Wentworth Miller and Books


Wentworth’s Favorite Book is “Where The Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls.

*I am so thrilled! I have a copy of this book!! One of Ruthie’s recommended readings. I didn’t like it initially but now, you bet, it’s my MOST favorite!!!*

I soooo heart Captain Wentworth of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION. The object of Anne’s affections, who is well-educated and well-mannered. He values constancy, practicality, and firmness of mind in women. He is almost universally liked and respected for his gentle nature and kind attentions to others. He is so like Wentworth Miller in many many ways. Hanep. Akala mo close kami.

Anyhow, P is one of my MOST favorite books of all time, along with WTRFG (hehehe). I am your Anne Elliot, Cap’n Wentworth!

Haha. Feeling.

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Prison Break Season 3


Prison Break season 3 will be premiered on August 29, 2007 in the United States and Canada.

Details on the serialized drama’s story line for next season are being kept under wraps, but it is understood that brothers Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) — who recently escaped to Panama with the FBI hot on their trail — and many of their fellow fugitives would end up back behind bars, possibly in Panama.

“It essentially will be a new chapter,” creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring said. “It’s going to return to the fundamental conceit, to the roots of what the show was about.”

In its first season, “Break” featured most characters locked in prison and planning an escape. The current second season chronicles the manhunt that ensued after the core group broke out.

“They got scattered in the winds,” Scheuring said. “They will come back together again, (and) their conflicts and interactions will return.”

The options on the “Break” actors are not due for a pickup until May, but it is understood that a significant number of the regulars this season will return in the fall. The show also will introduce many new characters, Scheuring said.

But while stars Miller and Purcell will return next season, don’t consider them safe, Scheuring said, hinting that one of them might not survive beyond the first few episodes.


NEWSFLASH: Michael Scofield + Dr. Sara Tancredi = this:

~Baby Scofield~

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I am currently marathon-ing UGLY BETTY (as endorsed by Syana)….the adaptation of Betty La Fea…I’m enjoying it so far.

Prison Break Season 2 ended yesterday. Check the recap of the last episode here:


I think Mahone and Scofield will be best of friends on Season 3. I can’t wait!!

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Prison Break

Dahil sa impluwensiya ni Lizzie and Amy, heto, ni-try kong i-marathon ang SEASON 1 ng PRISON BREAK. I started Friday 11PM – Saturday 3AM. Medyo na-feel kong matulog muna. Nagising ako at around Saturday 10AM, walang ligo-ligo at suklay-suklay, dali-dali ako sa panonood. I was literally GLUED into the couch hanggang Saturday 9:30PM. That’s almost 12 hours + 4 hours of non-stop-loving-everything-about-WENTWORTH MILLER!!! Sumuko lang ako kase umuusok na yung TV namin. And I still couldn’t get enough of it. Nice plot. No dull moments. Witty. Genius.. Nakakatawa at nakaka excite. Higit sa lahat, ang gwapo mo WENTWORTH MILLER. Mahal na kita!

Dati ko pa sya nakikita sa Cable di ko lang pinapanood kase parang napaka-NEGA. Pero when everyone seems to be talking about it na….naku I immediately bought myself a PIRATED COPY. I love it. I haven’t finished it yet at parang gusto ko na namang umpisahan (for the benefit of others who kept asking me what happened, how it happened and why it happened ). It’s worth all the time and effort. I’m giving it 4 thumps UP.

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How tragic!

(CNN) — Anna Nicole Smith, the voluptuous former model whose life as a Playboy centerfold, billionaire’s widow and reality TV star made her the center of tabloid attention, is dead.

She was 39.

Smith was found Thursday “unconscious and unresponsive” in her room at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, according to Hollywood Fire and Rescue.

Last September, Smith gave birth to Dannielynn Hope in the Bahamas. Her son, Daniel (20 y.o.), was found dead in her hospital room days later.

~ Life can be wildly tragic at times and she had her share. I’ve never been a fan of her but I’ve been seeing a lot of her interviews on E! and I believe, she’s more than a stripper-old-sugar-daddy’s girl. She was a determined woman and a loving mom and her life is just incredibly tragic . Nothing is really sadder than a life cut short. Kaya we really have to make the most out of this life.

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I sooo love POOH

Not Winnie the Pooh but Pooh the-Manny Pacquio-funniest-impersonator…aka Manny Poohquiao. The people’s chUmp! He got me, and the rest of my family, laughing off the chair with his spoofs. Sya nga! Yung may boyfriend na naka-misplace ng ref nya. Hahaha.

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I’m Crushing You

Oh my God! I’m crushing you. Yes, you…Agent X44, Don Romantico, Totoy Bibbo, Hesus Resurrection, Rico Suave aka Vhong Navarro. Maybe, I could die a happier person with you. But then again, maybe not. But look, can you see yourself being friends with Agent X44? It’ll be even funnier than you could imagine, I bet.

And also you, Mark Bautista. I just think you’re very handsome…such a handsome crooner. You seem so nice and down-to-earth.

Jologs it is..pero grabe…you can’t help me….coz I can’t even help myself from CRUSHING them.

Warning: If you laugh about this, it means you’re CRUSHING them too.

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