Visit to My Alma Mater

Yesterday’s visit to my alma mater brought back a lot of memories, both happy and sad. So many things have changed. The South wing part improved so much. W116 looks the same when I visited some 10 years ago. Lagoon has changed sooo much! They put a wall around the lagoon area (similar to Walled City of Intramuros) and it doesn’t look relaxing anymore. I don’t wanna say this but it turned out very ugly and dirty. I don’t like it! The trees look like they’re dying, and no more green green grass. It wasn’t like that during our time. There’s also a replica of Rizal’s house in the middle, if my memory is right, that used to be Popeye’s canteen. Rooms are still tiny and rusty. The whole building looks the same except for a tiny renovation in the balcony design. My school is already 108th years old and it needs major major renovation! Being a State University, it lacks facilities and funds but I hope someone in the government can help in improving the lives of the students/teachers and staff there. Can someone please sponsor sieve shaker, aggregates, building materials, paint etc. and renovate my alma mater? I also dropped by at UST yesterday and it has gotten a lot better. Sooo huge and clean…I want to study there in my next life 🙂

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Breakfast for the perfect morning – Pandesal and Omelette with banana ketchup 🙂

I loveeee this morning! Very very nice weather today! It rained earlier but now, the sun is up and I can hear some birds chirping just outside my window! Thank you Lord for this lovely day! Woke up at 5AM, read a few notes, cooked breakfast and now, internetting! I’m also streaming this Hossana Music album – He Will Save You! I’ve been looking for this album for ages! Sooo glad I found it thank you youtube! I love listening to its songs in the morning. Wish I had marvelous studio monitors while listening to them….they’re very uplifting and makes you feel blessed all the time. Reminds me soooo much of my younger years in the barrio, every morning when father wakes up, he plays this album to wake us all up, including our neighbors.

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DAY1 – 5S


Finally done 5S-ing my stuff yesterday. Found my passport too! Read old letters and diaries. Sarap balikan nun mga panahon na no worries other than to wake up everyday and go to school. I was planning to go to my alma mater YESTERDAY but i got stucked in my room the whole day sorting and throwing away papers here and there…ngayon n lang ako punta sa school…then quiapo then ongpin! Morniiiing!

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5S Your Apartment

I’ve been learning about 5S concepts these past days and never knew I could apply it in my apartment, not just in the workplace. Yesterday, I tried to 5S my room but I ended up just cleaning it for hours. I never realized I already have lots of stuff I need to sort, but I’ve no place to keep them, I can’t throw them away either, so I’ll continue doing this 5s project next weekend, I have to get big boxes first.

I guess it’s better if I could 5S my entire apartment, right? I seriously need to throw those old stuff that I don’t need and those things that serves nothing other than clutter in my living room, bathroom and kitchen. I also want to rearrange the furniture, install mini water walls or tabletop fountain for goodluck in my room, re-upholster the couch, install curtain rods etc. Arghhh, it’s going to take a lotttt of time, I need a 3-day leave to do all that!!!

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When is ithe best time to get a life insurance?

If you’re asking when is the best time to get a life insurance, my answer really depends on the situation.

If you’re young but already capable of paying the premium, go for it! It never hurts to plan ahead, besides it’s also cheaper to buy early. Also, starting early gives you more time to leverage the power of compounding, which is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to secure our financial future.

Don’t wait too long and become too old and more prone to sickness before deciding to get an insurance for yourself. Remember, there are companies that require medical exams for all policies to check your health condition. If you have illnesses, you’d probably be turned down for coverage and would have to look for a high-risk carrier or one that offers no med exam term life ins online.

If you’re still young but don’t have enough cash to pay your premium, my advise is to eat well and live an active lifestyle, work hard and by the time you are able to receive higher paychecks, start planning about your future.

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Take care everyone!

What do you think is the best self defense weapons for women? My best friend Ruthie used to carry this ballpen than converts to a mini knife back in college. Pretty useful, i think but scary. I learned from my cousin mitchie to bring along a pepper spray when going home late at night, so i bought one for myself and thank God i haven’t used it for anyone. But how would you react if you’re caught in a bad situation? I know it’s scary and i never ever wanna go through that. Experts say don’t try to fight off. If they want your cellphone…throw it to them then run as fast as you can. Their attention is to not to get you but your phone, then go to a place where there are lots of people…if there are guards nearby, go there quickly. 2 things to remember..keep a strong presence of mind and pray a lot! Keep safe everyone!

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Money Come To Me

Aside from “I’m fine, thank you”, my new motto in life is “Money, come to me!”

Last night, while traversing Masinag Hi-way heading to Cubao, one of my colleagues mentioned out of nowhere that she doesn’t have any desires to be rich. My thoughts on that subject are very opposite. I wanna to be rich! I wanna be able to buy all the things I want. I want to travel the world! And if I have lots of money, I will not think twice to share it and become a blessing to others. I don’t understand why people can say easily that they don’t want to have lots of money, because most people I know think otherwise. And even when I was very young and roleplaying with my cousins, I always wanted to play the role of a “senyorita” hahaha, someone who lives in a huge house with a spiral staircase, who wears nice clothes at home, has a classic telephone and a complete set of victorian sofa!

Well maybe she grew up having nice things in life already. Can’t blame her.

I need money not just because I need it for myself. I need more money so I can be more of help to others. I need more money so I can provide more for my family. I need money so I can plan my next 10-20-30-40-50 years. No one knows what will happen in the future. I could be healthy and fit today, but not tomorrow (Oh Lord, pls. guide me and keep me safe, including my family and friends, all the time). I’m not being all negative, I just wanna make sure I don’t cause burdens to anyone, even when it’s my time to go (Lord, I wanna live longer!). It wont hurt to be prepared, nothing wrong if you think about planning your own memorial service (check here for funeral planning guide) as early as now. It doesn’t mean you’re in a hurry to use it, ok. Just making sure everything is well planned!

Lord, you know what are my desires. Help me to find the means by which to live comfortably, free from financial worries and burdens.


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Text Scammers

I laughed soo hard when I read this on my newsfeed last night. So funny! I have received this kind of SMS maybe 10x already. Last week, because I was so bored, I replied back  pretending like I was his/her neighbor. I was hoping they will reply but I didn’t get any.

pictures from

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Refrigerated Cake Recipe

2 packs Nestle Cream
1 small can of condensed milk
1 tbps of gelatin powder
Mango puree
Mangoes, sliced thinly

– add mango puree on cream/milk mixture
– layer broas, mangoes and mango mixture
– cook gelatin in 2-3 cups of water, add mango puree to add flavor
– let the gelatin mixture cool down a little then pour it on top of your layers
– keep in the fridge for 1 day


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How people from the past survived winter

I’ve only experienced winter once (no snow at all) and it was really cold, I enjoyed it very much during the first few days because it’s something new, but after a while, I hated it because it’s causing me a headache and I don’t like that because it’s so hard to move. I don’t think I can live long in snowy places, so I have always wondered how people from the past survived winter. It’s sure a lot easier nowadays because there are heaters, fireplace insert, electric blankets, thick and warming clothes and other heating systems you can install in your homes, but back in ages, people have survived winter without much food or drink and clothing to keep themselves warm. It puzzles me how they survived  all that.

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