On Guitar Playing, Search for an Old Song, Ibanez Artcore and Musical Frustrations

Influenced by my father and siblings, who all play the guitar well, I started to learn playing the guitar too back when I was younger. During my free time, I would play non-stop even when I’m out-of-tune. I’d play until I hurt my finger tips and developed calluses. I’d play until I memorized just 1 song that I really really like – my younger brother, who very much like to have an Ibanez Artcore, taught me that old love song which I honestly have never heard the original version until now. I’ve been searching but found no MP3 available for download, can’t find it in youtube either. The song’s called “Giliw” (Sweetheart). Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten its chords and beautiful lyrics so I can’t play it anymore. 🙂

In short, because I am talentless like that, I didn’t develop any passion for playing the guitar and I stopped eventually. Haaay. Guess I’m not just really a musically inclined person. Had I inherited my father’s singing voice and his talent in playing the guitar, I probably am a member of Marry Me Amy by now!  🙂

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I Hear Gangnam Style Wherever I Go

Everyone’s dancing the Gangnam Style wherever I go.

When I went home to my barrio a week ago, the kids were all happily dancing to it, even my father danced to it one time and it was funny! The executives from our company porodied the GS MV last Tuesday at our year-end party and it was beyond hilarious. In one of our Team Building activities, one of the missions is to dance Gangnam Style in public.

The Gangnam Style Dance aka the “horse-riding dance” which shows riding an invisible horse on an english saddle has become unbelievably viral (almost reaching 1B hits in youtube), anyone unfamiliar with it must have been living in a cave.

But what is so special about the Gangnam Style? I must say the beat is really addictive, even when I don’t understand the words, my instincts tell me to bob my head whenever I hear it. The dance is kinda silly and fun to do, and its MV is just pure pure win!

I find it amazing to see how a non-English song has become widely popular, even topping the Billboards and iTunes. As a fellow Asian, I think Psy did a great job!

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how to fine tune a piano?

Piano needs tuning at least twice a year.

I bet some of you didn’t know that. Well I personally didn’t know about that until a few hours ago when I chanced upon a YouTube tutorial vid on how to tune pianos. I never realized pianos go out of tune as well, just like guitars. It is because the strings inside the pianos have very high tension on them, and they stretch as time goes by, so if you want your piano to last from generation to generation, you need to tune it regularly.

Now the question is, how to do it?

The level of difficulty is way waaay beyond my abilities! A single piano alone have 250 strings inside it (that explains why it’s huge and heavy), imagine yourself  fine-tuning each of those strings together…that’s a lot of work to do! You need loads of patience and talent to do that. I myself can’t even fine-tune a 6-string guitar. I have been trying to learn it for years, unfortunately, I’ve never been successful even once. My father and siblings can do it in a matter of minutes. I’m beginning to think that I maybe a tone deaf.

If you want to learn to do it yourself, there are loads of tutorial vids uploaded in youtube. You just need to buy the tools to help you adjust the strings, but piano being a very delicate instrument, I would strongly recommend to seek the help of a qualified, friendly and reliable piano tuner like Piano Tuning Houston to ensure good service.

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Bucket List: Learning a Piano Piece

Learning one piano piece is one of the many things on my bucket list and I’ve wanted to do that for as long as I can remember but…I lack the talent! My cousins had a Casio digital piano when we younger and I tried learning how to play it but unfortunately, I’m not at all musically inclined. I couldn’t master to read piano notes. I had to mark each key with masking tape and its corresponding letter/note so I could remeber them. Soooo hard. I only learned Happy Birthday, Old McDonald had a farm and Twinkle Twinkle lols. I guess when God poured talents, I was sleeping.

What to do? I so wanna be like Yiruma when I grow up! He’s one of my favorite musicians ever. He’s soo soo good. His compositons are heavy in emotions, with simple melody that’s very attractive to many listeners. Here are some of my favorites:

Kiss the Rain (Listening to this all morning, perfect for the weather these days. It’s been raining nonstop lately and this piece makes everything else more….depressing!)

River Flows In You


Love Me (This piece makes me wanna forget all my regrets in the past…and just continue being hopeful, charrrrr!)

Hope I can master at least 1 Yiruma piece before I get too old and incapable. Guess I should start with buying a piano first or a keyboard, but I’m more leaning towards a Steinway piano. Ambitious, right? I know it’s expensive but it’s highly durable and doesn’t require electricity so it saves money. I want a Steinway because I want something that can withstand years of use so I can pass it to my children and grandchildren. BTW, research says that children who took piano lessons early in life scored higher than their peers on tests of general and spatial cognitive development. They also learn a lot more about discipline and dedication. More reasons why I should get a piano! If you also wanna buy yourself and your family the finest and most beautiful pianos available today, check out Steinway & Sons showrooms, the leading Piano Dealer Los Angeles, they offer quite a selection of piano instruments – new pianos, used pianos, rebuilt pianos, they also have piano rentals, and even piano lesson recommendations too. Guaranteed that they only provide handcrafted and authorized Steinway pianos made by the finest craftsmen.

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Sungha Jung

Wow. He’s a grown up already, and he’s quite good looking too, he can totally pass as kpop idol! I remember seeing his videos way way back, he was still very young then, and I always get soo amazed watching him, sooo much talent he got on his tiny body. And he also knows how to play the ukelele!

Sungha Jung (???), born September 2, 1996, is a South Korean professional acoustic finger-style guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube. He has won 15 awards on YouTube, including 6 “#1” awards. Sungha has over 500 videos with over fifty millions views and over eight hundred thousands subscribers.

