Own a Townhouse for as low as Php 6,742 in NUViSTA San Jose


• 100% Flood Free Subdivision
• Accessible (near the proposed MRT 7)
• Affordable (as low as Php 6,742 thru PAG IBIG)


San Jose del Monte Bulacan

Its proximity to Quezon City and the rest of Metro Manila makes it an ideal places to enjoy quiet and peaceful living. This community is designed to provide generous open spaces, parks, playgrounds and commercial facilities that truly complete future residents’ living experience.

• Only 200 meters away from Quirino Highway
• Very near schools, market, churches, malls and commercial establishments
• 1 bus/jeepney ride away from Quezon City
• 15- 20mins away from SM Fairview
• Walking distance from STARMALL Bulacan
• Very near proposed MRT line 7


• Entrance gate with guardhouse
• With perimeter fence
• Clubhouse & basketball court
• Meralco electrical facilities
• Concrete roads & alleys
• Underground drainage system
• Centralized water system
• Individual land titles

Call / Text for more info:

0977 124 6333 (GLOBE)
0999 745 6765 (SMART)



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What can you do with 10,000 these days?

For some, 10,000 is a small amount of money. Some will probably use it for shopping , or vacation trip to Palawan or just put it in a bank.

For someone like me, 10K is a huge amount and it can get me to places. If someone hands me 10K today, I will spend it wisely. I would probably start investing it on government bonds, it’s a safe investment plus they pay a good return. Or maybe buy an insurance policy (get free insurance quotes now). Or I’d put it in Mutual Funds. I think 10K is good enough for the minimum investment, with returns average of 15-25% every year.

One of my fave financial gurus said,

“it is our obligation to save, invest, and sustain financial well-being over your lifetime. You need to plan for the day you can no longer earn actively. You need to provide for your future. It is our obligation to build wealth because we can’t share what we don’t have.”

And I so agree with him. How about you, what would you do with your 10K today?

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Night Binoculars

I’m an outtie person who enjoy all kinds of adventure – camping, backpacking, hiking, boating, fishing, rapelling, diving, swimming and everything else about nature. I used to be an active outdoor enthusiast, until I injured my right ankle years ago on one of our hiking trips in Bataan. It was one of the most unforgettable outdoor trips I’ve had. We started trekking at 12 noon and reached the top 7 hours later. It was frightening since we had to walk the trail at night. We didn’t have any night vision binoculars, only a couple of headlamps and mini flashlights LOL. Imagine yourself trekking in an almost zero visibility surrounding, it’s scary, isn’t it? I felt like being lost since it’s hard to see with the naked eye. But nevertheless, it was fun. I wouldn’t recommend that you try it , not unless you are ready for it. If you’re going to hike at night, make sure you have a night vision product to give you great visibility whether you are in low light, starlight or no light. Visit OpticsPlanet.net and check out the wide variety of Night Vision products they offer at unbeatable prices.

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Experience Fast Internet Connection Daw With Sun Broadband Wireless

Finally, I have internet na. Yipeee! I’m done with snatching signal from my neighbors LOL. Kaka-nosebleed mag-decrypt ng password noh. Haaay, am so haffy. I was actually rooting for Bayantel sana, kaso hassle mag apply. This one is super stress free. Just present any valid ID na may address, pay 3299pesos and voila! No power supply for the modem, walang madaming cable connection…super convenient.

Sun Broadband Wireless is a personal broadband internet service using Sun’s wide GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA network. It’s compact, fast and easy to install, and it’s affordable too, only 799 a month. This service offer a maximum speed of up to 2Mbps daw. Wow, that’s too good to be true. So I ran a speedtest and here’s what I got:

Toinks. 632Kbps upstream and 246Kbps dowstream. Anyway, this is so much better than nothing! I haven’t heard any problems with it from my colleagues who are using the same service, we shall see in the next days to come. So far, it’s doing good naman, kahit parang mukhang laruan lang sya hahaha. Watch out Pepe and Pilars, here I come! I’m back blogging 24×7 LOL

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Get Fast and Easy Loan at EZUnsecured

At one point, I have acquired too much debt from using my credit card left and right. I almost wanted to tear it into pieces and throw in the trash can. It gave me too much stress. I couldn’t sleep well, thinking of deadlines and the interest rates that wouldn’t go down. I didn’t want to loan money from the company I work for, thinking it would just add up to the many payables I already have. Good thing I did. I paid my ccredit card balance in cash and since then, I learned my lessons. I have managed to limit the use of my Credit card and resort to paying in cash instead.

If you’re looking a company which can finance your unsecured loans, you can trust EZUnsecured.com – Business Loans. The people there are very experienced and they take their work very seriously. Check them out and pay off those debts instantly.

