Old Vinyls Are Making a Comeback

They’re coming back! My uncle’s family used to own a vintage turntable and quite a collection of vinyl records back in the days. From Beatles to Frank Sinatra to Carpenters, there’s just a lot! My cousins and I would would put vinyl record on the turntable and spin the platter using our hands and it would play music! Amazing! Now I wonder where those vinyl records are. Couldn’t find them anywhere in my uncle’s house, perhaps they were sold to antique shops or worse, thrown out! It would have been nice to have them as a collection. With the technology nowadays, you can play old vinyls using project debut carbon, you can also easily record them into a computer!

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Free Guitar Center Workshop By Stephen Perkins

Guitar Center invites you to a free music workshop (introductory classes) by stephen perkins! He is an American musician, songwriter, percussionist and one of the most respected and sought-after drummers in the 90’s. He currently plays with Jane’s Addiction and Hellflower. Join fellow music enthusiasts and get inspired from his passion and energy.

Grab this chance guys because it’s all for free! For more details, check out Guitar Center website.

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In-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones

I never really like those over-ear headphones with thick headbands and huge ear cups. They are too bulky and looks really really heavy. Well, some millenials do find it cool, I don’t! Too hip hop for my style, very inconvenient for me too! And I heard they’re also very expensive?

In-ear headphone will always be the best for me. Fits right into my purse so I can bring it anywhere. I especially like this noise cancelling headphone from Bose quietcomfort 20i. It’s the perfect companion during long trips to my barrio. Unlike some in-ear that can hurt your ears, this one provides maximum comfort! Its eartips provides soft and secure fit, it can stay on your ears comfortably secure for hours.

This in-ear retails at around $249. It’s still less expensive than most branded over-ear headphones!

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Favorite Youtuber: Kaye Cal

One of those few artists who, I believe, is underrated. She’s seriously good, she should be a regular on ASAP! Kaye Cal became popular after joining Pilipinas Got Talent (former lead vocalist of Ezra Band). Really like her soulful voice, so unique and it’s too deep for a girl! Take a listen:

And she plays the guitar so well! Wish I could learn a song on a guitar too. Maybe I should start investing on my own guitar so I could start learning, don’t you think? Time to browse web site guitarcenter.com for something that’s light, suitable for my frame and budget friendly.

Check out her covers on her Youtube channel. She has a few and they’re all good!

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Winners of 2014 Himig Handog P-Pop Songwriting Competition

Star Music Listeners’ Choice award: “Bumalik ang Nakaraan” by Jessa Zaragoza

MOR Listeners’ Choice Award: “Simpleng Katulad Mo” by Daniel Padilla

MYX Choice for Best Music Video: “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador

Star Studio Readers’ Choice Award: “If You Dont Wan’t to Fall” by Jed Madela

Star Cinema Choice Award: “Halik sa Hangin” by Ebe Dancel and Abra

ABS-CBN Favorite Interpreter Award: “Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” by KZ Tandingan

TFC Choice: “If You Dont Wan’t to Fall” by Jed Madela

ABS-CBN mobile fan favorite: “Simpleng Katulad Mo” by Daniel Padilla

Fifth Best Song: “Hindi Wala” by Juris

Fourth Best Song: “Walang Basagan ng Trip” by Jugs and Teddy

Third Best Song: “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador

Second Best Song: “Halik Sa Hangin” by Ebe Dancel and Abra

Himig Handog 2014 Best Song: “Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” by KZ Tandingan

Walang nakapasok sa Top 5 bet ko hahaha. Pang top 6 and 7 ko lang kaya yun mga nanalo. Masyado ang Start Studio at TFC ha. Kahit ilang beses ko ulitin..hindi ko ma-appreciate yun kanta ni Jed Madela. Oh well, to each his own. At recently ko lang na-apppreciate yun HALIK SA HANGIN (2nd best song) pati yun Walang Basagan ng Trip (4th best song)! Ang ganda! Congratulations to the winners!

Mabuhay ang OPM!

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3 Things I am Grateful For

Do you realize how powerful your thoughts and words are?

2 years ago, I’ve been constantly whining over my life, how it was too boring and routinary and comfortable. I wanted to experience something dramatic to have a more interesting and exciting life. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and look out for more challenges. I wanted a drama, this Universe conspired and made it happen. 2013-2014 surely is the worst and most uncomfortable and challenging and dramatic year for me. I’ve never felt so down and depressed and lost.

I want you guys to be more careful with your thoughts, wishes and words. Never ever wish for a drama!

Anyway, here are the 3 things I am most grateful for today:

1. Grateful for my fast internet connection. Internet became my escape. It’s so nice that I can watch a lot of youtube tutorials, from make up to cooking to making loom bands to playing Bass guitar! I know nothing about bass guitar, so while browsing online, I saw this video and instantly it caught my interest! Got inspired by this young lady who learned to play bass by just watching youtube videos:

Mad skills right there! She didn’t even know how to read chords, she’s just playing it by ear. So cool. I know i know, it might be too late and ambitious to learn playing bass but who knows. HAHA. If I get enough money and time and right amount of passion, I might buy a Fender bass guitar and learn to play it.

2. Grateful for friends who have shown support in any way they can – from childhood friends, gradeschool/high school/college classmtes, officemates, neighbors, churchmates to blogfriends, I will never ever forget your kindness guys!

3. Grateful for the support of my family and relatives. I feel that I am so much closer now to them than I had been in the past. Thank you and I love you. Even if there’s a lot of pain now, everything would be all right someday.

What are the things you’re most grateful for?

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My current favorite website – Spotify!

My current favorite website – Spotify! Thank you! I can now delete hundreds (maybe even thousands) of MP3s in my hard drive! Yesss that means more space, so hopefully, my laptop will load a lot faster now.

