Money Come To Me

Aside from “I’m fine, thank you”, my new motto in life is “Money, come to me!”

Last night, while traversing Masinag Hi-way heading to Cubao, one of my colleagues mentioned out of nowhere that she doesn’t have any desires to be rich. My thoughts on that subject are very opposite. I wanna to be rich! I wanna be able to buy all the things I want. I want to travel the world! And if I have lots of money, I will not think twice to share it and become a blessing to others. I don’t understand why people can say easily that they don’t want to have lots of money, because most people I know think otherwise. And even when I was very young and roleplaying with my cousins, I always wanted to play the role of a “senyorita” hahaha, someone who lives in a huge house with a spiral staircase, who wears nice clothes at home, has a classic telephone and a complete set of victorian sofa!

Well maybe she grew up having nice things in life already. Can’t blame her.

I need money not just because I need it for myself. I need more money so I can be more of help to others. I need more money so I can provide more for my family. I need money so I can plan my next 10-20-30-40-50 years. No one knows what will happen in the future. I could be healthy and fit today, but not tomorrow (Oh Lord, pls. guide me and keep me safe, including my family and friends, all the time). I’m not being all negative, I just wanna make sure I don’t cause burdens to anyone, even when it’s my time to go (Lord, I wanna live longer!). It wont hurt to be prepared, nothing wrong if you think about planning your own memorial service (check here for funeral planning guide) as early as now. It doesn’t mean you’re in a hurry to use it, ok. Just making sure everything is well planned!

Lord, you know what are my desires. Help me to find the means by which to live comfortably, free from financial worries and burdens.


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Becoming Dutiful

I like it that women these days are independent, educated, well-traveled and more adventurous. Yes to women empowerment! The only problem is that some men can’t handle relationships when their girlfriends are smarter and probably earning more than they do. Most men likes it when women becomes dutiful and serves them, right? This is perhaps the reason why we see a lot of women right now staying single even when they reach 30s.

Are you a dutiful gf who likes to do stuff for your bf? Who never forgets to plan a surprise event for your boyfriend’s birthday ? Who cooks him breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleans his house, buys the grocery and does all the laundry? By golly, that is sooo 18th century! Sooner or later, you will grow tired doing all those stuff and will eventually decide to break up.

I think, another key for a long lasting relationship, aside from loving and respecting one another, is becoming dutiful of each other. I am capable of doing all crazy things for love, as long as my partner makes an effort to reciprocate, and by that, I don’t mean that he needs to wash my clothes too (well, he can always send them to laundry services, right?) or clean my apartment, but he could treat me to a nice dinner instead or send me flowers or send me to/from work, carry my bag, massage my back and feet, cheer me up with corny jokes, those tiny things that could sure melt one’s heart. He could also pay my house rent, credit card or buy me a smartphone and iPad to make me really really happy HAHAHA.

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People’s Park In The Sky Needs A Repainting

Palace in the Sky now known as People’s Park in the Sky is situated atop Mt. Sungay, the highest point in Tagaytay. It was supposedly a guest house for US Pres. Ronald Raegan during the the Marcos regime, but was never completed. It’s now open to the public as a nice sightseeing viewpoint.

What to expect:

Old and rusty structures

Not so well maintained garden

Cold and windy weather

Breathtaking 360 degree view of Tagaytay and neigboring provinces. You can also see little bit of Makati and/or Ortigas Skyline from there.

What to do:

There’s soo many things to try other than just walking an uphill climb and taking lots of pictures. My friends went all gaga doing a Lady Gaga dance cover and videotaped it so we’ll have something to laugh about when we get back to our hostel. It’s also the perfect place for exercising/jogging. There’s a shrine too, if you want some quiet time. We saw one couple celebrating their, probably, monthsary together. Sweet!

Some foreigners visiting the place, mostly Koreans, annyeong! Entrance fee here is only 15Pesos!

The People’s Park signboard ala Hollywood.

You know, I think the Luge and Skyride would be awesome here. Yes, that one in Singapore! Imagine this – enjoying the fantastic view as you board the Skyride and then having an exciting ride as you go down on a luge. Sayaaa! Let’s all dream about it!

This lumpia tastes really good so I asked Ate for her Lumpia Recipe – very thin and small slices of Singkamas, Carrots, Sayote and Camote (no need to pre-cook or blanch your veggies). Mix all ingredients then wrap in a lumpia wrapper. No need to add seasoning. Then deep fry. Nasa sawsawan (suka with some toyo, sugar, sili and other spices) daw ang secret! I tried it once but failed. The veggies has to be cut into very thin and small slices so it wont take too much oil when you fry it.

This is the garden area. A few cottages perfect for picnic to celebrate the good life.

Another shot of the garden, with Taal lake and Taal volcano, nice view as a backdrop.

Someone should propose a re-development plan to preserve the structure itself. Sayang! The first time I visited this place (many many years ago), water was leaking through the ceiling.

I kid you not but this place can be developed as our version of SENTOSA SINGAPORE! Calling calling DOT or whoever is responsible for the beautification of my country LOL. Let’s just hope, if it ever comes to a reality, God will not allow that tiny volcano to erupt yet.

There’s even a mini ampitheater.

This is literally The Kalawang In The Sky. A repainting would be nice, di ba? We need Boysen In The Sky NOW na. It doesn’t even look “historical” hahaha, more like DIRTY.

Tagaytay Highlands? Not sure, I’ve never been there. Since this is the highest point in Tagaytay, CABLE CARS would have been perfect here.

