Movie Review: Real Steel

Just a quick update to tell the world that REAL STEEL MOVIE STARRING HUGH JACKMAN is awesome! Why nobody ever told me that!?!

I never heard anything about this movie until last Saturday when my sister treated us out for a movie date. I went to watch it  with no expectations at all, I just thought since it’s libre, why not go and try to enjoy it, but oh boyyyy, I was pleasantly surprised! Awesome awesome awesomes!

Very very short summary of the movie – Transformer meets Manny Pacquiao. Robot fighting each other, highlighting the triumph of the underdog.

I find it really enjoyable from start to end. Catch it in theaters if you haven’t yet.

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The Inspiring Cinderella Story of Master Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro

I love watching cooking shows even when I was very young. Back in the days, I was a huge big fan of Wok With Yan and I never fail to catch it on afternoons. These days, I love watching Junior Master Chef, Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef, Oliver’s Twist and almost all cooking shows in Asian Food Channel!

I watched JMC last night and can’t help but be amazed at those kids cooking like a pro. Wow! I didn’teven know how to fry an egg until I was 13! Haha. And because I am now 30 something, I’m trying to learn to cook different dishes – mostly pachams. I don’t dream of becoming a chef at all but I wanna learn how to prepare gourmet dishes, at least. I want to learn baking too!

My fave Filipino chef has got to be Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. I remember watching him on QTV11, he’s very engaging to watch, too hilarious, plus he’s got a very inspiring story to tell. If I can afford it, I’d go to his culinary school in Cavite. Who knows, this might be my calling! Why not? Besides, culinary careers – such as chefs and Food Service Manager Jobs – are very in demand nowadays. But then, mypachams aren’t really that tasty to begin with so maybe NOT. Anyway, here’s an excerpt of his very inspring story, read and learn!

Chef Boy started as a houseboy in a Chinese Restaurant in downtown Quiapo at age 13. After cleaning the house, he would go down to the restaurant and help out in the kitchen, kneading dough’s for siopao and assisting the chef cook lechon kawali.

He then started working in different restaurants. His life made a complete turnaround in 1982 when he left the country to work as sous chef at Sultan Qabass Bin Said’s Palace in Oman. He tried to get along well with the Egyptian Chefs, learned to speak Arabic, and took his job seriously. He made an impression on the Sultan, who grew very fond of him and thus appointed him as head chef. He accompanied His Majesty on International trips, where he was exposed to Spanish, French, English and Turkish gastronomy. After eight years he came back to the Philippines. He joined Manila Diamond Hotel in 1992 as one of the sous chefs. Promotion came in his way and in 1995, he earned the distinction of becoming the first and only Filipino Executive Chef in a five-star deluxe hotel in the Philippines.

Now, he realized his full potential as a Chef Instructor and mentor to students of his unique culinary school. He established the Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary And Kitchen Services, which has attracted a local, regional, national and international following. The School is located in Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite Philippines.

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(Movie Review) Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

this is Jadie, our smoking zombabel in boots and fierce hairdo.

This film is a winner!

I was invited to watch this movie last night at a free screening organized by Geiser Maclang. I got really excited because I was already planning to watch this with my friends, so as soon as I got the invite, I emailed/texted/called the organizer to plead ask if I can bring my friends to the screening (they are bloggers too!). Glad they okayed with it. We got there very early because we’re all uber excited.

Ok, one word to describe this film – HILARIOUS. I haven’t laughed sooo much and soo long and sooo hard in one day and this film made me do all that and more. Really hilarious from start to end. Ibang level talaga ang tawa ko. I was cracking up, laughing and very much in the moment of superb happiness, heck I even stomped on the floor a countless times because every scene was making everything inside me soo hyper!

This is the storyline:
The young Remington (6yo) is a living gay-dar and he bullies every bakla he sees/detects. One day, young Remington encountered Roderick Paulate in a cemetery, angered by the boy’s bullying, he let out a curse to him – “magiging bakla ka pag-laki mo!!!”….15 years later, Remington started to show signs of being a jokla – the curse! During this time, every bakla in town gets killed by a mysterious killer. Afraid that he’ll be the next victim, they searched for Roderick’s whereabouts to know how they can break the curse. Nakakatawa because they were calling out the spirits – who looked like macho dancers – in gayspeak. To end the curse,  someone has to be willing to trade places with him (become gay and all) so he could go back to being his old self. This whole chaos was brought to you by some magical flying red scarf/shawl who has this awesome ability to put itself around the moon hahaha whatever! Now this is where the thrilling part comes. NOT. The zombadings, who rather looked funny than scary, rose from the grave to eat the humans alive. Remington and Dad switched places and the attack of the zombadings ended just like that.

