American Idol Season 11 Finalists Concert in Manila!

Arrrgh. Ruthie and I are supposed to watch AI concert today. Sayang! My training got cancelled so that means I need to go home early, but we’ll see, if we both still have energy to wait for a few more hours, we’ll watch the concert to fangirl over Jessica and Phillip!

If you guys aren’t so busy today (September 19, 2012), catch AI season 11 finalists in Eastwood Mall at 6:00PM. Don’t forget to bring your Zoom Q2HD so you can record them in HD with awesome audio quality, umbrella (it looks gloomy outside, hope it wont rain too hard later) and some cash to buy their album! See you guys!

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Unbecoming of a Royalty – Prince Harry of Wales Naked Photos

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Wild Harry is wildddd!!!

Oh my, I wonder how the whole royal family is reacting to this. They’re probably not as shocked as we think they’ll be since our wild prince has already had his share of controversies in the past – smoking cannabis at age 17, partaking in under-age drinking with his friends, clashing physically with paparazzi outside nightclubs, partying with a Nazi German Afrika Korps uniform and a swastika armband etc.

I guess the lesson we all can learn from this is to pick our friends well. Someone’s always going to try to put us down and use us at our own expense. Yes, he’s at fault too, this is very unbecoming of a Prince but he’s human after all, and whether we like it or not, he’s going to make choices that are not perfectly aligned to his royal dignity, and we can’t do anything about it other than to criticize and watch in awe. I choose the latter because honestly, I really really likeeeee the rebellious and wild Prince Harry!!!

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Eat Bulaga Franchise in Indonesia

Eat Bulaga Indonesian hosts (photo credit: google)

Whoah! Saw this on FB las night and what can I say, Eat Bulaga, having been the longest running variety noontime show in the Philippines (33 years!), is sooo deserving of this honor. Congratulations to TAPE Inc., TVJ and every host, staff and crew! So nice to see the show that I grew up with is being shown internationally.

The show premiered yesterday, 4:00PM, July 16, 2012 via SCTV Network. Segments include adaptations of Bulagaan, Pinoy Henyo (Indonesian Pintar) and Juan For All, All For Juan. Hope they change the time slot because IMO, EB is best watched during lunchtime while you’re eating sinigang and drinking ice cold coke lols.

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Movie Review: Magic Mike (Channing Tatum)

This may seem like the kind of movie that I’ll never enjoy watching but surprisingly, I enjoyed every minute of it muahahah. Actually, not all parts, there were few boring moments but all in all it’s sooo funn to watch, I was laughing like it’s nobody’s business. Everyone inside the cinema was having a good time. There were screaming, clapping, squeaking and cheering from too much gorgeousness, pelvic dancing, chocolate abs and overload of sexiness. It’s naughty, fun, sexaaaay and altogether senseless. Senseless in a way that you couldn’t grasp the moral of the story.

The story is about a 30 year old male stripper (played by Channing Tatum) who teaches a younger performer (Alex Pettyfer, that cutie from the movie Stormbreaker) how to strip and make easy money.

Wow, I never knew Channing Tatum can dance that well. That’s mad dancing skills right there. Really, I am surprised. Matthew McConoughey looked….oily in this movie hahaha. He’s funny though. I couldn’t stop laughing at that scene when he was teaching Alex Pettyfer how to strip sexily. Hilarious. I am only bothered by one thing – Cody Horn’s protruding mouth. It’s almost like she’s wearing dental braces all the time.

All in all, this movie is ok. The story flow could have been better, transition of the scenes are sometimes overlapping, editing is sometimes ridiculous, way too many cut! But the entertainment value is there.

Yes, I could watch it again…just because Channing Tatum as a stripper is so sooooo fineeee lols.

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America Voted for Another Boring WGWG, Team Jessica Sanchez All The Way!

