My Life So Far

My life so far is just…so-so.

Wow I’m almost halfway through my life and still, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished great things over the past years. I do not consider myself a failure, not a succes either. I haven’t done many bad things, I haven’t done a lot of good things either. My life so far is just so-so. My state of mind is stucked at age 27, but when I check myself in the mirror…my youthful glow is slowly vanishing hahaha, why I look very matured?? LOLs. I failed to realize that I am getting old! In fact, I get surprised every time I tell myself that I am 34 already ! WAITTTT WHAAAT!!!?? I am 34??? How?? So that explains why whenever I stand up after a few minutes of sitting, I could feel my knees trembling and aching. I hope it’s not early signs of rheumatism. What have I been doing all these years? All these time I thought I am living to have a good life, instead, I am living because I am not dead yet. You get it, no? My life isn’t all that bad, ok. It’s just that, right now, when I look back at my life, I wish I had done this and that sooner. Not regretting those past choices I made, ok maybe, I am regretting a little, but hey, I still have plenty of time, right? 34 compared to 80 is still very young.

I used to say “I want to do many things” often and I believe, I was able to do that. I travelled, fell in and out of love (naksss), learned how to cook, rebonded and colored my hair, bought a nice phone, ate whatever I want etc. In other words, I lived a convenient self-centered life all these time! But from this day onwards, I want to try doing many WORTHWHILE things for the mankind!  CHAROT! HAHHAHA.

Seriously, I don’t want to end up selfish, miserable, useless and unhealthy so I am committing myself to doing a few extraordinary things like joining a cause, donating blood, 10 sit-ups/day, green tea everyday, eating less rice/sugar/salt, show random act of kindness, practice my singing and dancing, continue learning etc. I know it’s not going to be easy that’s why I am hesitating hahaha but I’m up for the challenge!

My life is bound to change soon. How’s your life so far?

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Blogging After 3 Months of Hiatus

I am sooooo backkk! Yes!!! BOLDER AND BRAVER!!! MALENSKY VERSION 2 POINT O! Oh ha Laida Magtalas ang peg.

Seriously, so many things happened these past 3 months. So many learnings and happy memories that I will treasure forever! Grateful to have cousins and friends who are more than willing to help and share their blessings.

Iisa-isahin natin yang mga experience na yan in the next few days! For now, I’m catching up on everything’s I’ve missed here in Pinas! Laters! Mwah!

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Irrepressible Goodness

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful. Though life’s goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed.

For every single act that is senselessly destructive, there are thousands more small, quiet acts of love, kindness and compassion. For every person who seeks to hurt, there are many, many more who devote their lives to helping and to healing.

When something needs to be done, even if it is difficult and demanding, there is always someone who steps forward to do it. When problems arise, there are always those who are eager to deal with them.

Though the goodness of life does at times suffer setbacks, it always endures. And when it is challenged, the goodness of life comes back stronger than ever.

For in the darkest moments it becomes vividly clear that life is a priceless treasure. And so the goodness of life is made even stronger by the very things that oppose it.

Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction.

— Ralph Marston

NOTES: Exactly what I needed today – “Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction”

Something not so nice happened this morning and I don’t want to focus all my energy about it today. No to negative stuff pls. I want to just enjoy and focus in the goodness of life!

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I Believe by Yolanda Adams

picture credit: piccsy

They said you wouldn’t make is so far uh uh
And ever since they said it, it’s been hard
But nevermind the nights you had to cry
Cause you have never let it go inside
You worked real hard
And you know exactly what you want and need
So believe and you can never give up
You can reach your goals
Just talk to your soul and say…

I believe I can (I can)
I believe I will (I will)
I believe I know my dreams are real (know my dreams are real)
I believe I’ll stand (Oh yea)
I believe I’ll dance
I believe I’ll grow real soon and (That’s why)
That is what I do believe

Your goals are just a thing in your soul uh uh
And you know that your moves will let them show
You keep creating pictures in your mind
So just believe they will come true in time
It will be fine
Leave all of your cares and stress behind
Just let it go
Let the music flow inside
Forget all your pain
And just start to believe

I believe I can (I believe I can oh yea)
I believe I will
I believe I know my dreams are real (All of my dreams are real)
I believe I’ll stand
I believe I’ll dance (I gotta dance)
I believe I’ll grow real soon and (ooo)
That is what I do believe
Whoa oa oa YEA…

(Music break)