Hahahaha if you think about it, parang it made no sense at all lol


The provincial setting is perfect!  I know that gays in the barrio suffer a far greater deal of discrimnation, teasing and mockery than those in Manila (this is the case at least in my barrio), so choosing Quezon as the lcoation set was very fitting. Also, the colors and/or cinematography has this 80’s feel to it which I really really like because it reminds me so much of my childhood days in the semi-rural area of Velenzuela many years ago. Being a lover of history and culture myself, I appreciate the showcasing of old houses and the featuring of Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon.

Even their choice of background music is perfect – it’s very bubbly.

The casting was superb! My favorite characters are Martin Escudero, Jigs (Kerbie Zamora), Georgia and Mimi aka Angelina Kanapi.

Martin Escudero – I only have praises for this young man. He did not disappoint. Bongalore India ang acting nya talaga. He even choreographed his dancing in one scene. Who knew he could fit perfect for this role? Havey na havey talaga. He can make various expressions with his face, he isn’t the handsomest guy in showbiz but you can’t deny that this guy’s got appeal. That kind of “adorable” appeal that makes you giddy (hahaha tween hearts?). He is skinny-muscular and sooo sexy wearing skinny jeans, baby tees and racerback sando!

Even those with supporting roles did a great job!

Jigs aka Kerbie Zamora was another revelation. Achieve na achieve ang pagiging tricycle driver haha (not everybody can do that you know). There’s one  scene where he had to aggresively…whatever! Just watch it, extremely funny!

Angelina Kanapi aka Mimi the sidekick policewoman. Superb acting by Mimi! Dig na dig ko ang character nya. She was being silly and useless I was cracking up the whole time she’s shown because I knew I had acted like that in the past too – being cutey lol – seriously, she’s got a natural talent in performing and entertaining. When she lined up wearing just red undies along with other guys – OMG I know I could do that too for Remington hahaha jokes!

The ending part when Mimi (we assumed that was Mimi) was doing the final voice over about how being born GAY/BAKLA was respected in the old times, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of, was so new to me and I think that’s kinda smart because I understood perfectly what she wanted to leave the viewers.

Eugene Domingo talaga is one of my favorite actresses ever. Erase that, SHE IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS! Walang effort. She can just stand there doing nothing (in this film, she was mostly….SKATING hahaha) and you’ll be amazed at her acting skills. She wont be the best actress for nothing!  SHE REALLY IS THE BEST ACTRESS FOR NOTHING!  Walang wala! Her presence is like “magic sarap” in every meal,  pampasarap!

Odette Khan as the mayor is hilarious. I honestly think her role is irrelevant, I mean the movie could withstand without her but infairness, I think it was necessary to add her because well she is Odette Khan and she does so well in portraying his/her role. Whatever hahaha

And ohhh Georgia!!! I can’t even. You are too funny!

Galing-galing ng casts! These artists will be in my book of BEST OF THE BESTS.

The gayspeak, gaylingo, bekimon, swardspeak whatever you call it is quite amusing. Toileley!!! Don’t worry because there’s a subtitle. WIN!

Yes, singular because very minor lang ang flaw nya for me. Everything was perfect up until the last part. Yun transition from one scene to another was not executed perfectly.

This movie reminds me  (again) to stop bullying Japokpok as Badingding hahaha (FYI: Japokpok is a friend that I bully almost everyday because “it” enjoys it LOLSSS)

All in all, I am satisfied with this film. Rating 10.5/10 (10 being the highest) yohooo bola! I hope our film industry could continue making more films like this. There’s more to it than just being gay and funny. It has a wonderful message and people saying this is an anti-gay film misses the point completely. It really isn’t. It tackles the issues of hate crimes against LGBTs, embracing and celebratiing one’s sexuality, respect for all mankind, fighting your own shokots and the willingness to change…all of which are wittingly conveyed to the viewers.

Everyone (straight, gays, bi, girl, boy, young and old), watch it! Tag your friends along and I tell you, you’ll surely have lots of fun.

Wow,  this seems like the longest movie review I made in all my years of reviewing movies. WTH so redundant hahaha anyway, thank you for reading.