Be awed by God’s beautiful creation – mountains, lakes, clouds, sunshine, sunset etc. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace.

Pampam’s hair flipping moment! Had lots of fun with the wind blowing our hairs. Fresh air whohooo!!!

A short trip to People’s Park in the sky offer a great bonding experience between families, friends and lovers. I’d choose this place over Picnic Grove any day. This is one of those cheap activities that’s worth a try, for just 15P and you’ll have the privilege to see the beauty of this world. Priceless.

How to go to People’s Park in Tagaytay : From Cubao, ride San Agustin Bus bound to Nasugbu (100P fare) > drop off at Olivares Terminal (just before Tagaytay Rotonda) > From Olivares Terminal ride a jeepney going to People’s Park. 17P fare.

Note: Olivarez Terminal is just a few walks away from Tagaytay Rotonda (they’re not the same, pwede lakarin). Across the Olivarez Terminal is Olivarez Center/Plaza.

Looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay, check out JESCA LAKEVIEW

Want a romantic date in Tagaytay? Try Sonya’s Garden!

For a complete Tagaytay Itinerary, CLICK HERE

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Why Is Everybody Getting Married These Days?

Claire and Dave Ang, November 2010

Toni got married last year, after about one year into a relationship. A few months later, Claire and Ms. Ae followed. Last June, my youngest brother shocked me with the news that he’s also getting married the following month. Just recently, my churchmates Trel and Kuya Errol shocked me with the news that they’re dating. A week after they’re engaged! Last week, I received an invite from Joyjoy and Delfin for their coming wedding celebration! Whaaaat? I don’t even know that they’re officially dating. And there’s Joanne and Jeff tying the knot too, ASAP. Last weekend, travel buddy Jadie announced her engagement to Errol via Facebook! I’ve also heard about wedding plans from my family – Alia (aunt), Ate (sister), Mitchie (cousin) and Samarie (another cousin). Even my BFFs Mimi, Amy and Ruthie has been talking about “marriage” these past days as well.

What in the world is happening? It ‘s like every other girl I know is engaged and I’m not. Gaaahhhd, I am seriously going to turn darkest green with envy hahaha. This world is sooooo cruel LOL. Too many shocking but pleasant news!!! One day, l’ll send you guys a photo card with the birth announcements of my twins and give you the biggest surprise of your life! That would be really awesomeeeee!

Congrats and best wishes. I am happy for you guys, even if there are tiny little seeds of jealousy and/or bitterness inside my heart LOL. Stay in loveeee!

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Each Day

Act a lot lot nicer,
Laugh a little bit louder,
Cry a lot lesser,
Eat a lot healthier,
Pray a lot harder,
Walk a little faster,
Jump a little bit higher,
Judge a little slower,
Think a lot deeper,
Smile a little brighter,
Hug a little tighter,
Kiss a lot sweeter,
Live a little bit better,

And love a little longer.

– malensky 🙂

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On Traveling Alone

Have you tried to travel abroad all by yourself?

I haven’t. The thought of traveling alone sounds very exciting and rewarding, don’t you think? I wish I can do that too. My place of destination is either in Bali Indonesia, Thailand or Cambodia, so I wont look like very different from their locals. Vietnam seems a nice place to visit too. For how long? Maybe a week or so.

I’d like to be able to eat breakfast at the same café each morning, drink a cup of tea while reading a good book and/or writing in my journal, take pictures around the town, visit temples and historical places, shop at the market in the evening, get to know the locals, walk and wander like there’s no tomorrow etc.

Can I really do it? Oh yes, I can and I will, I just don’t know when! Wala nang hindi kinakaya ang mga treinta años!

Meantime, since I don’t have time and many cash to spend, I probably am just going to travel alone in Baguio later this evening, will come back to reality tomorrow midnight or early Sunday morning. If all else fails, I might just end up wandering around Manila tomorrow. Luneta, anyone? LOL

Enjoy the nice weather!

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Meeting God’s Perfect Will

Are you tired of waiting for God’s Perfect Will in your life? Can you feel the pressure? Are you single and ready to mingle? Maybe the reason why you just can’t seem to find the right person for you is because you’re going to the wrong places. Well, don’t be disappointed, Christian Chat City is here to help you find God’s perfect partner for you. Give it a try!

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Hope For The Hopeless

I love catching up on Extreme Make Over Home Edition on weekends. I enjoy watching the makeover team planning and building a whole new house. It’s amazing how they crash a house into bits and rebuild them with steel buildings and all those stuff in just a week. But what I like the most about this program is their sincere desire to help deserving families who wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy a wonderful house of their own. I wish there are more programs like Extreme Make Over, Three Wishes hosted by Amy Grant (now defunct) and our very own Wish Ko Lang who gives hope to the hopeless. It’s a rare thing now to see people sharing their generosity to help the less furtunate.

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Forbidden Love

But I know this in no way will be..
You and me at once for all to see.
This, this, what it could be
For this is forbbiden love that captivates me.

Awts, that must have hurt you both soo bad hahahha. Anyway, I wish you and all others suffering from the same dilemma a….permissible love? LOL

hugs, kisses and loves to all!

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Happy Heart’s Day

How to get over love? Say goodbye, but never say hello again. Forget but never regret; Pick the pieces up but never fix it. Feel the pain but never keep it… Move on!!

Happy Valentine sa lahat ng bitter!!! Hope you find your Valentine, soon.  🙂

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