This Post Is Wonderfully Inspired By A Song – Where Are You Now? By Honor Society

To my gradeschool classmate Jocelyn Bartolome
who taught me how to make polvoron
To my childhood friend Ma. Ritchelle Javier (cheche for schort lol)
who gave me a chupa-chups lollipop
To Ma. Luz Acebuche
who was always my seatmate back in grade school
To blend45, nescafe and others
the first set of friends I remember
To my ninang who gave me a pair of pink sandals
that’s too big for my size
To my 2nd grade classmate Ulyses
oh boy I wish I knew your last name so I can stalk find you
To my 1st grade teacher
who used to make palo-palo my hands with a ruler
To this very nice and pretty girl friend
who i always believed to be as Isabel Granada (hahahha)
To the friends I made back in a beautiful small town in Isabela
Where are you now?

To my ex- friends
Don’t know how we grew apart
To my kumare/kumpare
who have hurt me saying those hurthful words
To Mang Boning and Inang (and ate cecille)
of my favorite lugawan
To the faces I see in my memory
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

To my 4th grade classmate, Francis Abellera
who made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone (charing hahah)
To my last lover
I am living the best life ever, thanks.
To our phonepals – Roy and Eric F. hahahha
being teenager is awesomeee!
To the friends I met in various camps
who made me see how i can change my life
To Aling Kastre
who sells my favorite puto seko
To the ones I loved
Didn’t show it enough
Where are you now

To Ate Gina, Michelle Caranto, Debbie Abarca, Marvin Caranto, Ding, Dondon etc.
who made my childhood days really memorable
To those nameless faces
and faceless names I remember

I know we’ll never see those days again
And things will never be that way again
But that’s just how it goes
People change but I know
I won’t forget you

To the ones who came
Who were there from the start
To the love that left
And took a piece of my heart
To the one who’d swear
He’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be how I am

Where are you now?

To my college diary
Where are you now?


I’ve met so many amazing people in my life and I wish I had made an effort to keep in touch with some of them. I really hope you’re all happy and doing well wherever you are. Thanks for the beautiful memories. Sana mahanap ko kayo kahit sa Facebook man lang.

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Wrestling Mania

I used to watch a lot of wrestling with my siblings and cousins when I was younger. My favorite event was the Royal Rumble Match. We’d all shout and get excited seeing our favorites. My cousins and I would turn into total fangirls whenever we see Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels appearing, they were pretty good looking back in the day, very sexy and had overflowing charisma. Good times! My cousin Weng even changed her name to Owen because of Owen Hart (Bret’s brother). I stopped watching when I learned it’s all scripted and fake. Did you like wrestling too? Who are you favorites? Anyway, here’s my top 5 wrestlers of all time:

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Bret Hart
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Batista
5. The Rock

My least favorites are The Undertaker and Yokozuna. They’re very scary back then esp. the Undertaker.

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Machu Picchu

When I was a kid, I spent most of my afternoon watching Shaider (and Bioman) with my friends in the Barrio. I don’t know if some of you remember Shaider and his sexy partner Annie but the memories of this show is still clear to me up to this day. FYI, the show was aired in the early years of the 80’s.

Just to give everyone a heads up, the story evolved around Alexis and his mission to save the Earth. He’s an archeologist who deciphered the geometrical figures (a bird figure) on the Nazca Plain in Peru. That figure is actually the symbol of the Galactic Union Police. When GUP heard Alexis’ discovery, they recruited and trained him to be Earth’s Space Sheriff, and was given the code name ‘Shaider’ (in memory of an ancient warrior who defeated the Fuuma Empire). When the Fuuma Empire learned the new ‘Shaider’, they plotted to annihilate him in order to conquer Earth once again.

I think this is where my fascination to anything ancient, cryptic and mind-puzzling stuff started. Hay, I love to visit Peru and get an exciting Machu Picchu travel,  with side trips to the Nazca Lines, Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco. I don’t know how and when, but I’m pretty positive that it will  happen someday hehe.

Gtg. Will check if youtube got reruns of Shaider. See yah!

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Missing High School

Look what I found while fixing some stuff on my closet – my high school class picture! Geez, it’s been 11 years. I’ve lost contact with some of them after graduation. I miss them so much. Years ago, our only means of communication was through landline phones and snail mails. In this highly digital world, it’s very different. These days, you can use email, cellphone, chat programs and social networking sites such as 3gb to get in touch with your long lost friends.

If you wanna meet new friends old friends and hopefully expand your channel, check out 3GB community! You can also upload your photos albums, join different groups, blog, listen to mp3 and chat with other members.

Ok, back to HS life, I’ve recently come across with one of my high school classmates in a popular social networking site. It’s been ages since we last talk and I’m amazed how she managed to stay fit after all these years. She’s happy being a stay-at-home mom with his loving husband, which, by the way, was also a high school classmate, and 3 lovely kids. We talked about the things we’ve done before. I couldn’t help smiling whenever I remember my naiveness and innocence. My HS life was a little boring, but most of the time exciting and really memorable. When I look back at the past, it reminds me of the many chances I’ve let go and many wonderful things I dare not see and enjoy because I was shy and was never assured that I can do a lot more than what I can. At 20++, I finally see that it’s just the way HS life should be. A time in our lives that we can never truly repeat. A time that shapes us. A time that makes us who we are, for years to come.

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Reminiscing the Old Days

What was the first trophy you ever had in your life? Mine? It was from a SCRABBLE CONTEST I won way way back. How weird is that, huh? Another was a trophy I got from winning a quiz bee back in grade school and the last one was from winning the school’s declamation contest. You see, back in the old days, I was very active joining in school’s activities but I wasn’t sporty, in fact, I hate PE classes. I never thought of joining the varsity whatsoever and never really like Sports that much except swimming. So when our school varsity team bagged volletyball, basketball and soccer trophies on inter-school sports events, I got really jealous because the team were given high school scholarship from a private school. Too bad, they don’t offer scholarships to scrabble grand masters! It was ‘sayang’, really.

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