Winners of 2014 Himig Handog P-Pop Songwriting Competition

Star Music Listeners’ Choice award: “Bumalik ang Nakaraan” by Jessa Zaragoza

MOR Listeners’ Choice Award: “Simpleng Katulad Mo” by Daniel Padilla

MYX Choice for Best Music Video: “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador

Star Studio Readers’ Choice Award: “If You Dont Wan’t to Fall” by Jed Madela

Star Cinema Choice Award: “Halik sa Hangin” by Ebe Dancel and Abra

ABS-CBN Favorite Interpreter Award: “Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” by KZ Tandingan

TFC Choice: “If You Dont Wan’t to Fall” by Jed Madela

ABS-CBN mobile fan favorite: “Simpleng Katulad Mo” by Daniel Padilla

Fifth Best Song: “Hindi Wala” by Juris

Fourth Best Song: “Walang Basagan ng Trip” by Jugs and Teddy

Third Best Song: “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador

Second Best Song: “Halik Sa Hangin” by Ebe Dancel and Abra

Himig Handog 2014 Best Song: “Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” by KZ Tandingan

Walang nakapasok sa Top 5 bet ko hahaha. Pang top 6 and 7 ko lang kaya yun mga nanalo. Masyado ang Start Studio at TFC ha. Kahit ilang beses ko ulitin..hindi ko ma-appreciate yun kanta ni Jed Madela. Oh well, to each his own. At recently ko lang na-apppreciate yun HALIK SA HANGIN (2nd best song) pati yun Walang Basagan ng Trip (4th best song)! Ang ganda! Congratulations to the winners!

Mabuhay ang OPM!

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The X Factor Australia 2014 Top 7 Live Performance by Marlisa Punzalan

14 year old Marlisa Punzalan sings “Try” by Pink on The X Factor Australia 2014 Top 7 live performance show on Sunday, September 21.

Wow! I love this performance. This is by far my favorite! Everything is so on point! Her hair, clothes, make-up, accessories, gestures (I like how she slightly tapped her right foot at the beginning) and attitude! She looks soo beautiful! Can’t believe she’s only 14! And of course, her voice never fails to deliver. I just love everything about this performance. Thank you Foo for choosing a good song – Try by Pink. And Ronan Keating always so proud of her! Good job Marlisa! You’re only gonna get better and better each week! Hope you win this season!

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Maris Racal Rising Acoustic Sweetheart

I don’t often watch local TV shows but one boring night, while browsing channels and looking for something to watch, I chanced upon this PBB 24×7 livestream (ch 139, Sky Cable) and that’s how I got hooked to PBB All In! IKR, so jologs haha. But the show was was funny as hell. So interesting to see people with different personalities clash, backstab and form alliance. There were a lot of funny and touching moments too.

One housemate who really caught my attention is Maris Racal, a 16 yo student from Tagum City Davao. You would go speechless by looking at the talent of this kid.

Here are a few her covers:

You Give Me Something (James Morrison)

Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)

You By Carpenters

She learned to play the guitar by just watching youtube videos! Must get a guitar in guitar now and start watching tutorials online, hopefully, I can be half as good as her!

Aside from guitar and singing, she also plays the piano, ukelele, violin and cajon box! She can also act and dance. This kid is a total package. She’s also very kind, knows what she wants and fights for it and very funny! Definitely a good role model to the kids who watched the show.

Maris ended up as the 2nd Big Placer. Not bad at all considering she was the youngest and the only regular housemate in the Big 4 (competed against a beauty queen/model, teen star and model/actor).

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Filipinos In The X Factor Australia 2014

Mary Ann Van Der Horst

Totally love her personality and stage presence. Her movements are very professional. I have a feeling she’d performed in a large crowd back here in the Philippines. Out of the 3, she’s my favorite. I couldn’t stop watching her audition video. So fun to watch. I am excited to see more of her in this show.

