What’s the best pet for a single woman?

I am seriously considering of getting a pet one of these days – either a bird, fish, cat or a dog. What do you think is the best pet for a single woman like me? Well, I really really like cute doggies…but I heard they’re a little expensive. Even it’s clothes, food, pet services,  and dog accessories are expensive. I would need lots and lots of petsmart coupons for that!

To give you a heads up, I don’t travel much but I spend quite a large amount of hours in the office. I don’t like pets sticking their tounges out, and wiping them on my face. During rest days, I like spending my days sleeping or watching movies in my room, alone. I want a low maintenance pet. I rarely cook food for myself, so I hope I don’t have to cook special meals for my pet. I don’t like hearing loud barks bec I get nervous easily with loud noises. I like a pet that doesn’t bite. I like the ones that behaves well. I don’t like my pet messing around the house.

It wil be very hard for me to pet a doggie, you think? I guess my only option is a fish or a bird, but I want my pet to be fluffy and cuddly…maybe it’s best if I’ll just get myself a dog plushie, no?

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2012 Quarterly Review

Welcoming my first ever niece, Juliaaa! My brother is too excited to go home this summer, he probably bought lots of gifts for baby Julia already.

Lola passed away several days after Julia was born. Saaad.

Inday got a new toy – PSP, a gift from my brother – it has been her wish since she was 6, she’s now 10!

Short vacation last February with cousins and aunt.

Soooo happy for my cousin Mitchie. She is finally getting married this year! Congratulationssss! She asked me to help in planning for her big day, I said YESSSS of course, I’d love to do that! Excited!

Seriously, I need to stop visiting deal sites like ensogo and cashcashpinoy, I always end up wanting to buy things I can’t buy. So frustrating!!! Just a few weeks back, I bought a voucher worth 15,000P!!!

Puerto Galera trip cancelled.

Lastly, I lost 2 freaking lbs since I started going back to the gym 2 months ago!!! FAIL! LOL.

Perfect attendance from January – March! What an achievement! I am aiming for 1 year complete attendance this 2012. I still have 8 months, I can do this!!!

Hoping my next quarterly review will be so much better and exciting. See yah!

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Dreaming of Airplanes in the Nights Sky and Shooting Stars


Been dreaming about weird things lately. Mostly about riding a plane, landing/floating on the seawater (instead of a runway), stopover somewhere in Asia and heading to the USA! Last time, I was in Philadelphia, this time I was in Florida! The pilot was just wearing shorts with matching Hawaiian polo shirt , and he is…Steve Tyler! Friggin awesome hahaha!

After arriving in Florida, I went to a dorm-style house and met with some Filipinos (familiar faces, looks like some of them are my ex-officemates). I was too shy to get in so I just stayed at the doorstep, smiling and saying hi to everyone coming in and out LOL. I already forgot the rest…I might have woken up…not usre if I stayed the rest of the night in that dorm or if I went out to look for affordable hotels in orlando Florida.

I swear, I have dreamed about the same thing before…same concept but just different destinations. Could this mean my inner self is wishing to run away, move forward and settle abroad? I guess so. Let’s wait until September! Meantime, I’ll try to enjoy every minute and every second of every day.

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Birthday Coming Soon

Argh! Time flies so fast. Next month, I’ll be over over 30!!! Oh nooo, I feel so old! I don’t have plans of having a birthday party this year since I am trying to save money as much as I can.  I’ll probably just cook a 3-set meal and buy a cake to celebrate with some friends.

Here’s my birthday wish list for this year:

– You can buy me dental braces voucher from DealAmigos
– Someone pls send flowers online for me!
– Foot spa, foot massage and pedicure voucher
– Spa GC
– Full HD video camera
– Beach getaway (Boracay or Cebu-Bohol tour)
– Long vacay (Laos-Cambodia-Thailand-Vietnam backapcking trip)
– A nice long wallet
– New bag

And a whole lotttt moooore!

Lord, thank you for the blessings of loving family and awesome friends. I have a lot of wishes and hopes and dreams but I live everything up to you, may your will be done in my life, always.