His first guitar was a plywood guitar worth a little less than $60. After becoming quite popular in 2009, Lakewood guitar company started to sponsor Sungha with their custom-made guitars. They made a very special guitar for Sungha that fits him perfect, and it took them almost 4 month to complete. He uses that guitar in most of his video nowadays.

I wonder what his studio/music room looks like, how many guitars he own, gr-55, guitar picks and other guitar accessories. Probably a lot! His videos has over 50M youtube hits, I wonder how much he’s earning from his youtube covers?

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America Voted for Another Boring WGWG, Team Jessica Sanchez All The Way!

I still can’t move on. I still feel bitter over PP’s winning. So not fair. Clearly, Jessica is more talented than him! Kaasar lang because another boring WGWG won. I want Jessica to win because she deserves it more than anyone else, and this is not me being biased speaking. Sa totoo lang naman talaga, Jessica is waaaaayyy better.

Did you see her duet with the great Jennifer Holiday? It’s over overrrr the top, dude! It was insane. I don’t know how else to explain the performance but it’s an amaziiiing treat to the audience. Si Jennifer Holiday parang halimaw lang, si Jessica, di papatalo! Their performance was the highlight of the show. Better than when they announced PP’s winning.

Haaay I am still frustrated. I followed this season’s AI from the beginning and have always rooted for Jessica. Anyway, to get that far – 1st runner up – is still ok. I hope for more great things to come her way.

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This Post Is Wonderfully Inspired By A Song – Where Are You Now? By Honor Society

To my gradeschool classmate Jocelyn Bartolome
who taught me how to make polvoron
To my childhood friend Ma. Ritchelle Javier (cheche for schort lol)
who gave me a chupa-chups lollipop
To Ma. Luz Acebuche
who was always my seatmate back in grade school
To blend45, nescafe and others
the first set of friends I remember
To my ninang who gave me a pair of pink sandals
that’s too big for my size
To my 2nd grade classmate Ulyses
oh boy I wish I knew your last name so I can stalk find you
To my 1st grade teacher
who used to make palo-palo my hands with a ruler
To this very nice and pretty girl friend
who i always believed to be as Isabel Granada (hahahha)
To the friends I made back in a beautiful small town in Isabela
Where are you now?

To my ex- friends
Don’t know how we grew apart
To my kumare/kumpare
who have hurt me saying those hurthful words
To Mang Boning and Inang (and ate cecille)
of my favorite lugawan
To the faces I see in my memory
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

To my 4th grade classmate, Francis Abellera
who made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone (charing hahah)
To my last lover
I am living the best life ever, thanks.
To our phonepals – Roy and Eric F. hahahha
being teenager is awesomeee!
To the friends I met in various camps
who made me see how i can change my life
To Aling Kastre
who sells my favorite puto seko
To the ones I loved
Didn’t show it enough
Where are you now

To Ate Gina, Michelle Caranto, Debbie Abarca, Marvin Caranto, Ding, Dondon etc.
who made my childhood days really memorable
To those nameless faces
and faceless names I remember

I know we’ll never see those days again
And things will never be that way again
But that’s just how it goes
People change but I know
I won’t forget you

To the ones who came
Who were there from the start
To the love that left
And took a piece of my heart
To the one who’d swear
He’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be how I am

Where are you now?

To my college diary
Where are you now?


I’ve met so many amazing people in my life and I wish I had made an effort to keep in touch with some of them. I really hope you’re all happy and doing well wherever you are. Thanks for the beautiful memories. Sana mahanap ko kayo kahit sa Facebook man lang.

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Kaori Kobayashi

I never really liked jazz music. Growing up, I always thought jazz is for “old peoples” only. One night, while browsing youtube, I saw this very talented young Fil-Am guy doing a sax cover of a popular korean song (ok, so i listen to KPOP whatever and I adore 2NE1 hahaha). I totally love it. He turned an acoustic song into something jazzy and fun and sexy.

So I browsed some more jazz videos and found this cute Japanese girl playing the saxophone – Kaori Kobayashi. Woowww I haven’t seen a female saxophonist this good.

Kaori Kobayashi Nothing Gonna Change My… by bernarddanger

Awesome lung power!!! I don’t think I can hold and control my breath that long which means I can never be a sax player haha. I swear by all the gods, I will let my kids learn to play piano, violin and sax. Wala lang.

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Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

I was browsing the net when I ran into Yiruma, listened to couple of his music and then BAM!!! I’m in love once moreee!!! HAHA

credit as tagged

Dang it! He’s only 32 and considered to be the world’s greatest South Korea pianist and composer! I am 30 and still good at nothing haha. I swear, when I have kids of my own, I’ll let them study music and play the piano until they cry from hurting their fingers! LOL

Here’s a video of him playing Kiss the Rain, my fave so far. I also like “Maybe”, “River Flows in You”, “Beloved”, “I” etc.

Yiruma – Kiss The Rain
Uploaded by bornovali. – See the latest featured music videos.

He is known for creating colorful music that uplift spirits. True indeed because when I first heard KISS THE RAIN, it reminded me soo much of the happy days of my younger years.

Check out his MySPACE and official WEBSITE

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Ok, hahaha, the last time I listened to Boybands was many many many many many years ago. Panahon pa ng Hanson brothers lol. Not much a Backstreet boys fan, sorry. Mas dig ko ang N’Sync haha. Totoo pala na may mga taong tumatanda ng paurong and I guess am one of them bwahaha dig na dig ko kase ‘tong song na to: KOE WO KIKASETE cover from Kpop boyband Big Bang. It’s in Japanese. Listen and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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