Havaianas vs Ipanema vs Dupe. The battle of flip flops begins!

This is an unbiased post, ok, just honest to goodness review that I want to share to you all!

I can definitely say Dupe slippers are a lot better than Ipanema and Havaianas.

The problem with Ipanema is that its soles (mid-section area) can easily tear apart. Ampanget! Merong slice dun sa mid part nun swelas. How the hell it happened? It’s not because I’m heavy, no? Pang 50kilos and below lang yata tong stepin na to eh. I’ve had it only for less than a year and it’s already useless (bought Oct 2010)! Not an isolated case because Carol’s Giselle Bundchen Ipanema slippers had the same problem. My cousin also said the same thing about her Ipanema slippers. Total waste of money!

Last May 2011, my brother went Havaianas crazy and hoarded 8 pairs of Havaianas for us and guess what, most of them are already broken! Ang dali mapigtas nun strap. I haven’t even used it for long because it’s Havaianas and it’s sooo precious to me! Original teh because he bought it in Brazil mismo. I haven’t even brought it to Boracaaay lols! Haaay sayang. Ang mahal-mahal pero andali masira. Ruthie had one too na sobrang expensive and nasira din agad yun strap.

But my pair of Dupe slippers (I had it since Feb 2011) still look like it’s just out of the box! Walang bola, ang tagal mapudpod even when I use it often – going to palengke, SM, inside the apartment, even inside the CR, my sister even sometimes wear it to work. Ang tibay ng strap. Very comfortable esp. yun may gel sa heel portion nun slippers. I love it!

If you want value for your money when shopping for slippers, get yourself a pair of DUPE slippers. They have pretty designs and colors too, they’re very very affordable, above all, they last for a long time! Amazing lang sa tibay.

So yes, DUPE SLIPPERS for the win!

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Gold is Timeless

Silver and platinum may be the craze in jewelry right now, but nothing is more timeless than gold! It has been used to create jewellery, adorn costumes and as a means of exchange since time immemorial! In fact, gold has been mentioned in the Bible multiple times than any other metal.

Some people do not realize its potential, thinking it is only used for creating jewelries, but it’s more than that. You can also invest your money in gold bars too! During recession, investors preserve their assets by buying gold ingot in cheaper price and once things get better, they trade them with a much higher price, just like stocks exchange. So if you want to be rich someday, learn to disperse your investments – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, dollar and even  gold bars!

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5S Your Relationships

Some helpful info on how you can apply 5S concepts in your relationships with Family, Friends, Colleagues and Special ones!

SORT – If there are issues arising, evaluate yourself. Is it because of you (what you’ve done or what you’ve said) or the other party involved? Know when you’re wrong even if you’re convinced you are right. If it’s YOU, eliminate your bad attitudes and keep the good ones.

SET IN ORDER – Reflect on your disposition then act accordingly. Put away any selfish deeds and act according to what’s right and what’s beneficial to everyone.

SHINE – Make an effort to keep your relationships unstained. When things get messy…clean it! ASAP. Build an open communication, bridge the gap, encourage one another and bring out the best in each other.

STANDARD – Conform, fit in, mingle and learn to compromise to establish harmonious relationship all the time.

SUSTAIN – Sustain your relationships and never let the issues, misunderstandings, miscommunication and differences of opinion on both parties get blown out of proportion leading to distrust and feeling of disloyalty.

Practice 5S to make your life a little bit better day by day!

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My First Step To Financial Freedom

Form this day onwards, I will stop using my credit card for shopping! I will buy in cash at all times. I will not bring my credit card when buying groceries. I will not swipe my credit card again with unnecessary purchase. I will only use it when purchasing items with 0% interest and when purchasing airline tickets online. Since I’m hesitant to carry money in my wallet, instead of carrying a credit card, I’ll get myself a debit card so I’ll never spend more than what I have. It’s also safe because debit cards are governed by Regulation E or the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, which protects the cardholders from fraudulent charges if the card is lost or stolen. Saying goodbye to irresponsible spending and hello to financial freedom!

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5S Your Office Desk

We’re trying to introduce the 5S project in the office to get things cleaned up and organized and hopefully, help us become more productive. We’re starting off with cleaning our office desks/tables.

The first step is SORTING. From here, eliminate extra things that are not work-related and unnecessary on and under the desk, like:

Extra mug, water bottles
Extra mirror
Extra pillows
Extra desk name plates
Extra pictures, at most 2 pictures are allowed
Extra decorations (2 are allowed)
Multiple jackets, blankets, comforters etc.
Various cellphone holders
Extra plants
Lotion, alcogel, powder etc.
Extra flowers
Extra slippers
Extra boxes
Extra stickers
Extra picture frames
Extra calendars
Extra Toys
Extra notebooks / magazines

It wasn’t too hard for me which one to eliminate since I only have the essentials on my desk, not too many clutter – just a tiny indoor plant, desktop PC, laptop, phone, mug, water bottle and corkboard. My dilemma now is how to 5S my pedestal locker! I have tons of things inside it and can’t decide if I should throw them away or not.