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National Zomba Day Tomorrow, Must Watch Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington

This film was first shown at Cinemalaya, sayang, we’ve seen Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank last time but not this one. Nakakatawa daw ang trailer but haven’t seen it yet. Anyway, the title itself is already hilarious, plus Roderick Paulate + Eugene Domingo, it’s guaranteed to be a funnnnn film! Excited to see Martin Escudero’s acting, he’s been getting numerous reviews for his role as a macho-guy-turned-gay, all praising his surprisingly perfect comedic timing.

The movie even received a grade of “A” from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB), which means the movie has achieved excellence in the art and craft of film making. Bongalore! Let’s see tomorrow, will watch it with friends, so hopefully an intensive review will follow soon, chos!

Catch Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington, it will open in theaters across the Philippines tomorrow – Aug. 31

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The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles (Review To Follow)

Oh yessss, I am watching this movie! Will definitely not miss this movie for these reasons:

– I like Melai Cantiveros regardless if she’s ~put whatever negative things you have to say about her here~ She’s just too funny.
– I am a fan of Bekimon (long before I have known that he’s friends with Mimi – my other triplets)
– Lastly, I need a good dose of laughter! Enough of overthinking and wishing and dreaming and planning. I need to chillax my mind…and this movie might be what I needed LOL.

The trailer looks hella funny so I’m sure I’m going to have lots of fun watching it. I know it’s tooo corny but hey, I’d definitely choose The Adventures of Pureza over Temptation Island any day because I am jologs like that LOL. To the people bashing and hating, owcomown!! this film isn’t supposed to be intelligent and deep so shut up, just enjoy and laugh laugh laugh!!

Other movies YOU SHOULDN’T MISS:
Cinemalaya’s Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (Eugene Domingo) – heard nice reviews about this so yes, I’m watching it too!
Last installment of Harry Potter series – my only reason for watching this is….to see Ron Weasley!

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Samantha Jones, My Favorite Sex in the City Character

I love Smanatha Jones from Sex and the City. She’s the hero of this generations age-fearing society! She’s too funny, highly confident and sexual. Although, most of her storylines revolve around the men and the adventures she had with them, I find her scenes very engaging to watch. In Sex and the City 2, she tackled the biggest challenge of every women in their late 40’s – menopausal stage. I love it that she survives her day to day with a bottle of her hgh or hormone pills, vitamins, melatonin sleep patches, biodentical estrogen cream, progesterone cream etc. She takes extra care of herself, doing whatever she can to delay her aging. I want to be like that when I grow up LOL.

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Charice To Go Back in Star King

What a good news! I’m glad she’s going back to Star King again. She tweeted that she will return back to Star King on July 24th.

I got discovered because of this show.. Star King..

and now, I’m going back to Star King this July 24 to show my love for them! Korea!!!! 🙂

Her rendition of I Am Telling You I’m Not Going just blew me away. Love love love it! I probably have watched it over 50x already haha.

watch awesome vid here:

It became viral hitting million of hits in a few days. Popular American TV host Ellen DeGeneres spotted the vid and invited her to guest in her show. Later on, she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with David Foster. And I’m sure you all have heard that she sang with Celine Dion too, Andrea Boccelli and many others.

She’s a pure talent! Heard she will be casted on Glee next season too. Wow!!!!!

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Koreanovela vs Teleserye

Hello mga Ateh, Kuyah and everything else in between!

I have a confession to make.

Habang busy kayo sa kakapili ng inyong presidentiables, naging uber busy din ako the past weeks kakapili between Gu Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo haha. I’ve recently caught the Korean Wave myself, and it’s changing me big time. Tuloy, when I grow up, I want to be a Korean na haha.

Watching Boys Over Flower is my guilty pleasure haha (walang pakialaman ng trip lol). Many times I find myself unconsciously singing and dancing to K-pop music.

My current ring tone is Nobody and I can’t help but clap when it rings lol. I tune in to Arirang channel on afternoons to learn Korean. Shucks, I can’t even stop making those Korean peace signs when taking pictures.

I know, I fail at life haha

Sino ba kase ang nagpauso ng Korean Wave na yan?

As far as I know, the Korean Wave owes its success to K-dramas. OO alam ko yun, Kdramas are very corny, predictable, cheesy with very simple plot – an arrogant rich boy piggybacks a poor girl and says “Saranghaeyo” and then they live happily ever after. But despite its predictability, K-dramas has been enjoying a phenomenal success around the world.

