Guni-guni in my mind

I have been wishing for some things that aren’t even close to getting REAL.

After doing a lot of thinking, I finally realize that, you ( yes, SiR) are just a part of the MANY guni-gunis in the corners of my mind…

So, I think I’m gonna have to give up for a while, until I am quite sure about you and everything.

Shanty my dear…call up if you’re not too busy. I’ll STILL be around.

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Love Lessons for Women

What is that special element that changes his thinking from “She’s fun” to “She’s The One?” Here are few lessons on how to make your man fall for you. Deeply. Madly. Truly.

A shared sense of humor is essential
No matter how much you love someone, your life together will get dull if you can’t laugh your way through it. Choosing someone who can let go with a good belly laugh, especially over the same things you find funny, is a win-win situation. It ensures you’ll have an animated, lively life.

Disagreements can help you grow closer
Challenge your date to live up to certain standards, though, and you’ll gain even more points by showing you’ve got a backbone—and that he will become a better person as a result.

Respecting someone’s interests creates greater intimacy
Everyone needs a personal passion or two; otherwise life can become unfulfilling. Allow your partner to find inner satisfaction this way, and he will be happier with life, himself and with you. As far as spending time together, remember this: It’s quality, not quantity that matters. A person who values you, who makes the most out of the time you spend together and doesn’t whine about separation, is a grown-up. That’s someone to plan a life with.

Accept his flaws and all, and he’ll love you for it
Each of us has bad habits and wants to be loved in spite of it: It’s all part of being human. It’s not that women shouldn’t speak up if something that truly bothers them, but that they should do so gently and be at peace with the possibility that he may not change. Tolerance is vital in a relationship. It’ll help you and your partner share days together that feel safe and comfortable.

Men go gaga for low-maintenance gals
High-maintenance women who need to be wined, dined, and paid attention to every moment will wear a guy out.. So before you insist on receiving flowers every month or going to the most expensive restaurants in town, ask yourself: Do all these trimmings really matter if you’re with someone you truly adore? He will adore you all the more when he sees he can kick back and be himself.

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To my dear MRR,

I never wanted anything for you other than to see you happy with the one person you truly love.Yah know that. Forgive me if I have been a part of your agony for a long time. Believe me, I will never tolerate and encourage things as such to happen. So rest your heart and mind for it will never happen even in our wildest dreams. You have my loyalty forever. Don’t worry, nothing will ever change between us. I will still and will always be your A’M. I don’t mind it at all. I believe you have your reasons for feeling them, although I think you have conjured up all kinds of absurd reasons and baseless fears. Hehehe. Learn to trust him my dear and not to lean SO MUCH on your own understanding. Give your 100% trust. It’s worth a try. If in the end he decided to break that trust, he will be guilty for the rest of his life and you will be more at peace with yourself because you have given all your best shot. Learn to stop using your past experiences as an excuse to keep yourself safe. The choice is yours my dear — either stay buried in the rubble of past hurt, rejection, and doubt or let it go. Live now and give the actual experiences of your life a chance to build a new idea of what love can be.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I am quite sure, he loves you too. Madly. Truly. Deeply. All the time that S and I have talked, that was all because of YOU. Nothing but for YOU. To make you happy. To make you feel how much he LOVES you.

I’m sure, we’ll laugh about this someday. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts to me. That was so brave of you. Now that all’s out, I hope it will end all the fears in your heart. Love is not jealous. It’s kind and it keeps no record of wrongs.

I love you MRR-S. Nothing will ever change that.

~ from A’M

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Don’t write me off just yet

It’s never been easy for me to find words to go along with the melody, but this time is actually something on my mind, so please forgive this few brief awkward lines. Since I met you again, my whole life has changed. I was living in the past but somehow you brought me back and I haven’t felt like this since faithful friends said relax. Though I know, based on my track record, I might not seem like the safest bet.

Sir, all I’m asking you is don’t write me off just yet.

For years I’ve been telling myself the same old story. That I’m happy living my life. But you’ve given me a reason to take another chance. Now I need you despite the fact that you doesn’t seem to care anymore. And though I know I’ve already blown my chances than anyone should ever get, all I’m asking you is don’t write me off just yet.

Don’t write me off just yet, Sir.

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My Valentine Moment

I spent my Valentine doing marathon, DVD marathon that is. Then, we had a family dinner over my aunt’s in Sapphire st.

And the worst part of all,

Nag-senti moment din ang lola niyo.

