Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

Currently my favorite song to date because, I don’t know. I thought it’s a very very sad song, sadly, it isn’t. HAHAHA. Yes, I oftentimes find myself basking in sadness. I don’t know, a lot has changed with the way how I see life now that tatay has gone to heaven. I get sad over the simplest of things. But I am definitely stronger. Next week, I promise to be BOLDER!

“Ako ang iyong bangka, kung magalit man
ang alon ng panahon, sabay tayong aahon”

I have moved on a long time ago. I am happier now. Sikapin mong maging masaya. Gawin mo namang worth it yung mga nangyari. While I feel like winning because finally, nagkatotoo yung “it’s not my loss”, I am also partly sad (mga 1%…okay, .05%)…pero hindi dahil sayo. I am just sad because paulit-ulit kong pinapakinggan ‘tong kanta. Back to what I was saying, I absolutely don’t regret anything. Totoo yun talaga. Now that we are talking again, hanggang dyan na lang yan. I am not even flattered.

Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.

I never thought getting seenzoned is this…heartbreaking. Ang arte, hahaha! Seriously, I feel UNIMPORTANT and FORGETTABLE and it  hurts because it’s true. Huy! Feelings ko naman ‘to and I have the right to feel this way. But it’s okay.

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In-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones

I never really like those over-ear headphones with thick headbands and huge ear cups. They are too bulky and looks really really heavy. Well, some millenials do find it cool, I don’t! Too hip hop for my style, very inconvenient for me too! And I heard they’re also very expensive?

In-ear headphone will always be the best for me. Fits right into my purse so I can bring it anywhere. I especially like this noise cancelling headphone from Bose quietcomfort 20i. It’s the perfect companion during long trips to my barrio. Unlike some in-ear that can hurt your ears, this one provides maximum comfort! Its eartips provides soft and secure fit, it can stay on your ears comfortably secure for hours.

This in-ear retails at around $249. It’s still less expensive than most branded over-ear headphones!

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Start Your 2015 Right, Declutter Your Bedroom!

I know I’m 3 weeks late but allow me to greet you guys a Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you and your family happiness, good health and good fortune!

And since it’s new year, I decided to do some spring cleaning in my apartment. I started off with my bedroom since I spend most of my time in there. Took me a whole day! I installed a new curtain beam so I can put a nicer set of curtains, took out all the clutter on my wall, removed unused beauty products on my vanity table and decluttered my closet! Surprised to see how many clothes, bags and shoes I have accumulated over the years! I currently have 5 big tool boxes for unused stuff and they’re eating a lot of space! I wish I have ovis built-in cabinet organizers and drawers in my room (in the kitchen too!) so I can have more space.

I am sending these boxes to my barrio so my mother can donate it to the people affected by the typhoon last month.

Let’s make 2015 our best year yet!

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My Dream Car

It’s very easy to get a car loan these days. You just need roughly around Php 60,000 for initial downpayment and it’s all set. It even includes insurance coverage already. Monthly installment will be anywhere between Php 11,000 – 20,000, depends on the car model of course. No wonder traffic around the Metro gets worst everyday as more and more people afford to buy new cars. Can’t blame them. For most people, driving their own car is still the most convenient and quickest way to travel.

I’d like to have my own car too! I have a large family so my dream car is a midsized SUV or a Minivan that can carry 7-8 people (Toyota or Honda). It should be white in color with sweet rear lights, has a compartment that’s large enough to accommodate bags and other things, it should be fuel efficient, should have the necessary safety equipment, heavy duty and lastly, I should be able to afford its price.

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Happily Ever After

photo from weddingbella

A lot of my friends are planning to get married/engaged this year! WHYY?? Hhaha.

Because she knows how much I enjoy beading, one girl friend, graciously asked me to create a personalized lavender and silver wedding cord to be used on her wedding this November. I haven’t started yet, but as soon as I have all the materials ready, I’ll have it done right away.

There’s one guy friend who probably thought I was a jeweler. Friend, I don’t have any idea about the price of engagement rings and gold wedding rings. HAHA. But I’m guessing they’re expensive. Don’t worry, I’ll ask, and if you need creative planning to help you execute your romantic proposal, I’m just a text away!

Another friend who used to be adamant about getting married is finally taking the plunge! I feel so much joy for the two of you as you join your lives in marriage! Love you guys!