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I Love Plurk!

I love plurk!

Yeah, it’s like Twitter but a lot better. Basically, it is an online tool for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected. Plurk lets your friends know what you’re doing/eating/thinking/feeling/typing. It’s like SMS slash chat slash micro blog rolled into one.

I’ve been plurking a lot these days. I use it more often in the office. You see that plurk widget on my sidebar? Cute, eh? Its big advantage is its user interface. Cool design, with a slick timeline view of all the posts from your plurking friends. I love the layout and its color schemes. Not boring. You can even edit your Plurk Layouts, Themes, Designs and CSS . It got lots of features too like posting videos, photos and adding links. When it comes to services…PLURK is soo much fun than Twitter.  At first, I didn’t like it coz it looked a little complicated but it’s interfcae is actually easy to navigate. If I’m nowhere to be found in the blogosphere, be sure you check out my plurk updates. You’ll see me exchanging notes with jojie, maru and reynz. It’s fun and it’ll be more fun if I can find you there too.

See you guys in the Plurkland!

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No Parking Space?

A month ago, I moved in to the new apartment with my cousin Mitchie, who also happened to work in the same area where I am working (Eastwood). Our flat is located on tower 3, 24th floor along Orchard Rd. It’s a nice little apartment, semi furnished with a big bathroom. On first few nights, we were having a hard time adjusting to a very quiet environment. You see, we’re a bunch of noisy people back home LOL. Moving in to a new place with strange neighbors was kinda hard but Mitch and I are getting used to it now.

I grew up in a big closed knit family. On weekends, my other cousins and I would go out for our weekly chit chats.We sometimes go to Trinoma to watch movies, eat out and of course, photoshoot. On some cases, we spend our afternoon either in UP sunken garden or Quezon City circle for a round of routine exercises and jogging. My cousins and I are very close. I grew up having them as my playmates. Since I moved to a new place, we’ve been spending a little time together. I miss going out with them. We used to do a lot of road trips especially on Friday. Our favorite hangout? Parking lot of McDonald’s in Quezon Avenue LOL!


Looking for the marketplace where you can find parking spaces & Garages in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and all other UK towns and cities? Check out parklet.co.uk. They provide a guaranteed, safe, and secure parking space, with the flexibility to come and go as you please. Parking doesn’t have to be stressful, sign up with a Park Let contract now and say goodbye to stress!

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Trade your old CDs, DVDs and Books with a Playstation3

How does trading your used cds and DVDs and books with an iPOD or Playstation 3 sound to you? Coolness, eh? Guys, check out abundatrade.com. If you’ve got tons of CDs, DVDs and books that’s wasting away in your closets, why not trade them with these cool gadgets:


Apple iPOD
Canon Digital camera
Gamin Nuvi 200W
Garmin hand-held
Philips 47″ LCD TV
Blu-Ray DVD player
JBL Cinema sound
Homeduck deluxe
Garmin Nuvi 760
Playstation 3 40GB


That’s a lot of savings for you and your family. No need to shell out huge money to get the newest and the coolest items in town. With the current global financial crisis, one must learn to put money into good use. Be smart and trade your old items now with abundatrade.com.

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Symbol MC50 Handheld Mobile Computer

Wow! Here’s one cool gadget for managers, executives, doctors and salespeople out there! The symbol mc50 handheld computer combines a PDA-style design with added barcode scanner function to improve productivity. It includes voice and data communication capabilities, advanced data capture options and WLAN access!

Now, salespeople and managers doesn’t have to be tied in the cashier’s desk. They can be on the shop floor or in the retail aisle with an important customer. With this handheld scanner, they can immediately serve valued customers.

Get one now and enjoy surfing the web in this mini computer. It’s also light weight so you can carry it anywhere you go.

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Looking For A Webhost? Check this out!

I am really grateful that my web hosting service is free of charge. I was very fortunate indeed to have a sponsorship last year, but, it will end/expire this coming April. I’m not sure yet if my host will extend my sponsorship but I really hope they will. So far, I am loving their service, in fact, I might continue getting a hosting package from them but I’m still keeping my options open. As early as now, I am already scouting for the cheapest yet reliable web hosting company around. I have been reading reviews, checking out forums and asking some real techie blogmates for advices and recommendations. It’s a tough decision. Choosing the wrong host can cause you many troubles especially if you’re into monetizing your blog. One of my blog friends did not get paid on some of her paid posts because her site was always down. If you have the same dilemma, check out the list of best web hosting service recommended by Kaushal Sheth. Switch to excellent web host now and stop your worries.


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