Yep. Heto ang picture ng pinag-sentihan ko:


1. I was so shocked to see how I have evolved from THAT size to THIS size. Horrible.

2. Missing Baguio Tour. I’ve been bugging my friends about this for quite a while but no one seems to be interested. Sige na please, may SNOW daw sa Baguio!! Punta na tayo!

3. College Life. Ministry and stuffs.

4. MIssing college friends – MIMI, mag paramdam ka. And, remembering the fallen HAWK. I terribly miss the EASY and laid back days of my college life.

5. I should have taken more pictures.

And, if you’ll look closely into it, You’ll see US together there.

FYI: If you’ve been in my aunt’s house before, you probably have seen this MEMORABILIA in my closet. It’s been there since college. Forgive me if it’s blurred. It’s too big to have it scanned. I had to use my camera to capture that piece of my life story. Since I moved already, I have taken all out. Yes, that’s sad. Masterpiece kaya yun.

Maybe, I’ll just look for another spot where I can place them again.

That’s how I spent my Valentine. Dividing my time between potato couching, having good times with family and lots of drama.

So, how did you spend yours?

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Is it coincidence,

Fate or God’s divine intervention? It could be all together. I just realized it recently—a mind-blowing coincidence happened at the perfect time and I’m just so overwhelmed. It seems totally corny and unbelievable..and very unlikely but it’s happenning to me. Or is it just God’s way of reminding me that He’s still in constant control of everything. Whatever it is, I’m glad to experience this coincidence-Divine-intervention-sort-of-fate thing.

I have no more to write today. My heads been filled with thoughts of you, it doesn’t seem to function well. There’s just no enough space for other things.

Anyways, you really surprised me last night SiR. Really.’.happee!! Yeah, I had a goodnight sleep, I almost thought I slept smiling.  

Advance Happy Heart’s Day!! All the love in this world for you and me and everybody!

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Stalk, Research and Investigate

Wow. Grabeh the power of google and friendster and yahoo and multiply and myspace. These are powerful tools for stalking, searching and investigating. All you need is patience, keen eye for details + a lot of common sense, and you’ll definitely become a BIG TIME stalker on the net – all knowing and mighty.

Dito sa Pinas, the best stalking machine is Friendster. It’s like a tsismis portal. It’s what keeps you connected from your old classmates, crushes, ex-crushes, ex-bf/gf, ex’s ex-gfs/bfs. You get photos, interests, and an idea of what his/her friends are like, if he/she is dating or if they just broke off. You may not think this information is valuable, but it’s GOLD if you’re rooting for that person.

Another stalker wave is googling people’s name. In the history of Googling people, it’s hard to come across one juicy fact. Google will give you tons of search results and most of the time, you’ll get tame results about some exams they pass, when they pass it, websites they visit often and some school they went to.

But sometimes, these results are more interesting than that of Friendster’s. Mas totoo. Sa friendster, puro show off. Just recently, I googled YOU, (Yes, you SiR) and I couldn’t help myself from admiring you more than I have ever admired someone in my whole life. I am just amazed on how things have turned for you. I’ve known you from before but I I didn’t know that this side of you ever existed.

And then I yahooed you. I’m just ecstatic to see you again (virtually, ok). I must say that you’re kinda cute pala, I just realized it lately when I accidentally found some of your pix. Ok, truth is, I (intendedly) looked into some old archives, searched the worldwide web and came across you!

I’ve known you for quite a while but due to a very little time we’ve talked and spent together, my only way of finding your whereabouts is thru Friendster and Google. They’re like the windows to your soul. Nyahaha.

So much for stalking, and oh well, did I say…I’m not chasing you or anyone? I am NOT.

I am chasing the dream…….which is apparently, YOU. Har. har. har. So parang ganun din di ba?

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I wish I hadn’t let go of the chance

Sometimes, life has a cruel way of putting things together.

Noon, okay ka. Ngayon, hindi na. Kase yung ayaw mo noon, gusto mo na ngayon pero ayaw ka naman na.

Wish I didn’t let the chance pass me by. I wish you hadn’t give up on me. But it’s been a while and andami ng nagbago. Hangang WISH na lang siguro ako.

Maybe it’s better if I would just give up coz there’s no point in waiting for someone who doesn’t want to be a part of you anymore. OO! Ramdam ko yun ngayon at abot langit ang panghihinayang ko. Pero sabi mo nga IT, di bale na lang.

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