Guidelines on Choosing a New Computer

If you’re working on assembling a new computer, one thing you need to pay attention to is choosing the right Hard Drives. Aside from having big storage capacity, hard drives will affect the over all performance of your computer. If you put a crappy hard drive on your machine, it’ll become prone to failure HDD means less space for the virtual memory, and the less free space means more fragmentation of files, which will lead to longer load times. Now when this happens, it will cause some applications to crash thus reducing the performance of your computer.
The bigger the better. Bigger hard drive means you can store more high end softwares and run multiple applications without worrying constant computer crashes. If you’re an average user, you will need 50 – 100 GB (pictures, document files, etc.) over a 3-year period. But if you are a graphics designer, programmer working on large files, you need to purchase bigger HD. One thing though, they can be expensive sometimes but if you can afford it, go bigger! Here’s an alternative for you, you can avail Cheap Drives at They offer quality, affordable and discounted Hard Disk and Cheap Drives for all your information technology hardware needs.

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Build A Computer The Easy Way

Kids nowadays are addicted to computer games. Well, not just kids but even adults like my 2 younger brothers. They’re so into online gamings like World of Warcraft, Ragnarok etc. We would all end up fighting at home as when who will use the computer next after the other. It irks out the hell out of me sometimes. That’s also one reason why I am buying a laptop this weekend. Imagine this, our youngest just spent the whole night playing World of Warcraft. If I hadn’t scold him this morning, he would have stayed there the whole day. Grrr! It’s my turn! Hehehe. If computers can only talk, I’m sure, ours would complain already for being overused. Good thing my computer is really reliable. Been using it for a couple of years but I never actually had any ‘major’ problems with it. Nothing is more upsetting than having a computer that’s needs to be fixed all the time.

If you want to build your own high performance gaming computers , Easy AS My PC Kits can help you. They include everything you need to build your own computer with English instructions and lots of illustrations. You can also get upgrade kits to increase your ram or replace your CPU. Building computers has never been this easy. All you need is a screwdriver and you’re good to go! Become a computer geek and build your own super machine!

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Setup your own WIFI network using a Linksys Router

I haven’t been getting good sleep lately. Something is really bothering me. Ok, this is final, next week, I am buying a new laptop and a wireless router. I don’t know what laptop model to buy yet – ASUS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Acer, Sony VAIO, Compaq Presario, Neo, Lenovo etc. Help me choose the right model! I’m putting up a wi-fi network at home and I’m really excited. Yehey! I’m buying a Linksys router since they are recognized as global leader in all things wireless. And besides, Linksys networking is my forte. I worked for them. I know how they work and I know how to troubleshoot them in case something happened. So if you got problems with any Linksys products, PM me. I’ll be more than glad to help you out.

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Cisco Training: VoIP Technology

VoIP is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks like the internet. IN a nutshell, internet is designed for data traffic only but the success of IP (internet protocol) in becoming a world standard for data networking has led to voice networking. It has become popular largely because of the the enormous monetary savings it gives to the consumer. Switching to VoIP technology have more advantages over traditional telephone networks especially for international calling. How much does a single 15 min. long-distance call costs? A lot. If you use Skype, it’s free.

Do you know that call centers here in the Philippines use VoIP technology? Imagine if they’re using PSTN or the traditional telephone networks, catering to at least 1000 calls a day, I ‘m sure wont be able to survive with the per-minute long distance charge.

My current job deals with networking and it covers a wide range of topic including VoIP. I only know a little about this technology. I still have a lot to learn. I’m currently enrolled in a Cisco training course to become a CCNA, hopefully. Yes, it’s nosebleeding yet I find it really fulfilling, career-wise.

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This is not a sponosored post!

Do you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend? Do you wanna find out where they are RIGHT NOW? Stalk your enemy! Stalk your crushes! Find out where they are NOW!!!!

Dear fellow stalkers, I present to you the BEST STALKING TOOL available online. The easiest and most convenient way of finding out if your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you.

All you got to do is to key in the cellphone number of your crushes/husband/wife/bf/gf/exes and within minutes, you can find out where to catch them.

GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network.


Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones using GPS and GSM technology *this will not work in countries without GSM technology networks*


Let’s say NO TO CHEATING. NO TO 3rd PARTY!!!





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