Where to buy a Sony Vaio Laptop Adapter Charger?

What the helllllllll!!! My phone and laptop chargers both died on me this week! Looks like someone is out to sabotage my social life!!! LOL

sony vaio adapter VGP-AC19V19
photo credits: http://triangle-world.com

I honestly don’t know how to survive without my laptop and internet connection. My life depends so much on them! I feel sometimes that I value my laptop more than anything else, charot. Haaay I have a feeling that this true story is going to give me a lot of headache. So this morning, I called Sony Gateway Branch 9113910 to inquire if they sell an AC Adapter VGP-AC19V19 for FW series Sony VAIO, she referred me to Sony Megamall 6383767,  the lady told me to contact Sony Service Center 3301111, finally, after waiting for a few mins, I got to talk to Manilyn, she told me to go straight to the nearest service center.

Luckily, there’s one in Cubao. Here’s the address:

Metro Lane Complex
P. Tuazon St. cor. 20th Ave.
Cubao Quezon City
Servicing Hours: 09:00AM – 07:00PM (Mon-Sat) / 09:00AM – 06:00PM (Sun)

I have to drop by there to order and pay the down payment which is half of the price. Might take 5-7 days, at most 2 weeks since they need to order it abroad. Ok, I can deal with that. Now here comes the stressing part: (possibly one of the biggest stresses I encountered this year)

It’s price range is between 8,000 – 10,000.

What the helllllllll! What the hellllll talaga! That adapter VGP-AC19V19 is 8K??? Freaking 8000 for just an adapter!!! I can buy a house and lot with that money (haha ang OA). Haaaayyy so the plan to buy my new Samsung SII is going to be set aside for now.

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My Wisdom Tooth Is Killing Me Huhuhu

Grrrrr. I’ve got a bad tooth which is right down to the root and it is killing me. It’s hurting so bad I can barely open my mouth to eat and talk huhuhu. Imagine, I am 30lbs lighter now (fantasy lang lol).  I can’t even smile huhuhu. The bottom part of my right cheek is extremely warm, and this freakin wisdom tooth is giving me headaches too. Ano ba naman yan, heartache, headache, toothache…lahat na ng klaseng ache. Ano ba naman yan, Lord (with a very sweet tone, ok). Test of faith ba itey? Have I become really bad like a monster this year? Huhuhu I have been EATING mefenamic for 5 days now. This is sooo wrong timing. Super bad trip to the highest level of all levels! Die wisodm tooth! Die! Die! I’ve been advised to have it removed ASAP. I was trying to pull it out myself last night but I can’t hahaha huhuhu. I am in serious pain huhuhu. You don’t have any idea how much it’s hurting me huhuhu. And this is what hurts me most….the surgery cost is around 7 freakin K!

Put the smile back on my face, help me stop my freakin tootache, donate now for my surgery WAHAHAHA (I am serious).

here is my paypal account: adamarlin@yahoo.com

I wi$h you all a merry Chri$tma$!

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I am Fine, Thank You :)


Snow, busy lang. Busy talaga. Busy lang kakaisip ng madaming tanong, like this one:

kung ang apo ng nurse ay manugang ng ama ng doctor, ano relasyon ng asawa ng doctor sa biyenan ng apo?

Tsk, nosebleed talaga. But I’ve got the answers now. It took me days, weeks, months to realize that LOL. Regular programming will be back tomorrow. Mwaahugs to all!


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You know…the past days has been a tremendous strain. Work. Puyat. Walang love life. Walang hustisya. Walang happy ending. Walang pera!!!!


1. biglang nasira ang cellphone ko sa hinde inaasahang pang yayari. Joke ko lang yun when I said here na sira ang phone ko but it’s really in good condition. Ang hayup na yun nag self-destruct yata.


2. Bumulaga sa kin pagdating ko kanina ang Disconnection notice ang Meralco bill…pag di ako nakapag net the coming days…naputulan kami ng kuryente…at malamang sa malamang nyan…susunod na ang Maynilad, DSL at sky cable


3. Nag o-over spend ako sa pagbili ng (pardon the language) brassieres. Bwiseet.


4. Patoloy-toloy ang pag swipe ng credit card…ayan malapit ng mapuno ang limit


5. Tuloy nag apply ako ng isa pang credit card


6. Madaming paid opps…pero wala ako sa mood. Puro 300 words for 5$…papatulan ko na sana kaso tungkol daw sa Viagra. Anak ng tokwaaaa naman


7. 15 hours overtime sa loob ng 11 days na pasok…5 lang ang bayad…yung iba O-TY.


8. 3 hours and a half ang tulog sa isang araw…


9. Tuloy nag-multiply ang taghiyawat sa noo nag annex pa sa right cheek.


10. Para na akong adik. DI makatulog pero ramdam ko ang pagod at antok.


11. Anong petsa naaa!! Isang buwan mahigit na! Nihaniho deadma!! Tseh!

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Life is really simple and fun, but we insist on making it complicated.


Life is really simple and fun, but we insist on making it complicated.

Anak ng tokwaaaa talaga!!! Kakagigil!!!!

Ang mahal nga pamasahe!!! From 26P naging 36P!!!

36 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 60 (one way lang yan)

60 x 2 = 120 a day

120 x 5 = 600 a week

600 x 52 = P31,200 a year


bwiseeeet. i’m spending 120P a day para lang sa pamasahe. eh magkano lang naman ang sweldo ko. tapos ang mahal pa mg bigas.


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Here’s Another Nosebleeding Code For You

In true Chuvaness fashion, I present to you another edition of our NOSEBLEEDING eklavu!!!! Enjoy!


This lee there son two in son. eye tan too yoo or is lab Witch an sing reese loothe you cared width ever there has sons dot are too dot eat stand on eeeeehh pear weigh foul pear ease, you.

Clue: 5 times 8

Anyone who can decipher gets 5$! Hoy, that’s equivalent to 5 and a half kilos of rice…kaya patulan nyo na. LOL

Happy nosebleeding to all!!!!

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