My Life Will Finally Begin Next Year

Anona, mag-forty na ko next year!!! I still cannot resolve it in my head. Paano? I still feel very young (for the most part of the day). Well there are times when I do feel old, esp when I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles around my eyes and the sagging cheeks on my face. Looks like I need a new pair of glasses. My skin – thankfully the taghiyawats are gone but the marks, looks like they’re staying for good! I’d also get stiff knees as I stand esp after sitting for a long time. And recently, every particle of my body keeps telling me it badly needs a massage! What can I do? I am getting old.

Sa totoo lang, I am both thankful and regretful. Thankful because not many people have the opportunity to live this long (wow, we are only talking about becoming 40, not 80 lolll). Regretful because I wish I had done this and that.

Anyway, 40 is still young di ba, according to the senior citizens. HAHAHA.

It’s not really a big deal to me, here’s to hoping my 40th (and the many years after that) will be blissful, abundant and healthy!

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Busy, broken but happy nonetheless

I am so baaack!!! joke lang

Just a quick update on what’s going on in my life lately  – super busy, a bit broken but very happy nonetheless. Thank you, this is the kind of busyness that I do not resent – from meeting to meeting, task to task…at the end of the day, I am still always grateful.

UPDATES, bullet type, just because.

    • Moving out and returning to my hometown is happening very soon!
    • Bargain alert! Decluttering my closet for the first time ever! Watch out for super sale items – clothes (walang ititira, pati underwear HAHAHHAHA) shoes, bags and everything else that has value. All items will be posted in my FACEBOOK PAGE.
    • Seriously considering INTERMITTENT FASTING. My weight has magically remained the same for the last 6 years, regardless of any diet plans.
    • BIRTHDAY MONTH. Lord you know the only other thing that I wish on my birthday – aside from good health for my loved ones and myself – alam mo na yun.
    • Kung kelan naman ako nag-mature (wow haha), saka naman ako nagkaka-PIMPLES. They used to be on my left cheek only, ngayon nag-migrate na sa iba’t-ibang parte ng mukha ko. WHAYYYYYY.
    • Antok na ko.

If it doesn’t make you happy, healthy and wealthy, let go of what does not serve you.

Ok, thanks. I need to meditate on this day/night for the next 21 days so I can get used to it. Ciao!


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Random Thoughts (Year 2017)

I am now 40! Well actually, it’s only 38 but if you round it off, it’s almost 40! Unbelievable!!! Thank you God for this life! have

On Fashion: Black jeggings! Very very comfortable and affordable too!
On Faith & Reason: I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me!
On Family: Thankful for my sister for all the support – make up, sine, buffet etc. 
On Facebook:
I am still soooo bad at replying to comments. A nicely filtered profile pic makes a lot of difference HAHAHA.
On Friends: 
My thoughts from years back are still the same – matutong makiramdam. Huwag ipagsiksikan ang sarili sa mga taong ayaw ka namang makasama.
On Travelling and Exploring the world:
Not a priority. Pero kung may manlilibre, let’s go! Hope to visit Bali. Vietnam. Cambodia. SOMEDAY! Japan also.
On Cooking:
I have the potential t o become a chef! Charotttt! Ang totoo I have the potential to become a good….wife and mother. Mas lalong Charottt! HAHAHA. 
On Deodorant:
Tawas forever! Please make tawas in “paste” form so it glides easily on my kili kili. Hassle!
On Beauty:
Ponds anti aging BB cream to perfect all my imperfections, plus BYS eyebrow gel to make my day complete! I was never a make up person until maybe 2 years ago, nowadays, I don’t go out without any colors on my face. I feel so naked and incomplete, in fact when I look at myself in the morning without kilay, I always panic. Ano, noo tapos mata agad??
On Home:
Praise the Lord for the automatic washing machine!
On Life and Living: 
I vow to live fully in each moment.
On Internet:
 My mother knows how to use FB already! 
On Love: 
How come I am still single?? 
On Myself: Courage.
On Music:
OMG, I love Pop!!!
On People:
Practice being nice 24/7.
On Food:
I’ll try to eat right. No more caffeine. Lots of water.
On Technology:
Thank you Google!
On Money:
Money is meant to be enjoyed and shared.
On Career: 
As long as you’re happy!
On Health:
Truly understand now the meaning when they say HEALTH is WEALTH.
On Men: 
They get so much better as they age.
On Aging: 

On Time:
Ok, I should hurry! 

Done! Took me 2 weeks to finish this post. I hope I can blog more often.

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Wednesday Wisdom # 1

Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. – Satchel Paige

I changed a lot eversince my father went to heaven. I could say that for the most part, the changes are doing me good. It used to be money before anything else and ME-FIRST before anyone else. But gone are the days when I used to live and breathe money. Gone are the days when I build walls so nobody can just come into my life and hurt me. I was always very defensive and sarcastic (well I still am sarcastic, it’s inborn haha). And I was always so shy it limits me from doing crazy things. Look where it got me…nowhere.

I am surprised because the paycheck I am getting now is sooooo much lesser from what I was getting before, but I am okay with it because I have a very fulfilling job! I am allowed to do what I want to do like enroll in a Culinary School, take Masters degree and go home in my barrio once in a while for as long as they don’t interfere with my everyday tasks. I have the best boss and the best team!

My heart is okay as well. I still have fears but I finally understand what courage means. I am inspired – to live and move by no other rule than the law of love.