If you notice, Koreans has been aggressive in marketing their culture through their K-dramas – from the way they set their tables when they eat together to family values to fashion sense to hairstyles to public baths to tourist spots to keeping their old age traditions alive – you will see all of these in every kdrama which makes them more interesting than our usual primetime kapamilya teleseryes. Plus, their production looks expensive and they’re really good at being funny.

Ganito kasi sa tin…

Most of our primetime teleseryes revolve around money, power, greed and revenge, with many sampalan, barilan and fighting scenes. Walang hanggan ang pagdurusa ng bida. At kung di ka ba naman mapamura sa hinaba-haba ng tinakbo ng Mara Clara, 10 taon yata bago makita yun diary na nasa ibabaw lang pala ng TV. And recently, sex themes have began making waves with shows like Margarita, Eva Fonda and Katorse (hellooo nun katorse ako eh naglalaro pa ako ng bending at chinese garter) Maloloka ka sa twists and turns of events. Meanwhile, ang kontrabida eh parang pusa na 9 ang buhay, tipo bang namatay-nabuhay-nasunog-nabuhay-namagmuli pero nabulag eventually mamamatay din either by a gun shot, papasabugin ng bomba o kaya masasagasaan ng truck. HAHAHA. At napansin nyo, laging Mayor or Gobernor ang kontrabida?

I love watching TV to relax esp. after a day of stress. Kaso pag nanood ka ng teleserye dito, mai-stress ka sa dami ng conflicts, angst at anger. Pinersonal ko kaya ang galit ko noon kay Madam Claudia at Gladys Reyes haha

Dito sa tin, we view our entertainment industry as uber jologs and ka-cheapan to the highest level. The Koreans think otherwise. They view the entertainment industry to be a big business that has a domino effect. Nakita nyo naman ang effect ng Korean wave diba? It paved a way to the success of many more industries. Look now, they’re becoming global – many more tourist visit Korea’s tourist attractions they see in movies and k-dramas. Their traditional dress (hanbok) has made its appearance at a prestigious Paris fashion show. A number of Korean restaurants abroad has begun to rise as Korean foods appeal to the global market. Hollywood has done remakes of popular Korean films (like Lake House and My Sassy Girl). Many more countries are buying the rights to remake some k-dramas. Korean celebrities are now making waves in Hollywood (that GI Joe guy, Wondergirls and Rain). Even our very own Charice Pempengco was discovered in Star King, a popular Korean TV show.

We had just as much of an opportunity as the Koreans, but look at us, we’re being left behind. Kontento na tayo sa kakagaya at kakagawa ng remakes – My Girl, Kim Sam Soon, Only You, All About Eve and recently Lovers in Paris (Piolo and KC) and Staiway to Heaven (Richard and Rhian). Ang wish ko lang naman sana eh, makapag-produce din tayo ng mga original teleserye na pang world class ang quality. Kung paano, yun ang di ko alam lol.

Malay nyo, maging daan ito para magkaroon ng Pinoy Wave! Weeeh!


Seo Bae-Nye (aka Chuvaness, haha)

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Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Another must visit attraction in HK is Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum located at the Victoria Peak. The museum shows over 100 wax replicas of famous personalities and celebrities.

Meet my gorgeous boyfriend in his tuxedo.

I don’t remember anymore how we got there, all I remember was that we had a long walk, passing the victoria harbour and a nice garden, going to the Peak tower. From there, we rode the Peak Tram (takes about 15 mins) to reach the hill top. It is a nice place to visit. You can freely take pictures of your favorite stars and famous personalities, lately they have included the US president Obama.

If you’re visiting HK, treat yourself and your friends to a day out with the stars at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Have fun!

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Fever Pitch

If you’re looking for a perfect date-flick-sports-themed movie, Fever Pitch is the right one for you! It’s a romantic comedy about 2 lovers living in opposite worlds (the workaholic Lindsey and the charming school teacher Ben). They hit it off right away, but when summer comes around, Ben starts his obsession with the Boston Red Sox. Everything was fine until Ben starts to prioritize his favorite baseballl team over Lindsey.

The story is predictable of course, just like any other chick flicks, but if you like baseball as much as I do (catch the yankees in Major League Baseball Playoffs and experience the exciting baseball action in person, get your New York Yankees tickets now!), you’ll love this movie to bits.


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