Done Wasting My Time On People Who Continuously Disappoint ?

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Yes!!!! I’s so done wasting my time on people who continuously disappoint! Not fair. Haaay Lord! Grant me patience and peace and a clean heart. Help me to understand their situations. Please God, comfort me through all the pain that this life brings. I don’t want to be angry and stressed about it anymore. I refuse to be swallowed by this situation!


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It’s High Time Our Government Websites Should Start To Load Faster and Become User Friendly

Hallelujah for the internet! Our government should utilize this technology to provide wider range of information resources and services for everyone.

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Seriously, in my life of 30+ years, I do not know exactly how this whole TESDA operates. Is it free? Is it for everyone? Ano ba yang TESDA Accredited Schools, TESDA Training Centers, TESDA School in Taguig etc. Seriously, confusing!I just recently found out that TESDA accepts EVERYONE who wish to acquire skills. Yes, everyone. Wala naman kayang nagsabi sa ‘kin nyan. And I’m sure, there are a lot of people who don’t realize how they can benefit from TESDA because of the same reason – awareness.

So I decided to check their site to know more info.

What the heck! I spent hours browsing the website but didn’t find what I was looking for. I clicked and clicked, waited, even downloaded a useless excel file (which took a while), clicked, waited and read some more pages until I finally pulled my hair out of frustration and gave up.

1st, JARGON. JARGON. JARGONNNN! The site should have used terms and directions appropriate for all the visitors’ level of understanding. Seriously, how many people – who understands/speaks/writes/breathes highfalutin English words – visit TESDA? How many, aber? It should be on a level where everyone – even grade school and high school dropouts – can understand easily.

2nd, there are too many (or too less) information. Hello, I don’t have a whole day to spend reading invaluable info on the site. People who visit will most likely want to find out:

– the available training/courses offered
– the training fees
– how to avail the scholarship
– the schedules
– where/when/how to enroll

All these info should be easily available on the main page. Yes, MAIN PAGE. Mantakin mo, it took me hours to find what I was looking for, and guess what, I found it on a different site pa!

3rd, ang liit ng text size that they become too difficult to read and the font itself is ugly (oh yeah, maarti kase ako haha)

4th, super slow loading speed! The site should provide easy access to information. Hello again, I don’t have a whole day to spend browsing the site.

In short, make it USER-FRIENDLY and FAST LOADING so everybody will be happy.

I could not for the life of me understand why it has to be difficult!!? My gaaahhhd. Ang gusto ko lang naman matutong manahi! LOL

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Random Blabbing

Good morning sunshine!

I have a cousin-in-law who gave birth to a cuteee baby girl a few months ago. They named her Universe. Ang ambisyosa!!! I find it super cool. I bet, their next baby girl will be named World, Earth, International and so on and so forth.


Shoutout to Reynz –> Happy 32nd Birthday! I’m wishing you johooy and happiness, above all these…I’m wishing you…..a loooooveeeeeee….endaaaaayyyy will always…I will alwayss laaahhveee youuu!

Wishlist for 2010: Canon SELPHY Compact Photo Printer

You rem those days when taking pictures was so much simpler and very limited to 36 shots only?

I have tons of pictures and videos saved on my computer at home and office, they’re causing me too much trouble these days. So this year, I will have them printed little by litte, maybe after each cut-off. I know, they’ll cost me a fortune. Mas tipid kaya if I just buy a photo printer (Canon SELPHY) na lang?


Thank you to my ever gorgeous, ever kind and ever ever boss, Sir G! Thank you for your wonderful gift of starbucks planner. My life will finally be organized because of your good heart hahaha.

And to Ms. A. thanks sa cheesecake. Love it.

So soooo happy for TCP. He’s one lucky boy to have you HAHAHA.


Missing you Mimi, a lot. AS IN.


I don’t really believe in Horoscopes but this year, maganda ang prediction para sa mga Sheepers, kaya papaniwalaan ko sya.

Sheep people have both Moon Star and Happy Star appearing in the Metal Tiger year. This clearly means that your talent, performance and reputation bring good income for you in 2010. If you own a business, then you will see your business booming and your profit growing. The social and love relationship will bring you a happy mood in 2010.Sheep people have good luck in the year of Tiger.

Yeay! Keyword: $$$$$


Lastly, let’s all give peace a chance! 🙂

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When People Say You’re Ugly

I think that’s his response to this POST

HOY!!!! Tumingin ka muna sa salamin…Baket gwapo ka ba? Kung gwapo ka, ipapakilala kita kay reyna elena at chuva pero kung shwangeet ka…never mind.


