Cheap But Great Flight Deals

Are you planning a tour or vacation? Be it with your family, friends and loved ones…make sure you make it really super special and memorable. Check out cheap but great flight deals available online first to help you save money. There are plenty of flights these days, offering you the best travel deal you deserve.  Check out Shermans Travel, compare their prices and book with them.

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Lose Weight Safely, Quickly and Affordably

Are you struggling to lose weight effectively, safely, quickly and affordably? Well, here’s something that might help you, list of best diet pills I found on the net. Check them out and see which one will work for you and your budget.

1. Orovo
2. Nuphedragen
3. Noxycut
4. 7-DFBX
5. Curvatrim
6. Hydroxycut
7. AmbiSlim PM
8. TrimSpa X32
9. 72Hr Slimming Pill
10. LipoSeduction

Prices start at 9.99$ to 59.99$. Really good value for your money. Much cheaper than getting a lipo, right? I have decided long ago not to try diet pills again but looks like they’re safe naman. Get back into shape again! Burn those fat, suppress your appetite, and increase your energy with the help of these diet pills.

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DFA Passport Renewal Appointment System Now Online

Geesh, my passport has just expired! I’ll have to renew it soon but I hate going to DFA and wait in long lines. It gets really uncomfortable plus you have to be there very early in the morning else, you’d end up at the end of the line.

Good thing the Department of Foreign Affairs announced the launch of the DFA Passport Appointment System which can now be done online. Isn’t it great! You no longer have to go spend hours waiting and waiting for your turn.

Now this is not available to new applicants yet. Those who can avail of the DFA Passport Appointment System are following applicants:

a. Those whose passport have already expired;
b. Those whose passport will be expiring within the next one year;
c. Senior citizens (More than 60 years old)


1. Qualified passport applicants may avail of the DFA Passport Appointment System by sending their request via internet, email address: ph

2. Passport applicants applying for appointment must provide the following information:

a. Full name of applicant (first name, middle name and surname);
b. Date of birth;
c. Place of birth;
d. Latest Passport Number and Date of Issuance

3 Application for Appointment must be made one, week before the proposed date of appointment.

4. Applicant must wait for the confirmation of the proposed appointment and take note of the reference number that will be provided by DFA-Passport Office before proceeding to the DFA for the filing of the passport application.

5. Applicant must be at the DFA Passport Office (Special Area for those with appointments) at the confirmed designated date and time for the filing of the passport application.

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For Sale: Comfortable Ecco Shoes for Men, Women and Kids

I love shoes. I used to own a lot of pairs back when I was still studying but now, I only keep a couple of pairs – boots, wedge and sandals. My most favorite of course would be wedge as they make me look taller.

Choosing the right pair of shoes can affect your over all appearance. It will either enhance your outfit and make you look more stunning or forgettable. But how do you chosse the right one for you?

Well first, make sure it fits your outfit. Boots will never look good on an evening gown, right? Choose stiletto shoes that will make you look sexier. Another thing is, always choose comfort. No matter how beautiful the design is, if it’s too heavy, too small or too high for you…it isn’t worth your money. If you’re looking for quality, made to perfection, durable and comfortable shoes that will match your everyday outfit, Ecco shoes is the right choice. Check out their website now and order online.

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Why it pays to have a car insurance

Accidents aren’t planned. They tend to happen when you least expect them….and when they happen, which usually at the wrong time, you could end up in an uncertain position. That’s why it pays to have a car insurance to cover you when accidents happen. Anything can happen, right? Remember that no matter how careful a driver you are, you could still hit and bump into something and it is still a wise decision to make sure that your car insurance covers you reasonably well.


Believe me, the extra hundred dollars you will have to pay will be well worth the trouble in the long run.

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Tuscany…here I come!!! LOL

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves”

I envy people who’s got profession that gives them the opportunity to travel the world, just like Chuva who’s in Europe now and having fun. Waaaahhh…I love Europe! It is perhaps the most famous tourist spot in this world. There’s just so many wonderful things to see there. They’re rich in culture, arts, history and landscape. How I wish I could visit that part of this world someday, esp. Italy. Its beauty and diverse nature does offer something special for every tourist. If you’re a nature lover, one thing you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Italy is to visit and search for the magical art of Tuscany. Enjoy and explore the Tuscan landscape and its countryside with your family and loved ones. And to complete your vacation, make sure you check out this beautiful Tuscany villa rentals around the place. See you when I get there! LOL

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Ultimate Acne Fight!


I was once like this before. Monstrous. Outrageous. Atrocious. Disgusting. Mutant. Beastie. Barbaric.

I used to have a lot of breakouts and acne all over my face. I used to stand in front of the mirror, glared at each and every disgusting lumps all over, and I seethe. It is scary. Really. I’m just glad that I don’t have them now. Even Inday noticed it. She said to me this one time (while touching my face)…”Ay ate…wala ng yung mga bilog- bilog mo”… whahhaha

What’s my secret? Oh well, you wont believe it. It’s incredibly effective and cheap. So to you, who’s suffering the same dilemma…don’t just stick trying ONE step or process. It’s a collaboration of the many things you can do to avoid those freakin’ breakouts/acne/pimple/tigidig..whateva!

Here’s the best acne treatment I recommend:

Water therapy + less oil intake + facial wash + toner + moisturizer = calmer

I hope it’ll stay like this for years. No more pimples for me, please.

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Diet Started Last June 1

I know…I know. I’ve blogged about diet pills here a lot of times already. People say that there really isn’t an easy way to shed off those fat but I must say that diet pills have worked for me. Are you planning to try diet pills to help you slim down? You should realize that pills doesn’t work for everybody. Remember, losing weight should be done through good diet choices, regular exercise and if you want to use pills, make sure they’re effective and safe. And don’t forget to consult with your doctor first, ok.

By the way, diet has started already. After skipping gym for 7 months, I’m coming back to  Fitness First tomorrow morning! I’m excited.

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Golfing is Fun

Unlike any other Sports out there, golf is a good exercise that can be played alone. It is an alternative for those who cannot engage in team sports like basketball and volleyball. You can always go to your favorite country club on Sunday mornings alone, just bring your gold accessories and golf balls and you’re good to go!

And just like any other Sports, it is also good for your health and safe for your heart. Some people thinks that golf is only for old people. I don’t think so. Probably, all the old people who play golf has been playing since they were young.

One thing I know though, golf is often played by rich people, right? I have yet to try it but I think it’s really fun.

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Things to buy before the year ends

You know how it feels when you wake up each morning in a nice, stylish and tidy house, right? It feels great! So I decided, this year is the best time to finally change the old stuff I have in my house. I just need to save enough money so I could renovate the overall appearance of my bedroom and living room. Here are the things I need to buy before the year ends:

  • New computer desk and chair
  • New TV/DVD rack
  • New bed

Does your home need a make over too? If you’re also looking for affordable and attractive audio rack designs for your living room, bedroom or home theater, check out They offer a wide selection of quality racks and stands that will meet all your audio-visual needs.

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