Nevermind what people say
Hold your head high and turn away
With all our hopes and dreams
I will believe
Even though it seems it’s not for me
I won’t give up I’ll keep it up
Look into the sky
I will achieve all my needs
I will always believe….OoOo

(Chorus 2x)
I believe I can
I believe I will (I can)
I believe I know my dreams are real (I got strength)
I believe I’ll stand
I believe I’ll dance (I gotta dance)
I believe I’ll grow real soon and (watch me watch me watch me)
That is what I do believe (I do believe in me)

I believe I can
I believe I will (oh yea)
I believe I know my dreams are real
I believe I’ll stand
I believe I’ll dance (I gotta dance)
I believe I’ll grow real soon and
That is what I do believe (I do believe! yayeeyay)

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On Fashion: Thank God for the leggings!
On Social Media: At the end of the day, blogging pa din!
On Faith & Reason: It feels good to pray everyday.
On Family: They’re my only treasures!
On Facebook: Avoid posting annoying FB statuses! lols
On Friends: Matutong makiramdam. Huwag ipagsiksikan ang sarili sa mga taong ayaw ka namang makasama.
On Travelling and Exploring the world: Very expensive. When I think about those money I spent travelling here and there…haaaay. I don’t regret the memories but the moneys…that’s a lot of money talaga enough for me to buy a hacienda in my barriosiete!! LOL
On Cooking: I have the potential t o become a chef! Charotttt! Ang totoo I have the potential to become a good….wife and mother. Mas lalong Charottt! HAHAHA. Secret to a delicious ulam – Ginisa mix! Do not overcook bawang, sibuyas and kamatis. Use camote instead of potatoes. Use baking soda when cleaning, even when brushing your teeth.
On Deodorant: Powdered tawas will save the day. Cheap and effective!
On Beauty: I highly recommend Myra 400E. And it’s ok na magpa DERMCARE once in a while. Drink lots and lots of water everyday!
On Home: Don’t buy leatherette sofa from SM Dept!
On Living: Practice 5S!
On Internet: I cannot live without internet anymoreeee!
On Love: Allow people to fall in love, even if irritates the hell out of you.
On Life: Enjoy life’s little blessings like – a good weather, trees swaying outside your window, birds chirping in the morning etc.
On Myself: Share your courage, keep your fears to yourself.
On Music: Music has no language. Look at Gangnam Style.
On People: I don’t have to force myself to like everyone.
On Food: Eat as many Malunggay and Brocolli as you can.
On Technology: I want an iPad! And a MACBOOK! iPhone? Not so much.
On Money: Money is meant to be enjoyed.
On Career: It’s never too late to change careers!
On Health: Truly understand now the meaning when they say HEALTH is WEALTH.
On Men: They’re better as they age.
On Youth: I realized…I wasn’t that fat back in college.
On Aging: Walang hindi kinakaya ang mga 30 anyos! And always wear sunscreen!
On Time: Cherish every second of your life because ang nakalipas ay di maaring balikan.
On Whitening: Effective pala talaga ang Kojiesan hehe

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s all have a blessed and fruitful 2013!

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Bebemon Wedding

I have been into many weddings and this was honestly one of the best ceremonies ever! It was very light, funny, even the MC was impressed because everyone’s willing to go crazy and just have fun that night! There were singing and dancing everywhere – imagine the Ninangs and the whole entourage dancing to Gangnam Style haha, (yes, I danced too!), the parents of the bride dancing to I Will Survive (first time we saw bossing to dance!!!), Groom and that Harry Potter guy who got the bridal garter danced like they were some kind of strippers – epic!  Adeng, was specially crazy and funny that night, giving life to the reception party. I really enjoyed every minute of it!

My first time in Fernwood and it is really gorgeous!  Color motiff is purple, yellow and gray – perfect colors for a night wedding. Guestbook table looked very pretty and detailed. Each guest table had a wine with laser printer labels of bride and groom’s picture. The food they served were all yummy. Impressive SDE. Watch:

Raymond and Michelle from Dan Mendiola on Vimeo.

It was a beautiful wedding, Mitch and Raymond! I truly believe this is God’s will. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your entourage! And thank you for the lovely gown! Wishing you guys a lifetime of success and happiness! Good health to you both and your babies. Can’t wait to see little Bebemons!

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The Only Happiness in Life..To Love and Be Loved

Zoren-Carmina nuptials is definitely one of my favorite weddings of all time. I almost cried watching their TV Special last weekend. It’s so grand, touching and lovely. Makes me wanna have a beautiful wedding like that too!