Spotify is basically an internet radio. You can create your own playlist and play it anytime, anywhere as long as there’s internet connection on your laptop, tablet or smart phone!

Just like Facebook, Spotify emphasizes sharing. It allows you to follow your friends and favorite artists to see what they’re listening to. You will also receive a notification when the people you follow add music to their playlists. So fun!

They have free and premium (no advertisements) accounts. Sign up and enjoy!

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My Top 5 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014

Himig Handog P-pop Love Songs 2014

1. MARION AUNOR – Pumapag-Ibig – my early favorite! First time I heard it, na-LSS agad ako. 100 points for being pop na pop and very RELEVANT haha. Ito talaga ang bet ko na manalo! Fun lang, walang masyadong saysay hahaha. Lakas maka-High School!

Pumapag-Ibig performed by Marion Aunor
featuring Rizza Cabrera & Seed Bunye
Words & Music by Jungee Marcelo Vocal Harmony by Krina Cayabyab Drums by Niño Regalado Bass by Karel Honasan Keyboards by Marlon Oliveros Guitars/Ukulele by Janno Queyquep Recording by Dan Tañedo Mixed and Mastered by Dhuntz Tañedo at Bellhaus Studios Arranged & Produced by Jungee Marcelo
Lyric Video Edit by Archelle de Belen & Eaizen Almazan

2. MICHAEL PANGILINAN – Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako – Ouch! Ang lungkot! 100 points because of the Violin + Piano. Ang ganda nun melody. Pang LGBT daw. “Pare” is universal term naman so it applies din sa boy-girl relationship.

Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako performed by Michael Panglinan
Words & Music by Joven Tan Arranged & Produced by Paulo Zarate Recorded by Jan Levi Sanchez Mixed by Martin Andrew Guevara at Studio Z Audio Productions & Recording Studios Live Violin Track by Princess Ybañez
Lyric Video Edit by Archelle de Belen & Eaizen Almazan

3. HAZEL FAITH DELA CRUZ – Everything Takes Time – 100 points para sa lyrics na puno ng words of encouragement LOLS. Dedicated to my youngest sister, Inday! Take it slow Mao-er!  

Everything Takes Time performed by Hazel Faith Dela Cruz
Words & Music by Hazel Faith Dela Cruz Vocal Supervision & Background Vocals by Arnie Mendaros Guitars by Noel Mendez Recording Engineer by Marvin Tamayo Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Albert Tamayo Recorded at CFC Music Recording Studio
Lyric Video Edit by Archelle de Belen & Eaizen Almazan

4. BUGOY DRILON – Umiiyak Ang Puso (Official Lyric Video) – 100 points for being excessively sentimental haha. Masarap pakinggan after ng break up. Iyak pa moreee!!! 

Umiiyak Ang Puso performed by Bugoy Drilon
Words & Music by Rolando “Ronnie” Azor Arranged by Albert Tamayo Live Guitar by Noel Mendez Produced by Arnie Mendaros Mixed and Mastered by Albert Tamayo at Studio 1103
Lyric Video edit by Archelle de Belen & Eaizen Almazan

5. MORISETTE AMON – Akin Ka Na Lang (Official Lyric Video) – Eto pa ang isang super mushy. Swak na theme song ng mga ayaw mag move-on.

Akin Ka Na Lang performed by Morissette Amon
Words & Music by Francis “Kiko” Salazar Arranged & Produced by Francis Kiko Salazar Back-up Vocals by Francis “Kiko” Salazar Mixed & Mastered by Dante Tañedo at Bellhaus Studio
Lyric Video Edit by Archelle de Belen & Eaizen Almazan

Runner up — Mahal Kita Pero by Janella Salvador and Mahal ko o Mahal Ako by KZ Tandingan.

Kayo, anong bet nyo?

Let’s support OPM! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 entry HERE

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On Guitar Playing, Search for an Old Song, Ibanez Artcore and Musical Frustrations

Influenced by my father and siblings, who all play the guitar well, I started to learn playing the guitar too back when I was younger. During my free time, I would play non-stop even when I’m out-of-tune. I’d play until I hurt my finger tips and developed calluses. I’d play until I memorized just 1 song that I really really like – my younger brother, who very much like to have an Ibanez Artcore, taught me that old love song which I honestly have never heard the original version until now. I’ve been searching but found no MP3 available for download, can’t find it in youtube either. The song’s called “Giliw” (Sweetheart). Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten its chords and beautiful lyrics so I can’t play it anymore. 🙂

In short, because I am talentless like that, I didn’t develop any passion for playing the guitar and I stopped eventually. Haaay. Guess I’m not just really a musically inclined person. Had I inherited my father’s singing voice and his talent in playing the guitar, I probably am a member of Marry Me Amy by now!  🙂

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I Hear Gangnam Style Wherever I Go

Everyone’s dancing the Gangnam Style wherever I go.

When I went home to my barrio a week ago, the kids were all happily dancing to it, even my father danced to it one time and it was funny! The executives from our company porodied the GS MV last Tuesday at our year-end party and it was beyond hilarious. In one of our Team Building activities, one of the missions is to dance Gangnam Style in public.

The Gangnam Style Dance aka the “horse-riding dance” which shows riding an invisible horse on an english saddle has become unbelievably viral (almost reaching 1B hits in youtube), anyone unfamiliar with it must have been living in a cave.

But what is so special about the Gangnam Style? I must say the beat is really addictive, even when I don’t understand the words, my instincts tell me to bob my head whenever I hear it. The dance is kinda silly and fun to do, and its MV is just pure pure win!

I find it amazing to see how a non-English song has become widely popular, even topping the Billboards and iTunes. As a fellow Asian, I think Psy did a great job!

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