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Teach Your Children About Money Management

Would you recommend student debit cards to your children?

Maybe I would, if I am a parent myself. Why?

Because debit cards will not get you into debt unlike credit cards. The payments using a debit card are immediately transferred from my bank account, instead of me paying the money back at a later date. It’s also convenient since I don’t have to go to the bank to pay each month.

I know, just like credit cards, debit cards can be subject to abuse also but as a parent, I have the responsibility to teach my kids about money management. I know several people who knows how to spend money wisely early in life. Their parents have taught them well. When I was younger, nobody taught me the value of saving/investing money. I had to learn it all by myself. If someone had just encouraged me long before I started working, I probably have less worries about my future now. I learned my lessons, so when I get kids of my own, I will instill to them the importance of money management.

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Mini Christmas Party

This post has been loooooong overdue.

Because we don’t have enough budget to rent a place for a party, we decided to held our Department’s year end party in our pantry. It saves us a lot of cash, and saves time too since we don’t need to travel. It’s also guaranteed that everyone will be present.

First, we decorated the tables with balloons and we also placed various handcrafted xmas decors hanging on the ceiling.

For games, we had Pinoy Henyo!

Battle of the finest (questions are work related)

Balloon popping games. Trust me, this game is sooo fun and tiring. Japox was sooo funny, he emerged as the ultimate balloon popping king!

Lots of delicious food ordered online.

Exchange of gifts (pre-determined) worth 500P. What I received was…500 cash!

We also had a Name That Tune contest. Japox brought his DVD, kenwood speakers and microphones. Good thing there’s already a huge LED TV available in the pantry.  Everyone got gifts courtesy of our bosses. There was a raffle draw also – prizes include trip to Puerto Galera (it was actually a pair of beach sandals only), trip to Korea (Luck Me jjampong noodles), GC to Vicki Belo (eskinol), Dental GC (toothpaste) and a lot more! Had so much fun. Looking forward to another parteeey this year!

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Applying 5S Concepts to Your Desktop

What does you desktop look like? Is it messy because it’s cluttered with files/folders/documents that are not in-use? Do you take time in searching and accessing the documents every time you want to open any document?

Here’s how you can apply 5S concepts to your desktop!

  • Sort the files/folders on your desktop as WANTED and UNWANTED.
  • Discard all the unwanted files/folders.
  • Arrange the WANTED files/folders according to the projects they belong to or according to the importance they should get.
  • Rename the folders accordingly.
  • Keep the folders which are accessed frequently on the desktop and others (not so important files) in other drive.
  • When you want to save a file think where should it go and save in that folder, NOT on your desktop.

Sounds simple, right? Sorting folders on desktop can actually take a lot of time, but just think about how much time you’ll save once you have organized everything.

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10th Year

This year marks my 10th year as a young professional. Looking back, I realized I have endured many days of hardships during my first few years of working. I had to get to work at night, endure 2hours of travel time from my apartment to the office because of traffic, talk and breathe techie stuff, sleep for 2-4 hrs each day etc. And year after year, it got harder. I had to undergo trainings and absorb all things provided to me, I swear, my nosebled a couple of times during that time because of information overload. Things got worst when I became a member of an elite team lols. We had to wear uniforms once in a while (with a special pin like a military challenge coin) to work. Hay, I don’t wanna go through all that, everyday was a struggle. Everyday, I force myself to wake up and have reasons to go to work. I wasn’t happy and almost quit working.

I endured all that. Now, everything’s very different. I like my job better now. I’m still enjoying it…but not sure until when. If God wills it, I plan to move out of the country this year for better opportunities.

Note to self: Congrats on your 10th yr. It’s time to flee from your comfort zone and rock your world!! Remember HARDWORK WILL NEVER EVER BETRAY YOU.

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Money, come to me!

I have a Suunto watch and the strap wore down in a little over a year. Unfortunately, the warranty doesn’t cover the strap so I need to buy one from them. Price is worth 1500 -2000, depending on the model. Got me thinking if it’s better to just buy a new watch than spend thousands for just a strap. Dreaming of having a TAG Heuer (CARRERA model) watch, but it is soooo beyond my budget so I might opt for a Swatch or a Kenneth Cole ladies watch with interchangeable leather strap. Hopefully, I can get more freelance jobs soon so I can buy it before this year ends. Money, come to me plsss!

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