Eh papayag ba ko na ini-ever-ever ng kung sino-sinong KSP jan? O di ba..mas mabilis pa sa speed of light…mega send ako ng mashoray na email! Oo mga ‘day pinatulan ko…sa ganda kong ‘to sabihan ba naman ako ng PANGET…like duh?? I am soooo freakin’ inis. Who are you kiddin’? LOL


Frendz??!! Frendz your fez! I don’t keep rude people around me, soree.


Dude, turuan kita ha…basic GMRC…basic lang to pramis walang kahirap hirap…it’s NOT PROPER to say to people na they’re ugly, esp. if you’re not even friends with them. You know why? Because for sure, pag ginawa mo yun…maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan.

I am most of the time in good mood but what really irks me are people na soooo assuming, very mahangin at mga feelingera. Lalo na yung mga feeling astigin, yah know, mga trying hard to be rakista na heavy metal (like the band Led Zeppelin) pero ang trulili is mas jologs pa sa ‘kin. LOL

Pastilan. Waray-waray ka dude? Tsk. Ayaw na mabalik dihan kay diri ka guid welkam. Not now…not ever.

Naku sana talaga…GWAPO KA or MAGANDA KA kung sino ka mang ayufkapalmukswalangya LEDZEP SAMARISTA ka para naman magkaroon ng katarungan ang mga pinaparatang mo sa ‘kin. Ok, given na…hinde na ‘ko maganda…o ayan ha…cute na lang pero I guarantee you, between the two of us…mas matalino ako sayo, mas talented, mas may puso at mas may class. BWAAAAAHAHAHHAHHAA

I’d rather be ugly than hideous. Inggit ka lang kase wala kang blog. Nye nye nye nye nyeeeeeeh! Tseh!





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An open letter to ex-boyfriend, finally.

Dear YOU,

I know you’ve been reading and following me here all this time. Though you do not make your presence known, I feel in my heart that you still check on me once in a while and I wont deny that it flatters me. It’s been many many months since we saw each other. I would love to hang out with you again, why not. We’ve been friends for such a long long time and it’ll be fun to fool around with my ex-best slash boy friend. You know we’ve spent so much of our lives together and I’ve always felt that those years of my life will never leave me…all the things we’ve shared will be in my heart as long as I live.
Truth is, contrary to what you’ve been thinking, there is no pain anymore. I’ve  found peace, finally. I have accepted it already that God made it happen for us. Not that I didn’t suffer at all, but you know me, more than anyone else, you know how strong I am. You probably don’t have any idea how it felt to die a hundred times, believe me, you don’t wanna go through that. I have stayed with you for so long and I have forgiven your fooling around over the years. I have been on YOUR side constantly, defending you from the people who made you look bad. I have even defended you from your own family and I didn’t want to stop believing in you, in us…but bad things happen to good plans.
All the time that we have been together, you have been busy fooling around with so many girls. Now, don’t deny it. I definitely can prove it. That’s how I learned the art of stalking. There was X, Y, X again, Z, Y again..Z again, and many others you have met along the way (this i’ve found out from your not so loyal friends).  Even if it was painful on my part, I  kept trusting you, believing somehow that someday, you’ll change but you’ll probably never gonna change. Your  being a playboy/two-timer is incurable. Last time that we were together, I knew it was goodbye forever. We sure had lots of happy times but our love is not just meant to be. I shall not wait for you to come back because I wouldn’t wanna live in hell with you again. I have stopped loving you a long time ago. It’s all over and guess what, I don’t feel bad at all. I could even look at you in the eye and say right in front of your face that I do not love you anymore…and probably don’t care at all even if you die from a motor crash. Ok, that’s too harsh, I don’t really mean it. I still do care but not as much as what I used to share with you before.

You were the only beautiful man for me, for such a long time. My eyes were all set on you alone. I loved you for the longest time. Despite my being faithful, loyal, understanding and loving, you still have broken my heart into pieces. I’ve given you CHANCES and yet all I got in return was more pain and agony. I don’t deserve that.  

Anyway, this will be the  2nd Christmas without you and I’m more than happy to celebrate it without you around. I’m trying to get what i can to spend time with some people who’ve been part of my life which includes catching up with people I’ve lost touch with through the years because I have prioritized you.

