What Kind of Blogger Are You

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.You’re up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Parang hinde sya totoo LOL. Seriously, I was once a divine blogger LOL. And then I turned out as a trying-hard-to-be-funny blogger. Later in life, I became a $eriou$ blogger LOL.

May I quote ako sa sinabi ko last year about grabbing opportunities:

Sinabi ko sa sarili ko (kahapon lang) na I will do everything in my power to become successful tomorrow. LOL. Trulili. I’m far from being one but I’m getting there. Andami daming opportunities sa internet para magkaron ng kabuhayan. Dinideadma ko lang pero NGAYON magsisimula ang pagbabagong buhay ko. Today, my old skin has become dust. I’d walk tall among men, and they know me not. But today I am a new individual with a new life!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, after all the might have beens…I am now a rich blogger nyahahaha. Here’s the ibidins…wag nyo kong hoholdapin LOL please lang. At wag kayong mag papa-libre tseh pamasahe ko yan papuntang Greece LOL!

Click click click


$$$ earnings from Dec 2008 to present, brought to you by Pepe and Pilar sa Pasay, Rebuke Me and kung anek anek na kumikitang kabuhayan chorvaloo

I wont deny it, mukha na akong $$$. I eat and I breathe and I live for $$$. I am not getting enough sleep because I think of $$$ all the time. I go to work because of $$$. I nosebleed for $$$!!! I know, nawawalan ng essence ang blog ko minsan sa dami ng panindang insurance and diet pills but when I write something naman I write from the heart quesehodang paid opps pa yan. Pinaghihirapan ko po ang lahat ng English na lumalabas sa bibig ko. Pramis. So I don’t care whether you like me and my blog or not. Call me anything you want – a $$$ whore perhaps –  but that’s ok kase bali-baliktarin ko man ang mundo eh totoo naman yun bwahahahhaha


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Taking A Break


Andami kong chances na pinalalampas. Left and Right.

Why am I letting go of the many opportunities coming my way? If you notice…sinara ko muna ang tindahan. I’m taking a break from making humongous money online. Reason? Hinde ko alam. Tinamad lang yata ako…pero sana I could bring back the passion.

$AYANG!!!! A$ in $AYANG ang PR4!!!!

Hinde ako makapag sulat ng matino. Help!!!!

ok…babalik ako…i’ll take a bath first…sana naman pagbalik ko eh ganahan akong mag paid opps.

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Setting up an online store has never been this easy

There are several ways on how you can launch your own website. Like if you wanna put up your own blog, you can sign up with any free blog portal or you can create your own self-hosted blog using a blogging software like WordPress. But how about running an online store? Ever wonder how people can create such? The answer is just simple, they use a  shopping cart software to run their online store such as the one provided by Ashop Commerce. It is an easy to use web based e-commerce software that help merchants in creating online store with ease and convenience. The designs, which can be customized easily, can actually compete with the internet’s most powerful websites for a low monthly fee. A lot of online merchants, both novice and professional users recommend this software, so if you’re planning on creating your own online store, check out their website now and try their free 10-day trial period.

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Smorty is the Answer

Yes, life is hard and we all know it. It would not be fun at all if life becomes so easy, don’t you think? But, don’t you just wish that your life is a little more stress free and worry free? I bet you could have a happier and healthier lifestyle if it happens. I would love to learn to stop whining about how little money I could get but I just can’t. Managing my finances has always been stressful for me.

A friend told me once that it is hell without money and I couldn’t agree more. It’s always been and will always be a major source of stress and worries. It’s just a pain in the butt when the cash isn’t coming in as quickly as the bills are, right?

But how do you get over this financial trouble?

Well, aside from getting a full time work, I highly suggest that you get a part time job or invest into a business venture. And if you have a passion for writing, I strongly recommend that you join blog advertising. They will pay you decent amount for just writing about the things you love. Their payout is from 5$-50$ per post. Let’s say they pay you 5$ a day for 1 year, that’s equivalent to 1825$!! That could even triple if you work harder. Best part of all, you can do it at the convenience of your home!

Smorty might just be the answer to your problems so sign up now, get paid for blogging and pay off those bills!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

click the image to sign up

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A guy/girl who has a beautiful set of teeth can stand out!

First thing I notice with a guy I’m talking to is his smile – genuine, sweet smile that has the power to brighten one’s day. Regardless of his looks, if he has a great smile, he’s a sure winner, right? And although some of you probably notices the height, hair and eyes first, for me, a guy/girl who has a beautiful set of teeth can stand out.


But what if you are unhappy with your smiles like me?


Truth is, once in a while, I get compliments about my teeth. They all comment on how lucky I am to have such straight white teeth, little do they know that they aren’t a perfect set. A friend once said that whiter teeth are actually more prone to cracking and that’s actually my dilemma. Just several months ago, I broke my 2 upper left molars. I worry that I might broke them all at once. They’re also starting to have gaps in between. I’m seriously thinking of getting braces soon and if ever I do, I need to find a good dentist who can offer great dental treatment. Do you have someone to recommend? If you’re suffering from the same problems that  I have and you live in the US probably somewhere near California, do check out Sacramento cosmetic dentists – whether it’s teeth whitening, dental implants and orthodontics, Sacramento cosmetic dentists can fix your problem and give you the smile of your dreams.

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The Benefits of Yoga

Once in a while, I’d go to the gym with my girlfriends to work out and one of our favorite routines, aside from dancing is YOGA and BODY BALANCE/PILATES. Contrary to what you think, although yoga requires a lot of physical activity, it isn’t just a body workout. Do you know that it is one of the hardest exercise routine yet it is the most relaxing? Aside from keeping your body fit and strengthening your muscles, practicing yoga will teach you how to quiet the mind so that you can deal with your inner self. It is a mind work out! In this modern times, when we go to the school we are given lessons on how to deal with the external world but not on how to deal with the inner world. That’s what yoga is all about. It will teach you how to be one with yourself.

Another good thing about Yoga is that it cleanses the accumulated toxins in our body by muscle stretching and massaging of the internal organs. This brings the waste back into circulation so that the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and skin are able to remove them in a natural way. If you wanna learn more about meditation exercises, you can go to the nearest fitness center in your area or check out some online sites that can help you out. Stay fit!

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Coca Cola Zero

Presenting…the new variation of your favorite Coca-Cola….Coke zero!!! Finally, it’s sugar-free coke for everyone! That’s really good news to people who’s closely monitoring their diet and to those that are health and figure-conscious just like me! Haha. Gone are the days of deprivation. I can now enjoy the luxury of having one bottle per meal day without ever worrying about my diet. I’ve yet to try it but they say it’s like the real taste since, unlike Coke Light, Coke Zero is based on the formulation of the original Coca-Cola. Isn’t that great?

This zero sugar cola is barely new and haven’t been marketed all over the world. Coca-Cola company is launching “Life as it should be” campaign for it to gain awareness among its consumer. Read more about it here http://www.zeroismore.com.

They have this online contest wherein participants compete with each other using their own small movie. Coke has provided some old b/w film clips that you, as the director, can manipulate by using an easy voice recorder. You can write your own script and say what ever you want. Be creative, join the fun, tell your friends about it and beat them to it! Don’t forget to check out their website http://www.zeroismore.com!

Drink Coke Zero and be merry – that’s the way to live life as it should be!

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