My Dream Backyard

Don’t you just love the outdoors? When I am outside, in our beautiful backyard, I find solitude by just looking at how that flower upon flower would bloom on our paths. That peaceful place in the part of our house where I could just lie and feel the cool breeze of fresh air while reading my favorite book. I could just stay there for hours watching as the leaves fall off the trees, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and loving the simplicity of barriotic life. LOL. I miss home.


I would love to have this outdoor furniture in our backyard someday. Reminds me of that last scene from the movie Notting Hill where Julia and Hugh kissed. This will surely make your backyard very romantic just like the movie itself. For all your outdoor furniture needs (Patio dining table and seats, loverseats, teak chairs and tables) visit for stylish and affordable designs that will surely make your backyard/garden a magical place.

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Don’t you just get tired of paying bills?

Bills! Bills! Bills! Don’t you just get tire of paying bills? I do!

You have no idea how much I am paying for my house rent each month! Argh! It’s killing me. That’s why I’m thinking of getting a new house that’s near my workplace. It is indeed a big step and acquiring a mortgage for that home is a big responsibility. Am I ready? Am I financially capable with this arrangement that could last several decades?

Owning a new house has many benefits but it also has responsibilities. It’s risky but I’m doing it. I am old enough to handle those responsibilities, I guess.

If you are looking to get a new mortgage for your house, condo, etc..visit and get free mortgage quotes online. They will allow you to truly receive the best offers possible.

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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

If you knew you were going to die and you had one last lecture, what would you say to your students?

I don’t know. I am not a teacher, hello?

Seriously, when I was a kid, I wanted to become a teacher, a doctor and a sales lady. Guess what, I didn’t become any of those in fact, my specialty is far from those childhood dreams. Now that I am older and matured (I hope), my preferences have changed, what I want now is just plain and simple – to become an inspiration to others. I’m serious. But when I look back at my life, there’s nothing really inspiring at all. LOL. Wait…I’m only 20+, who knows, maybe sooner or later, something could happen that will change my life forever. I have faith you know.

Anyway, here’s one very inspiring book I’d like to recommend to you guys – The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It’s based on the extraordinary final lecture by Carnegie Mellon University professor Pausch, given after he discovered he had pancreatic cancer. This moving book can definitely inspire you to live your life with purpose and joy. Grab a copy now!


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For Sale: Affordable and Reliable RAM/Memory

Buying a computer is not as simple as going to the store and asking the sales lady for it. You have to consider a lot of things – the speed, performance and of course, the price. For those of you who are not techno savvy, like me, choosing the right computer is really a challenge. I am not an expert in computer lingo, but what I do know is that if you want a faster computer, you need to purchase a higher RAM or memory for it. You can get one at, they sell computer memory including component upgrades, and custom promotional USB Flash Pen Drives all at affordable prices.

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Life is Precious

Life is precious and it becomes more special to us when we learn to enjoy the little everyday blessings we receive. I’d like to believe that in general, I am a happy person. How about you? Aren’t you happy and excited by just simply being alive? You know I realize, life is really short, you have to get all the chances you can to enjoy it. You maybe young, fit and healthy today but sooner or later…you too will grow old and eventually die and leave this world. This is the best time to get life your life insured! There are plenty of companies offering free life insurance quotes, choose the one that works best for you and when you develop any health issues throughout your life, you never have to worry because they have everything covered for you.



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Hopia! Mane! Popcorn!

I love popcorns! I love its smell and crispness. Do you know how they started? History says that Popcorn was originally grown in Mexico but somehow it had spread globally through India, China and Sumatra. Its history dates back over 5,000 years ago. Wow!

Whenever I watch movies with my date friends, either at home or in a movie house, I never miss out on popcorns. My sister Inday Mao Mao loves it too. Her favorite is Kettle Corn, by the way. I still buy her a pack of Kettle Corn whenever I drop by at Shopwise. What if I buy one of these popcorn machines and put up my own popcorn business someday, hahaha, and then walk the streets of Manila while shouting “hopia, mani, popcorn!”. Hahaha. Not a smart idea, I know.

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High Sea Trading

TAX!!! I hate it! I just got may payslip today and I was shocked to see how much the Governement is taking away from my salary. Grrrr. Really hate taxes! It’s everywhere! Even fast food chains and restaurants are not exempted from Value Added Tax (VAT).

This is why some merchants prefer doing High Sea Sale, to avoid the burden of local Sales Tax or VAT. You familiar with exporting/importing High Sea Sugar? This is how it works, the seller is going to look for the sugar buyer while the ship is on its way sailing on the international waters (also called HIGH SEAS, which is under no jurisdiction), once the seller found a buyer, the buyer becomes the importer. Or traditional import/export method, the buyer has to pay the Customs duty. But now the buyer does not have to pay the Local Sales tax / VAT because the movement of sugar from one place to anotherĀ  is not seen as a sale but rather as simple transport from one location. If you want to know moreĀ  about High Seas Sale, be sure you check out, all the information you need is right there on their website.

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Where To Find A Good Lawyer?

Getting a good lawyer is the single most important thing you need to consider when filing a case. Many people who have been charged with criminal charges end up losing their fights because of having inexperienced lawyers. Justice here in the PI is really in slow motion and sometimes it is not served at all. The procedure is really time consuming and nerve wracking but if you’ve got a lawyer who’s willing to go the extra mile to thoroughly investigate your case, every hardships is all worth it.

If you’re in search for Criminal Attorneys in Los Angeles | DUI Defense Lawyers in Southern California with experience, who can take your case quickly, and who can let you win out of court, can help you. They can provide you with top caliber lawyers who specialize in all Criminal & DUI Defense Matters.

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