I hope you finally find your happiness because I have found mine. In fact, I am having the best days of my life ever…without you. And I wish you and your someone else, whoever/whatever she is,  a not-so-merry christmas and not-so-prosperous new year! I am not bitter. I’m just merely saying that I think you deserve to suffer too. Ok, that’s too harsh again. It’s just unfair that I haven’t heard anything bad happened to you yet. The last thing I heard was you went abroad and got married while I, along with my arrogance, is still here, blogging my heart out and letting the world know how  pathetic and loser I am. I leave it all up to God.  I still believe that what goes around, comes around.

But between the 2 of us, I know, aketch ang nagwagi.

I’d like to thank you, still, for breaking my heart again and again because you made me feel how it is to die so I can fully appreciate how it is to be alive and whole again.



*insert nose and heart bleeding here*

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What Trillanes has done to Manila Peninsula

I know this is kinda late pero ayokong mahuli sa latest! Sana pwede pang humabol. I was busy yesterday and the other day and the day before the other day kaya I wasn’t able to post an entry about this whole TRILLANES THINGY. Wag ka, tinutukan ko kamo ang news na to nung isang araw. Nakaabang ako kung makakakita ako ng real life explosion sa TV. LOL

Basta isa lang ang masasabi ko, wrong timing ito. Wala sa tamang hulog. AT hinde talaga WAIS DECISION. It’s a desperate act, desperately wanting to get attention! Christmas season pa naman ngayon. Busy ang mga tao sa shopping galore and medyo merry ang ambience noh. Baka walang mga taong pumunta sa PEOPLE POWER nya dahil nasa MOA o kaya Trinoma. Naku fwede ba, Paskong-Pasko may KUHDETA!!!! May CURFEW!!! Waaaahhh. Wag ganun! Sayang ang BONUS ko hinde ko malulustay kaka-gimik at kaka-EB! Hahahaha!!!

At eto pa ang nakaka-imbyernasissimo, hinde naman ako masyadong affected pero feel ko na ma-affected sa isyung ito:

The Peninsula Manila, as one of the finest hotels in the city, has won many awards and accolades including the following:

Travel + Leisure (USA)
Award: World’s Best Hotels 2007
Category: Asia
Ranking: No. 4
Remark: The only hotel in The Philippines on the list

Conde Nast Traveler (USA)
Award: 2007 Gold List
Category: World’s Best Places to Stay

Travel + Leisure (USA)
Award: World’s Best Business Hotels 2006
Category: Asia
Ranking: No.8 Conde Nast Traveler (USA)

World’s Best Places to Stay
Award: 2006 Gold List
Category: World’s Best Places to Stay – The Best Hotel in Manila – Asia, Australia & Pacific Nations (scored 82.6)
Ranking: No. 1

Travel + Leisure (USA)
Award: T + L 500 – The Greatest Hotels in the World
Ranking: No. 1 in Manila

O di ba? Bagsak ang ratings! Patay ang kinabuhi! At kung nagkataong ako ang may ari ng hotel na yan! NAKUUU!!! Buti na lang hinde, malamang makagawa ako ng karumal-dumal para lang makaganti!! CHARING!!!

Ang nakakaasar pa ha, hinde naman nag pa-reserve yang si Trillanes nor any of his supporters prior to the 6 hour sierge. ANAK NG USER YAN!! Nakitambay na nga lang..nanira pah!!! 5 STAR HOTEL PA!!! SOCIAL CLIMBER ANG LOLO NYOOO!!!

Look now, 1 week close ang Manila Pen. Kung Chinese ang may-ari nun, am sure , napapa-iling na yun sabay sabing LUGI NEGOSYO!! And according to the hotel engineers, the cost of damages could reach six figures!! Milyones daw! Lugi talaga negosyo! Ultimo carpet nila kelangan i-repair! Sino ngayon ang mag babayad ng danyos perwisyos? Si Trillanes daw ba? O gobyerno? Am sure, kung gobyerno yun, galing sa TAX ko at sa TAX mo ang ibabayad dun. Nakakagigil noh? Anlaki pa naman ng binabayaran kong tax!

Plus sobrang daming naabala di ba. 400 daw ang guests nila ng time na yun (90% occupancy, total of 497 rooms) plus may scheduled wedding reception and 5 major events. And they all had to be moved elsewhere! O diba, luging lugi talaga ang negosyo!!!!

Let’s do some accounting (lol):

P5000 per day/per room x 400 rooms x 7 days = P14,000,000

HOY!! Sabi nga ng nanay ko, kahit maglakad ka mula dito hanggang sa Makati hinde ka makakapulot ng isang daan! Eh 14M pa kaya!! Hmph!