Carmina was told they’ll be in a “family product photoshoot” at the Fernbrook Gardens, little did she know that she’s going to get married that same day! The moment Zoren appeared in his dashing tuxedo and proposed to Carmina with a diamond ring under a man-made Cherry Blossom tree, everyone watching had their hearts melt together. They’re so perfect together! That look on her face – half surprised, half teary and half confused – is priceless! You woman! You’re very very lucky! What a handsome groom you have. I truly have nothing else but good words to say to Zoren right now. It’s amazing how he had everything planned out perfectly and how he had the courage to show the world how great his love is for her.

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Winner of The International Children’s Peace Prize 2012, Kesz Valdez

Thirteen-year-old Cris “Kesz” Valdez was once told he was the source of bad luck in the family. And for a while, he started to believe it too.
Beaten up by his father and neglected by his mother, the boy ran away from home and became a street urchin, scavenging through piles of garbage and spending his nights in an open tomb.
But now Valdez is the bringer of smiles to thousands of street kids like himself as the founder of “Championing Community Children,” an organization that gives flip-flops, toys and toothbrushes to deprived children in his hometown of Cavite City.
Out of three finalists, the boy was awarded on Wednesday the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize at a ceremony in The Hague, where he received a 100,000 euro ($130,000) prize.
“My motto is, ‘we can change the world one heart at a time,’” Valdez said in an audiovisual presentation shown at the ceremony.
“My message to all children around the globe is: Our health is our wealth! Being healthy will enable you to play, to think clearly, to get up and go to school and love the people around you in so many ways.”
The prize is presented annually by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate to “an exceptional child, whose courageous or otherwise remarkable acts and thoughts have made a difference in countering problems which affect children around the world.”
An initiative of the Dutch organization KidsRights, the Children’s Peace Prize was launched during the 2005 Nobel Peace Laureates’ Summit by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
Asked about the prize money, KidsRights Foundation chair Marc Dullaert said a committee was now to decide, together with Valdez, to which projects it would be donated.
‘New voice for voiceless’
Valdez received the award from Nobel Peace Prize winner for 1984 Desmond Tutu, the South African human rights activist, who presented him with the “Nkosi,” a unique sculpture “which shows how a child can move the world.”
“You are wonderful,” Tutu told Valdez at a press conference shortly after the ceremony held in The Hague’s historic Knight’s Hall.
Tutu, the patron of KidsRights and the Children’s Peace Prize, said Kesz was a deserving and inspiring example of “a new voice for the voiceless.”
On his Twitter account (@iamKesz), Valdez posted on Thursday: “I am so honored to represent the Filipino kids and my homeland the Philippines! Salamat po O Dios sa lahat lahat (Thank you, Lord, for everything)!”
“I pray for the people who will listen to me speak. May I inspire them to do some good for the street children in the world,” he tweeted a day earlier.
Gifts of Hope
Through his organization, which he started at age 7, Valdez and his friends visit underprivileged communities to hand out parcels called “Gifts of Hope,” containing, among other things, slippers, toys and even candy.
They teach children about hygiene, food and children’s rights. “He even takes things a step further, by teaching children how to teach each other. He has so far helped more than 10,000 children in his local area,” organizers of the prize said in a statement.
In the Philippines, almost 250,000 children live in the streets, subjected to abuse, violence and child labor, and many of them struggling with health ailments, according to KidsRights.
Living in darkness
Valdez was in the same situation a decade ago.
At age 2, he was forced to scavenge at a dump. “I remember my father beating me. I had to make money so he could buy alcohol and drugs. He said I brought bad luck to the family,” he said in the KidsRights video, which has also been uploaded on Youtube.
Valdez said he felt he was “living in darkness.”
At 4, he ran away from the home and began living off the streets, sleeping in a public cemetery with other children, he recalled.
Then, an accident happened. While scavenging one night with other kids, he fell into a pile of burning tires, suffering a severe injury on his arm.
Love for the first time
That was when Valdez’s life turned around. For perhaps the first time in his young life, he became the recipient of the kindness of strangers.
Community worker Harnin “Bonn” Manalaysay, founder of the Bible study and outreach group Club 8586, treated the boy’s wounds and took the boy under his wing. Manalaysay was the mentor of another humanitarian working for street children, CNN Hero Efren Peñaflorida.
“That day was probably the first day in his life when he felt loved, accepted and cared for,” Manalaysay said of Valdez in the video.
On his seventh birthday, Valdez did not want any presents for himself.
“Instead, he wanted to give something to other street children,” KidsRights said. That same year, Valdez started his own organization, Championing Community Children.
10,000 children
Since its inception, the group has handed out 5,000 parcels and helped 10,000 children, KidsRights said. It said that Valdez himself had personally “treated over 3,000 wounds.”
Valdez, who studies in an open high school for other sponsored kids and dreams of becoming a doctor, said Manalaysay had not only treated his burns and bruises when his organization first adopted him but had also given him love and affection.
“This is what I want to give to as many street children as possible… I want children in the streets to get the same chance I had,” he said.



