying to prove my worth to the world.

I don’t want to think that my main reason for liking you is all superficial. It may look as though, but I really feel in my heart, that you are God-sent to me. How could I miss all the signs. Sir, I wish you all the best and all the love in this world. And sana magkita tayo sa FINALS.


May all forces of the universe conspire to make things happen for US.

~ from me

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Inday’s Playlist

Kids do say the darnest things…but as for my kid sister Inday, she sings the darnest songs. 

“Isang Bandila….dalawang bandila….” – Rivermaya

“Wag kang bibitiw bigla..wag kang bibitiw biglaaaaahh…baka malaglag ka sa bangin…” – Spongecola

 at ang pinakabago,

“Panalangin ko sa habang buhay…MAWALA ka…sa ‘king piling…mahal ko iyong dinggin…” – APO, orig.

Haha. How contradicting.

And yah know, I feel like singing that last song to you. Awwww!

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I am demoralized!!

You read it right. I am demoralized.

I am fighting the fight against feeling this “feeling”. Ano daw?!!

Dispirited. Disappointed. Disrupted. Disturbed.

Kase naman ikaw. Hmphh!

Pero may awa ang Diyos, alam ko.

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I sooo love POOH

Not Winnie the Pooh but Pooh the-Manny Pacquio-funniest-impersonator…aka Manny Poohquiao. The people’s chUmp! He got me, and the rest of my family, laughing off the chair with his spoofs. Sya nga! Yung may boyfriend na naka-misplace ng ref nya. Hahaha.

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