Anyway, today is officially the start of the Holiday season! Merry Christmas to yah all! And just so you kow, I’m already accepting gifts, cash, pasaload, whatever!

You may send your gifts here: 441 Bartome St. Lot 4 Block 8 Sta. Monica Phase 5 Chateau Valenzuela, Dalandanan Valenzuela City!


Imbento ko lang yang address na yan!!

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A Day in the Life of a Call Center Kyuti

Ewan ko sa inyo ha, pero dati, mga year 2001, ang tingin ko sa mga nag ta-trabaho sa call center is uber sosi. Sobrang hirap kaseng pumasok sa ganitong klaseng trabaho many years ago. Trulili yan. Nag iba na ang ihip ng hangin ngayon. Kahit sino ngayon, pwede na sa call center. Walang kinikilingang gender, edad o antas. Grad or undergrad basta may lambing pagnag salita, qualified. Pati nga kamo ang papa-retire na, target pa din ang call center. Totoo! May mga LOLO/LOLA nga kami dito sa opis eh. Lahat ng mga bagong gradweyt na nangangailangan ng experience, call center ang unang pinupuntirya, di ba? Yan daw ang stepping stone. Sabi nga, a journey with a thousand miles begin with a call center. Tarush!! Ako lang ang nagsabi nyan pero may foint naman diba. Easy money. Easy job di ba? One day lang alam mo agad kung pasok ka sa banga o hinde.


Hinding hinde ko makakalimutan nun nag apply ako sa PIPOLSUPPORT nun 2001, with all my credentials (na hinde nakakamangha) and pamatay na resume (sa mabangong stationery ko ni-print), plus pang harabas na blazer, mini skirt and 2 inch high red stiletto, akalain mo, HINDEEE ako tinanggap!! Ni hindi man lang ako inabalang interviewhin ng mga walanghiyang HR!!! Hahahaha.

Dati-rati, pag call center ka, people will say “WOW! talaga?” pero NOW, kiver! Gone are the glorious days of being a call center kyuti. Sobrang naging familiar na tayo sa ganitong klaseng work and admit it, yes you, dumating sa puntong nauumay na kayo sa mga kaibigan nyo na nasa call center lahat, diba? Parang walang direction ang ganitong klaseng trabaho. For the meantime lang. Walang dating. Iba pa rin ang maging programmer, CPA, Atty., nars, doctor, teacher etc. Puro gimik. Outing. Team bonding. Well, totoo lahat yan. Kase kung hindi nyo pa alam, ang average sweldo ng isang call center agent is sobrang above minimun kaya keri nila ang gumimik kahit araw araw. Plus napakadaming incentive programs. Imaginin mo ngayon ang sweldo ko na 5 years nang nabuburyo dito. Nakakalula, pramis. Bwahahaha. (*truth is, ang company namin ang pinaka mahirap na call center at pinaka kuripot dahil ang amo namin eh hinde mga galanteng American kundi mga kuripot na TAIWANESE*)

I will be honest, dumating sa point na I’m almost ashamed to admit na sa call center LANG ako nag wo-work. Haller!! Digisikan at Talastasan Pang-Inhinyero kaya ang kinuha ko nun kolehiyo noh! Parang I deserve better! Dapat sana eh Network Engineer ako noh o kaya Telecoms Engineer….hinde slave ng mga kapitalistang kontrol!! lol.

Pero pag iniisip ko na gabi-gabi na no-nosebleed ako sa kaka-blog sa mga bagay na natututunan ko parang it pays off naman kase na-aapply ko naman yung mga LIBUYHABA, DALAS, PANGIBAYO, LAKTOD, KABTOL, DAGIBALNIING LIBOY etc. na inaral ko nung kolehiyo. It’s worth it. Mahirap yata na problemahin ang problema ng ibang tao. Nakakatuyo ng utak. Lalo na sa linya ko na teknikal masyado. Nakaka nosebleed talaga!

Aside from that, mas mahirap ang makipag tuos sa mga Amerikano. Akala nyo madali lang ang trabaho namin. Pero hinde! Hinde! Hindeeeee! Mahirap mag-blog talagang kumausap ng mga Amerikano noh! Lalo na pag spontaneous na usapan like:

Oh how’s the weather like in the Philippines?

Eto ang classic kong sagot:

“I’m far from the window”

Eto pa ang madalas itanong sa kin:

“What’s the temperature there?”