Justin Vasquez

Marlissa Punzalan

They’re all very talented! Wish them all the best in The X Factor Australia 2014.

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The Problem Child, Lindsay Lohan

photo credit: bestviral

This girl is clearly wasting her life. Haaay. What a pity. I used to really like her when I was in my teens. I first watched her in Parent Trap and since then, I watched all her teenybopper movies! Yes I was a fan! And as a fan, it’s very disheartening to see her in such a bad state.

She looks horribly old for her age (26yo). She was very pretty back then, but her features have completely changed. She even has decayed teeth caused by smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. She’s one big mess! She’s been jailed already, done 6 drug rehab treatment and just recently, she was arrested and charged with third-degree assault when she sucker-punched a female clubgoer, who happened to be her fan. It all started when the girl in the club asked to take a picture with her, but she refused and was really mad about it so she punched her and even spit at her. I blame her parents. I blame her friends and the people that surrounds her. She messed up soooo bad, I hope she can still recover and realize that more people have the bigger problems than hers.

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The Only Happiness in Life..To Love and Be Loved

Zoren-Carmina nuptials is definitely one of my favorite weddings of all time. I almost cried watching their TV Special last weekend. It’s so grand, touching and lovely. Makes me wanna have a beautiful wedding like that too!

Carmina was told they’ll be in a “family product photoshoot” at the Fernbrook Gardens, little did she know that she’s going to get married that same day! The moment Zoren appeared in his dashing tuxedo and proposed to Carmina with a diamond ring under a man-made Cherry Blossom tree, everyone watching had their hearts melt together. They’re so perfect together! That look on her face – half surprised, half teary and half confused – is priceless! You woman! You’re very very lucky! What a handsome groom you have. I truly have nothing else but good words to say to Zoren right now. It’s amazing how he had everything planned out perfectly and how he had the courage to show the world how great his love is for her.

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Catch Kings of Restoration on History Channel

credit: History channel

I likeee this show soo much! I don’t often watch TV nowadays but I make sure you I catch up on this show whenever it’s on History channel. Rick Dale and his crew are all amazing! What they do is basically restore/rebuild rusty old junks to its original beauty. Whether it’s an old jukebox to bump cars to old gas pumps…they can restore it!

I told you long before, I’m an old skool, so shows like this really catch my attention. My favorite episode was when they restored a Wurlitzer Jukebox. The guy who owned it was really delighted to see his jukebox playing music again. I also like that episode when they restored an old compact tractor. I can imagine how hard it was to put each parts – engine, pillow block, steering wheel – together and make it work again. They make you really surprise when you see the end result. That old and rusty and non-functioning tractor turned into a cute mini car and it runs strong!

Be sure to catch them every Saturday on History channel!

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What To Do When Bored

My bestfriend and I are both crazy watching Korean variety shows online. Some of the shows we enjoy are Running Man and We Got Married. I tell you, they’re really really funny. Crazy and funny! Running Man is an action variety where the casts compete each other in completing various missions to win the race. This is like Amazing Race but a lot lottt funnier! You don’t even need subtitle to understand the whole thing because you’ll laugh at their antics. It’s so addicting, they have the craziest and very creative games I’ve seen my whole life (some games we used in our team building activity were rip-offs from this show). While RM is action packed, WGM on the other hand is lighthearted and feel good show but equally funny. They pair up celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each couple lives in a house to act like real married couple. My favorite couple in this show is Kwanghee and Sunha. There was an episode when Kwanghee took off his shoes, revealing the height in-soles that he was wearing. That was really funny because his Spenco insoles are like 3inches high and he was really embarrass when his virtual wife took it out from his shoes to reveal to everyone. It turned out, he isn’t that tall of a person afterall.

The heck with language barriers! If you guys are bored and want to be entertained, check out kshownow for the latest episodes, just a warning though, they’re addicting so make sure to watch them on your rest days.

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