Hayy! Sayang! Nahuli ng submission hahaha, para kay Pepe and Pilar in Pasig sana to eh.

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Tuesday Thoughts # 1

Supporting our President no matter what! Reliance on Foreign Aids leave us with a beggar’s mentality. I am not saying Foreign Aid is a bad thing, it never is and never will be, and I truly appreciate the countries who have helped us during tragedies but I hope Filipinos begin to realize that we are more than just a recipient of aid.

Let’s all change the way we see ourselves. Let’s all take pride in being Filipinos!

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Relate na relate ako dito. I thank all the powers in this Universe who conspired to make it possible for me to experience fulfillment in my career. I don’t have much but I have everything!

Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person. Planggana!

I hope you are happy and well wherever you are.

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It All Makes Sense Now

Now I know why I’m here long before anyone has told me to go through this path. Took me a long time to realize. But hey, it’s not too late yet. I am ready to embrace your plans for me, God. Let’s do this!

I used to say a lot that I WANT TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and it did happen. May power talaga ang words…so I am now being very careful with every words that I say.

Traffic in Metro Manila is unbelievable! My everyday calvary. Grabe! Let’s decongest Metro Manila and start building office hubs in Bulacan, Batangas and Laguna, kahit as far as Bataan pa. Subic is nice!

Very happy that Duterte won! I wrote about him in 2009 when we went to Davao.  He really exudes power and authority.

There’s many things going on in my head right lately…one thing I am sure is that I AM HAPPIER NOW. I lack a lot of things, but then I lack nothing. Ang saya to be able to finally say this: IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Para akong naka-buo ng 100,000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle na abstract!



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I Am a Success Now!

Independent lang hindi bitter, ok? At medyo may pagka-defensive din hahaha!!!

Seriously, this is my declaration, from today onwards, I am a success!!!! Claiming the victory! I can and I will! No one can stop me from reaching my goals! POWER! ENERGY! COURAGE!

Random thoughts on:

HUMANITY: Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you #seenzoned. Di ako maka get over eh. It hurts. Kaya hindi ko na gagawin sa iba.

TIME MANAGEMENT: I haven’t blogged in ages! I hope to have more time in my hands to do things that I love – beading, cooking, travel, writing, etc.

LIFE: I badly need an automatic washing machine to live! And a machine that can fold my laundry.

TECHNOLOGY: To get a Globe postpaid or not? I’m not a heavy mobile user so I’m okay with prepaid but it is becoming too inconvenient.

MONEY: Overflowing streams of blessings. Walang makakapigil sa success ko!

FRIENDS: Thank you for liking my new profile photo LOL.

FAMILY: Always first! ALWAYS.

Last but not the least,

LOVELIFE: Kahit konting liwanag lang, please?

I cannot wait for the good things coming my way! Thank you God for igniting my passion again. I am alive, I have a lot to live for and I am a success!

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My 2015 So Far

A so-so year so far, so what??!! Regardless, I am thankful for a lot of things. For one, I AM STILL ALIVE!

Funny how I met and lost and found and lost you again.

Love and hate relationship. Ginusto ko naman ‘to so yun na nga, embracing it.

I am 100 miles away from my comfort zone!

Undoubtedly, DU30 is my president. Miriam coming in at second. Who’s yours?

Met a lot of new friends for keeps.

Traveling solo soon! Sana out of the country, at sana lang kayanin ko. Although for the most part of the day, I am very independent, I am also very very clingy. Charot.

And yes, just like everyone else, I also watch KalyeSerye. Jose Manalo is super funny!

Lastly, I AM BACK! Ang busy ko kaya, hopefully, it wont take another 8mos before I can blog again.

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Done Wasting My Time On People Who Continuously Disappoint ?

photo from tinybuddha

Yes!!!! I’s so done wasting my time on people who continuously disappoint! Not fair. Haaay Lord! Grant me patience and peace and a clean heart. Help me to understand their situations. Please God, comfort me through all the pain that this life brings. I don’t want to be angry and stressed about it anymore. I refuse to be swallowed by this situation!


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July 2014 Commitment

We’re already halfway through 2014! Instead of WISHING AND HOPING, I want to set GOALS AND PLANS this time. And I want to stay committed to my goals– health wellness and financial independence.

So this July, I commit to:

– create a blogpost here at least 3x a week
– 1 blogpost for all my other blogs every week (,,
– walk/run at least 2x a week
– eat veggies 6 days a week (1 day is reserved for chicken/meat)
– use the JUICER once a week! Sayang naman.
– post 10 ads everyday
– manage my finances better (no unnecessary purchases– clothes, shoes etc.)
– set aside money to pay our payables
– to save and invest
– start earning money again thru PU2B, PTCs etc.  PTCs etc.
– stop drinking Coke
– eat less rice
– take vitamin C, E and Iron daily
– apply Pond’s day and night cream everyday/night
– drink 8++ glasses of water everyday
– cut my grocery budget to half
– take the IC exam and pass it. Finish the 10-day e-learning.
– close at least 1 sale for July
– stop buying (and eating) chichiryas and pancit canton haha
– start earning money thru diff business ventures (RE, SF, Ag, BL)
– get enough sleep everyday and start each day early
– to do 30 sit ups everyday
– expand my network / become more sociable
– keep trying, experimenting, learning until I succeed

I will add more when I remember them later today.

Let’s do this!

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