“38-40 degree celcius” (may lagnat, hahaha)

Tapos biglang ipapa convert sa ‘kin sa Fahrenheit. Toinks!

At ang madalas kong blooper pag mag ho-hold ng kliyente:

“Can I hold you?”

“Where, where, anywhere is fine!”

Anak ng! Minsan tong mga Amerikanong to, akala lahat ng Filipina eh pang mail order bride.

Hay kaya gabi-gabi pasan pasan ko ang daigdig. Lalo na pag mga network administrators na maangas ang natsa-tsambahan ko at mga intimidating… Sobrang kelangan matindi ang staying power mo para makatagal sa ganitong environment. Ika nga, only the fittest survive.

Kaya dun sa mga umaalipusta sa kagaya kong call center kyuti, pwes, ihanda nyo ang mga sarili nyo dahil ipapamukha ko talaga sa inyo na kung wala kami at walang mga call centers, mamamatay ang Industry ng mga gimikan sa Eastwood City,Metrowalk, Podium at kung saan saan pa! Mamamatay din ang Industry ng Lucky Me La paz Batchoy at Skyflakes! Babagsak ang industriya ng KAPE sa Pilipinas noh! Pati na din ng EXTRA JOSS!! Kaya don’t you ever dare look me in the eyes and ask,

“You work in a call center?”

“Yes, do you have any problems with that?”

“How lowly and unskilled”

Susungalngalin kitaaaaaaa!! At isaksak ko sa kukote mo na 3.8B not pesosesoses kundi US $$$ ang revenue ng call center industry last year and expected na magiging US$12B in the next 2-3 years to come. Hoyyy! Nakapag generate na ba ng ganyan kalaki yang companya nyo??

Sa puntong ito, iaangat ko talaga ang dangal ng lahat ng mga call center agent sa Pilipinas pati na yung mga nasa India!! Hahaha

Assets kami for your information. We’re contributing 12% into the Philippines’ GNP!!! We provide decent jobs to more than a million of Filipinos. (Hala, naging economist na…lol). Sabi nga ni Janis, may karapatan kaming mag yabang at mag maganda!

Kaya next time, pag may nakilala kayo na taga call center, magbigay pugay at magbigay galang kayo ha!! Seryoso, naalala ko lang yung DEBATE na napanood ko sa TV kung dapat ba na mag work sa call center or hinde. And there was this young girl, sabi nya walang future sa career ng pagiging call center kyuti and dini-discourage nyo yung mga nanonood. Sa ‘kin kase wala naman argumento dun eh, just love what you’re doing and give it your best shot. Kahit anong field pa yan, if you’re not thriving for excellence, wala ka ding mararating. Naks!

Basta ang sigurado ako, next year mag re-resign na kooooooo!!!!! At ayoko na ng call center. LOL

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Naramdaman mo na ba’ng ma-torture ng traffic?


Ako, OO at ayoko nang maranasan pa ulet.

Last 2 days ago, 1st time ko ni-try ang mag BODY BALANCE — Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout. Akala ko NO SWEAT ‘tong exercise na ‘to pero naman, tagaktak ang pawis ko all over. Nanginginig yung mga tuhod ko at buong kalamnan. Ang mga joints ko, pati lower back at tadyang hanggang ngayon nagsusumidhi pa din. Nakaka-ubos pala ng lakas ang mag perform ng stunts na gaya nito:

Pero in all fairness, masarap sya gawin. Ansarap mag-relax pagtapos ng ganitong routine kaya naman excited ang lola mong umuwi. Ansarap kaya matulog pag ganun ka-pagal yung katawan di ba tsaka umuulan-ulan, masarap mag one moment with nescafe. Pero sa kasawiang palad, ang inaasam-asam kong MOMENT ay sinira ng traffic na yan! Inabot ako ng siyam siyam sa byahe — imaginin mo, 4 na oras kong nilakbay ang kahabaan ng Cubao-NLEX-Valenzuela. Whatta!? Daig ko pa ang umuwi ng provincia! Mega traffic plus anlakas ng ulan at sa kamalas-malasan pa, iniwan ko yung payong ko sa opis. Sasabayan pa ng 10 wheeler na San Miguel truck na na-stranded sa gitna ng intersection. Tatabihan ka pa ng lashing na naka sleeveless na pinaghalong beer at kili-kili ang amoy. Buseeet. Hinde ko kineri. Kaya ko pa yun 4 hours na byahe kahit 24 hours at kahit traffic pa basta kumportable un upuan, malamig at may chicha. Ang lalong nag pa torture sa kin eh yung 4 na oras kong pinipigil yung ihi ko para akong nag la-labor sa sakit. Lahat yata ng simtomas ng nagla-labor, naramdaman ko ng oras na yun — back ache, cramp-like pains in the lower portion of the abdomen (aka puson), contraction, trembling, nausea/vomiting and intense emotions. Waaaaaaahhhh!!!