I still can’t move on. I still feel bitter over PP’s winning. So not fair. Clearly, Jessica is more talented than him! Kaasar lang because another boring WGWG won. I want Jessica to win because she deserves it more than anyone else, and this is not me being biased speaking. Sa totoo lang naman talaga, Jessica is waaaaayyy better.

Did you see her duet with the great Jennifer Holiday? It’s over overrrr the top, dude! It was insane. I don’t know how else to explain the performance but it’s an amaziiiing treat to the audience. Si Jennifer Holiday parang halimaw lang, si Jessica, di papatalo! Their performance was the highlight of the show. Better than when they announced PP’s winning.

Haaay I am still frustrated. I followed this season’s AI from the beginning and have always rooted for Jessica. Anyway, to get that far – 1st runner up – is still ok. I hope for more great things to come her way.

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A Walk To Remember

I love this Android phone! I can download lots of useful applications, games and free audiobook and ebooks. I can even download movies! Last weekend, I spent my all my time reading Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I am honestly not a fan of stories that often has tragic twists and sad endings so I didn’t like some of his writings, except A WALK TO REMEMBER. Maybe because I watched its movie adaptation first and surprisingly fell in love with it or rather, fell in love with the lead casts – Mandy Moore and Shane West. I love every bit of that movie – from the soundtrack to filming location etc. I read they shot the filming in North Carolina (check out Southport nc real estate if you’re planning to move in North Carolina). I like to live in that part of the USA. The weather seems nice and it looks very homey. I read Dawson’s Creek and Nights of Rhodante were both shot there.

Ok, back to AWTR, this novel is definitely on my Top 20 favorites of all time. I would have loved it if Jamie didn’t die but the story probably would be boring and wouldn’t have a nice ending at all.

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Leon Cordero, Duwag Lang Ang Hahalik sa Lupa (Starring Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo)


I’m sure you all have heard the news…I’d like to stay neutral because clearly, lahat may mali – from Cebu Pacific, to security guards down to CCTV.

I think this was what happened, Mon being aggressive and hot-tempered may have pushed or maybe even punched Raymart when the latter tried to confiscate his cellphone. Eh komo action star yun isa, hindi magpapa-agrabyado yun.

Worst is, sumabay pa sa gulo yun guy in pink and Claudine, tuloy mukhang nambugbog sila ng matanda. Napaka-cheap talaga ni Claudine. Walang class! Hindi talaga nabibili ang good manners and right conduct. Akala nya naman, sya lang ang inagrabyado ng Cebu Pacific. Ayan kasi ang hihilig sa PISO FARE! Mwahahaha

Napakabilis uminit ng ulo ng mga to! Dapat sa kanila, i-enroll lahat sa ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

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My New Favorite Guy…Jeremy Lin

I have always rooted for the Lakers but a few weeks back, I tuned in to Lakers vs Knicks and oh boyyyy…I became a Knicks fan in an instant..all because of Jeremy Lin!!! His story can be well described as modern-day Cinderella. He has come out of nowhere to become a  superstar! He’s an awesome Asian American NBA player, a devout Christian with a Harvard degree and he’s super cute! I have come across his youtube channel once  but I didn’t realize he’s that same Asian cutie making funny videos with Kevjumba. He’s really really awesome, watch his youtube videos in case you’ve missed out on Linsanity…and you will surely like him too!

photo credit:

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How To Download Running Man Episodes From Youtube

I honestly don’t know how to survive a day without youtube! As soon as I get online, I open youtube right away and spend many hours watching Japanese pranks, funny korean shows and many other interesting stuff.

Recently, Ruthie and I are both addicted to watching a Korean variety show called RUNNINGMAN on youtube. The show is hilarious even if it’s in Korean. Most videos posted there are clear with very good subtitles. I am now in the process of downloading all 70 episodes (click the link to know how to download videos from youtube) so I can re-watch them. If you’re too bored with your life and in need of a good laugh, I suggest you watch this show and you’ll be glad you did.

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