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On Self-Reliance

Daijiii @ Intramuros

I realized, self-reliance is very important to me. When I was a kid, I walked to and from school all by myself. At a very young age, I learned different means to earn some cash by doing things here and there. When everyone in my family cried because something bad happened to my father, I  endured the pain and kept a happy face because I want to be strong for them. I learned to ride jeepneys going to Bulacan by myself when I was in Grade 3. When all other kids I know had tutors to help them with their assignments, I was busy tutoring myself and I was busy playing outside muahahaha. My parents instilled in me the value of self-reliance and now that I am old, I’m so used to being reliant of myself I have almost forgotten I have a family to back me up. When my mother told me she would support me if I need to do what I must do, I was sooo touched I almost cried. Turning to them has never become an option. I didn’t think of that bec I don’t want to give them any burden.

I lived my life thinking I can survive anywhere because I am capable – mentally, physically, emotionally. Hinde pala. I need God and my family to help me get through.

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My Dream Life

Ynielle @ Casa Manila

I want to live a peaceful, healthy and happy life in the province someday (when I’m already retired).

I want to put up my own farm where I can plant mango trees and all sorts of vegetables. Have my own poultry and build my own composters to produce composts for my organic farm. I also want a zen-inspired garden, with fountain in the middle, where I can plant pretty flowers and make bonsai plants.  I want to live closer to nature, with fresh air and eat fresh fruits and vegetables all days of my life! I want to live in a simple house, it must be well ventilated, cozy and of course, has access to internet!

I have been living in Manila for quite too long and someday, I would want to live in the barrio where I can serve my God, my family and the people around me. Yooohooo!

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2012: Leave My Comfort Zone and Rock My Life

Hello everyone!!! Glad to be back blogging after more than 2 weeks! How’s your 2012 so far?

So my main goal for this year is to leave my comfort zone and rock my life. I have been doing the same things over and over…it feels like I am not growing anymore, just getting older.

I’m also quite busy with work and other stuff like Runningman and Farmville hahaha

Soooo many things running in my head right now. So many things to accomplish:
– Finalize team building preparations
– Reunion planning with elementary classmates
– Get new batteries for my alarm clock and sports watch. I need another watch that I can wear on business days! I want one of those stainless steel watches on sale last month in Cybermall.
– Apply for a VL for Manay Beng’s party in Davao
– Gym. Yessss!
– Plan my trip to ………
– Open my online stores
– Manage my closet – sell those clothes that wont fit anymore
– Save enough cash…
– Get serious with blogging, again
– renovate my room! i want a new bed, bedsheets, curtains, lampshade and a rustic bedroom furniture where I can put my DVD collections and books.
– Learn to live simply – I’m going to keep/dispatch those clutter in my apartment

Looks like 2012 will be an exciting year. Lord, thank you for another year of blessings. Teach me your ways…so that I may live according to your will.

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New Haircut by Freshaire (Cubao Branch)

Officially added to my list of “don’t-visit-this-salon-ever”

First, prices are misleading. 2nd, no warm water. 3rd, service is bad. The actual cutting just took 3mins yata. Natagalan lang nun shinampoo and blower. She didn’t take time to style and blend it so it could have better a better shape. Ako na lang sana ang nag-gupit ng buhok ko LOL.

Sayang. I wasted money over at Freshaire. I was planning to get a new hair color din sana pero sa iba na lang.

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Puppy Hanged on a Clothesline

I don’t really like dogs, I hate them but not as much as I hate snakes (and other reptiles).  I panic when I hear a dog barking, they’re scary. You can’t blame me because, as far as I can remember, I was bitten by an askal twice before, on the same exact spot, while playing with my friends. I even jumped around a bamboo post to escape from another bite. And there were several instances when dogs ran after me. So yeah, I have a lot of unforgattable scary dog moments, when I told my friends I want to raise a puppy, they thought I’d just let it die from hunger and beatings LOL because really, I have very little compassion for dogs. Well, puppies are not exactly the same as dogs you know. I like puppies better, I can tolerate them. I want a cute fluffy puppy that doesn’t bark (ok, very silent bark will do) and bite but can eat, walk, run and roll over LOL.

When I read this news at inquirer, awwwww, I am no dog lover myself but this cruelty is just too much. The kid who posted this on his FB wall thought it’ll be cool to hang his puppy like this to dry after bathing. Whaaaaat?!! Kawawa naman, I can totally feel the pain. And I pity the kid who did this, he received a massive hate response, experienced being harshly ridiculed and criticized nationally! That’s surely a hard way to learn a lesson. So let’s all be careful with what we post online. Any comment, picture etc. can all be used against us.

credits: inquirer


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