Buti na lang hinde ako napasigaw ng MY WATER BAG BROKE!!!

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I love memes!

It’s a season of memes and I love it. Just got tagged by DJ Robin but wait, this one looks familiar…

*searching the archives*

Ayayaaay! Nasagutan ko na pala ‘to! Heto ang IBIDENSIYA, baka sabihin adik ako masyado so I’ll just re-post it.

Tagged by Lizzie

1. Food you hate: Sushis except some Maki/California Roll.Oily foods. Papaitan. Anything overpriced.

2. Fruits that you hate: basta pag hilaw and mapakla yun ang hate ko…otherwise, love them all!!

3. Veggies that you hate: love them all – makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay

4. Celebrities or people that you hate: Gretchen Barreto,Ruffa Gutierrez, Say Alonzo, John Estrada, Vanessa del Bianco, Wendy of PBB2, Angelika Jones, Angelika dela Cruz, Lolit Solis,Heart and Jericho and VINA MORALES

5. Event/incident/situation that you hate: trapped inside an old bus for 2 hours ; talking to SOCIAL CLIMBERS and USERS ; when I’d really want to watch DVDs yet I don’t have anymore time ; when i’d really want to continue the things i’ve started doing but not having enough power, courage and inspiration to really DO IT because I’m just soooo tinatamad ; When I wanna sleep but cannot actually sleep because it’s so init and I cannot afford to buy and use aircon. Talking to rude and unfriendlly people esp. when I’m in my best mood ever. I hate it when I really wanna save 20% of my salary but always getting pennyless at the end of the day.

6. TV shows or movies that you hate: Eat Bulaga ; dramatic-tragic type of movies, yung mga movies na may cancer yung bida tapos mamamatay sa ending, grabeh, hate it! Nakaka stress at nakaka depress. Yung mga tipong CRY TRIP all the way. Lito Lapid flicks.

7. Type of music that you hate: garbage and noise

8. Household chore that you hate: mag-laba, mag-sampay, mag-tupi at mag-plantsa


10. Things that you hate about yourself: I hate it when I eat more than I could chew. When I overdo things. And whenever my ‘katamaran’ strikes me, I’m just so useless and wasted, I don’t even fix my hair.

Pahabol sa number 4: Ayoko sa mga taong FEELING. Pati yung sobrang kapal mag foundation tapos nang-gigita yun fez sa pawis. Yun mga taong bigla kang tatanggalin sa friendster list nila at i-lo-lock yun profile para di mo ma-access. Yun mga nagpapa-picture ng naka-micro mini skirt yun girl tapos naka-kandong sa guy(kadiiirii, haha). Lalong lalo na yun mga USERS – kesehodang makasakit ng tao basta maka-level up lang.

Wala pala akong nai-tag dyan sa meme na yan dati. Hehe. Ita-tag ko na lang ulet kayo — Lizzie, Ruthie, Aimz, Hannah ..tsaka si janis and syana. Wiheeee!

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Why am I so annoyed?


Have you ever experience that feeling na sobrang ASAR ka sa isang tao na you spend an hour or several hours of your day thinking about them…wishing them nothing but a bad day, bad night, bad hair day…in short, a complete bad life to deal with!

What a waste of time!?! I am just soooo annoyed with sometwo and I don’t want to feel annoyed anymore because that is not good for the soul but I cannot stop myself because somehow, inside of me, I want what it feels to be annoyed by YOU and I know it’s kinda awkward but it’s true, i like it a little, really…am I annoying you now? Have you never felt like that and not wanted to deal with it?

I like it that I am sooo freakin’ annoyed…because it gives me reason to try harder and be better everyday. I kinda like it that you annoy me with your presence because that’s when I feel sooo alive and kicking. I like it that you annoy me without even trying so hard because when I’m feeling like ‘this’, parang napasakan ng bagong battery yun utak ko and it keeps me going and going and going….and going!

My only hope is that you read this blog someday and makes you realize that no matter how hard my life has become with people like you, I managed to live a happier and more succesful life than you can ever imagine.

Tuloy mo lang kahit for life pa. Bilog ang mundo at tatandaan mo yaaaaan!!

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