And another guy friend who’s seriously considering of getting married right away (in 3 months time), after having told the girl about his feelings just recently. I am appalled!!! But if you feel in your heart that she’s the ONE, go for it!

Early congratulations guys! Wish you all a lifetime of wonderful memories!

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Mid Length Haircut for Chubby Faces

Do you also get anxious when getting a haircut? I do! There had been a few instances when I would end up going to 2 different salons in a day just to get my hair done. I do have my favorite hairstylist but because I live far from my hometown, I don’t get to see him often these days.

My hair right now is on my shoulder blades, I need to cut it just a little below my shoulders so it’ll be easier to manage. I also want to get new hair colors! It’s been 2 years since my last revlon hair. I want a Chestnut Brown hair color with caramel highlights. I want to try something similar to the 3rd and 5th pic from that collage. I need those uneven layers so I could hide my chubby cheeks. What do you think?

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Learn Anytime and Anywhere

Being the type of person who likes to do different things altogether, I find TIME really valuable and it has always been the biggest challenge for me. I’m quite busy that sometimes 24hrs is not enough to do all the things I want to do in a day. I mentioned before that I wanted to try baking, cross-stitching, dress-making, haircutting and even gardening but there’s one problem – my work takes a lot of my time and energy. Lately, I’ve been wanting to study programming languages like C++ and Java, but I am too lazy to go to school. Good thing online university is now available to educate students and professionals alike anytime and anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

It’s an awesome and innovative way to learn! So convenient! There’s no need for classrooms and I wont ever have worry about going back and forth to school.

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First Post in 2010

Yeay I’m back! How’s your holiday season guys? I hope you had lots fun with your fam and friends. Me? I got busy at work, as usual. Whooo! Can’t believe 2010 is here.

January is said to be the coldest month in a year but why is it not cold enough here in Pinas? Last year was different. I would almost freeze to death whenever I take a bath very early in the morning. These days, I don’t feel that friggin cold anymore. Climate change, I guess. I sometimes wish we have more cold months here in Pinas. And winter season for a week sounds wonderful. HAHA. Don’t you just love to have your kids play with snow at your backyard. Spend family bonding at a skii resort. You get to wear trendy jackets, sweaters, beanies, gloves and boots! And every house has its own wood heaters and yeah, chimneys! HAHA. Plus, you get to sleep comfortably under an electric blanket! How cool is that?

Happy 2010 to all!

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My Bucket List 2

Jump into the sea,
from a helicopter
with a life vest (I’m a fan of Fear Factor lol)
witness a miracle
to change the life of someone for the better
to become a channel of blessing for others awwww
to have an amazing close up photo with blurred background HAHAHA
spend a week in a luxurious cruise getaway
drive a convertible Ferrari haha (check out Ferrari parts here)
Get in touch with the people I have lost touch with
Become friends with some people I hate, that includes ex and his wife, ROTFL
Join a TV game show, like hole in the wall or Game KNB or amazing race
And win the grand prize
Buy a farm
Build a real bahay kubo
and plant mango trees
or develop a resort
Learn to surf
Build a Zen inspired garden with a tree house
and care for a cute pet, preferably a dog that doesn’t bite and bark haha
Perfect the art of cooking
and preparing gourmet meals
Sky jump in Macau Tower
A ride in a Venetian Gondola
Take up short courses at MFI
Enroll in a grad school, haha, ok, I’m serious.

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My Bucket List

Learn the Korean alphabet
and language, araso?
Japanese and Spanish as well
Learn to speak in british accent, haha
Visit to a castle
Learn to prepare sushi
Watch the sunset…
On a picnic under the tree, with a blanket, lunch box and sushis
Hold hands and ice skate with someone, while it’s snowing HAHAHA
Watch a foreign film or Broadway and pretend to really like it
Fly to Batanes to drink coffee
One more day in my college pants (to date, i’ve lost 3 amazing lbs hahahah, check out diet pill reviews to see what works for you)
Learn to cross stitch
and to sew a dress
and curtains
Bake a cake for my birthday
and my friends’ birthdays
buy an oven and mixer and baking pans
and enroll at Henny Sison’s
Read all the booksat home
visit to the Universal Studios
buy an SLR
and learn photography

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