Awwwwtsss! Tissue plsssss. This is soooo heartwarming and inspiring. Kudos to this little boy and his guardian. May God continue to bless the works of your hands.

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Day 4 – Sunday

Woke up early, ate my favorite pandesal for breakfast, wore a white top and comfortable slippers and went outside to explore! Went to Ali Mall to have my pictures taken again (for remembrance haha). I’m not really a make up person but this day, I put some BB cream, powder, blush on and eye shadow on my fezz just because I want to feel prettyful lolsssss once in a while. Window shopping, went to Dermcare to buy some stuff, then Grow Nails to have footspa, buy a file organizer from National Bookstore, went to the office (OFFICE??? YES!) to 5S my locker then CCF in Ortigas to attend their 6:30PM Sunday service! I was soooo close to going to Ongpin instead and look for Dong Bei Restaurant, fortunately, I decided I better go to church na lang!

Thank you God for your words. I am sooo busy trying to manage my life that I’ve forgotten to pause and listen to You and Your plans in my life.

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5-Day Itinerary To Enjoy Your Singlehood

I am on a 5-day VL starting tomorrow! Yessss!

I’m planning to catch up on sleep, rest and eat well but it looks like I’ll be very busy. Here’s my itinerary for this vacay:

Day 1: Photowalk with myself??! LOLS. Planning to drop by in Quiapo to buy brocolli because it’s cheaper there and some beads. Might also drop by in Ongpin to look for the Dong Bae Restaurant and try their famous dumplings. Tomorrow, I will prove to the world that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be lonely. Muahaha

Day 2: Go to BPI to inquire about index funds. Liz told me to invest in index funds instead of mutual funds. Based on what I googled, for people like me who do not have time and expertise to study stock market, it is the best way to invest. Returns are not as great as other equity funds BUT, it is the safest. I have very limited knowledge about investing so I’ve been reading investment ebooks these past days because I really really want to save as much money as I can for my future (I need to buy at least 2 haciendas hahahah) I realized if I just put my money in the bank, it’ll only earn a few cents of interest. So if I want to be able achieve my finacial goals, I need to start investing ASAP. Had I done this years ago, I would have been rich and famous by now lols. I’ve joined forums, downloaded free ebooks about financial management, read online resources and now my head is aching trying to learn various investment strategies. The simplest is Binary Option Trading also called all-or-nothing options. They can be very rewarding but very risky. This is how it works:

You purchase a 100$ stocks with a payoff of 1000$. If the stock trading is at 100$ or higher, you get 1000$! If stock trading is below 100$, you get nothing.

Very very risky but exciting, don’t you think? It’s also easier to understand. I wanna try it someday. CedarFinance offer this new trading strategy online. They also provide personal account managers who can work closely with you to ensure you’re getting all the help you needed when trading.

Yes, the day after tomorrow will be spent searching and attarcting money, lots and lots of money in my life!

Day 3: Apply 5S at home! I seriously need to declutter my apartment – bathroom, kitchen, and my living room! I’ve already done de-cluttering my room last week. Took me hours to finish! Do the laundry. Clean my room (I might have a roommate next week!). Throwing away those extra baggages. This day will be all about organizing whatever’s not organize in my life!

Day 4: Sunday! Attend morning service (7AM) in Day by Day Christian Ministry in Folk Arts!  Lord, I will seek you early in the morning and late at night! This day will be for Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Day 5: Pedicure, spa, whole body massage, derma lols, glutathione haha, and everything else! Day 5 will be all about me, myself and my me-self attitude LOLS.

Tomorrow onwards, I plan to really really enjoy myself, start living a healthy lifestyle, be productive, become more appreciative, practice 5S in my life, get closer to God and move towards my goals!!!

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