Modern Country Kitchen

I seriously love to cook. When I’m not busy, I like cooking different dishes (es. pachams) at home. My dream is to have a lovely and spacious kitchen with complete set of Corelle dining plates, Pyrex bakewares, nonstick cookwares, oven, dishwasher, sterilizer and a two-door refrigerator. I also want to plant different herbs in pots and place them just outside the window. I want it to have a modern country look with wooden cabinets and a kitchen faucet like this:

Looks pretty and very very unique, right? It will surely create a ladylike and comfy atmosphere in every boring (and messy) kitchen.

Photo credit: google

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Getting Better at Pacham

Getting better at Pacham! LOL.

These days, I’m busy cooking Pacham (pachamba-chamba). I’m learning and trying sooo hard hahahha. I probably have a dozen new recipes already. At dahil mahal ang bigas at pork…I’m trying different dishes out of TOKWA like:

adobong tokwa
paksiw na tokwa
menudo con tokwa
afritadang tokwa
spaghetti with tokwa bits
stir fry tokwa with bell pepper
tokwa in oyster sauce
fried tokwa with gravy
marinated tokwa
tokwa steak
tokwa with veggies
inihaw na tokwa with cheese
boneless tokwa bwahahaha

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Easy Carbonara Recipe

I’m perfecting the art of cooking carbonara these past days. Something like this delicious creamy carbonara from Jack’s Loft:

Yum yum. I’m planning to cook it in time for our Christmas/New Year celebration. I tried 3-4 times already and here’s my epic fail haha:

In case you’re asking for the recipe, here it is:

2 cans of big Alaska evap
1 250ml All Purpose cream
1/4 cup grated cheese
1 cup of mushroom
5 pcs of sweet ham chopped into small pieces

1/2 kilo of pasta

Sautee ham into butter, add mushroon, then evap milk and cream. Mix all the remaining ingredients together. Wait until it gets condensed and creamy. Top it with more cheese and dried oregano. Serve hot or cold. ENjoy!

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Apartment For Rent, Cubao Quezon City

UPDATE August 08, 2011

To dear readers, so sorry but Cecilleville requested to remove the images/phone number.

I will try to post other ads when there’s a chance. Anyway, there are several apartment buildings in Cubao, I suggest you try walk ins so you can see it yourself. Start hunting at 8th avenue hangang 20th. Thanks!



Goodluck on your next apartment hunting!  🙂


Here’s a little Public Service to my avid readers bwahaha. Seriously, if you’re looking for a nice apartment in Cubao area, call these numbers ASAP! As in ASAP!!!

This is along 9th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro, Murphy Cubao. TO go there, ride a jeep going to Crame (near Farmers Market and I think Telus Bldg yun jeep station). Baba sa 9th Ave along Main Ave.

Don’t ask me the details bec. I am not affiliated with the owner. HAHA. At wala akong komisyon dito.

It looks nice and safe with very peaceful and clean environment. I should know bec I live nearby HAHA. And it’s very accessible too! See you soon neighbor!


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How To Make Sushi Rolls, Maki or Kimbap

I’m a fan of sushis so today I decided to do it myself.

What you need:

Roasted Seaweeds from SM, 71P /10 sheets

Sushi roll maker from Daiso (Japanese store in Cubao), 99P

Japanese Rice na ubod ng mahal!!! Ayaw kaseng kumapit ng NFA.

Crab sticks, Cucumber and Mango strips, you can actually add whatever you like – eggs, carrots, singkam at mani, sitaw, bataw, patani…kundol, patola, upo at kalabasa


I actually wanted to do it the traditional way, using a bamboo sushi mat. Kaso wala akong makita, so I had to buy this sushi roll maker na super convenient.

Fill it with your fillings

Add more rice

And then cover it

No need to roll the sushis!


O di ba ang dali!

Cut into small pieces

and then serve with toyomansi, kulang ng wasabi

i made 3 rolls for tonight’s dinner

It tastes like sushi nga! It’s fun to do it kaso messy…super messy.

Come back soon, I’ll try to cook BIBIMBAP next time ahahha or siguro baka ADOBO na lang.


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So What If You’re Single?

I believe, even if you’re still single, you should be considering already of buying your own house. You should think of it as an investment. So what if you’re single? Who said you can’t do it alone? These days, more and more single people are investing in homebuying. The process is a bit complicated, but if you take things one at a time, holding the keys to your own home is rather easy!

First, choose a house you can afford and stick to a realistic budget. You don’t want to neglect your other financial goals like savings for emergency, education for your future children and retirement, right? Many first-time homebuyers failed here and end up paying more than what they can afford. What do you need a beautiful house for, if you don’t have any money to pay for it? So before you choose your own house, look around the neighborhood first and check which one is within your budget.

If you’re looking for luxury homes in Arizona, check out Phoenix New Homes. They’ve been ranked in the top 5, small volume phoenix new home builders for the past 7 years and they offer high-quality, beautifully designed home, to help you realize your dream of an exceptional home. They have uxury townhomes, luxury condominium community and if you love the outdoors, check out their lakeside community and mountain escapes! 

Next to consider is the location. Is it conducive to transportation, and nearby stores, school, market and hospital? Is it far from your work? How much it costs to drive and commute to work or school every day?

Once you have chosen taken those into consideration, what comes next is easy, either you buy it from the developer or directly from the owner. Should you buy from a developer, make sure you check their track record first. I am sure, you’re also thinking of investing your money in a franchise business, stock market investments, and many others, but investing your hard earned money on a land and home, is still much safer because it never loses all its value.

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Unique Idea For Old Cassette Tapes

This is what happens when creative minds of high caliber people come together:

Dyaraaan! A winning Christmas tree made from cassette tapes.

If you’ve got hundreds of unused cassette tapes, make them useful by making a lamp or a Christmas tree like that. It’s unique and yes, cost-efficient too.

Here’s what you need to materialize this project:

cassette tapes, of course

Acrylic glue or glue gun

Scatch tape

Blinking light bulb or any led lighting


1. Make sure you clean the tapes first. We had to unscrew each one to take out the inner plastic cover. This would make the tapes appear very glossy.

2. Rewind each tapes to create a circle design on it.

3. Set it to your preferred shape. Make it look like a tree, perhaps you can make a pyramid, triangular, rectangular or star shape….whatever.


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Maintain Safety in the Bathroom

Do you also neglect bathroom safety? I’m sure you’ve heard what happened to Jett, John Travolta’s teenage son, during their vacation in the Bahamas. He fell ill and hit his head, later, he was found unconscious in the bathroom late Friday morning. He had seizures and apparently hit his head on the bathtub. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Scary, right? Next time, do not neglect safety in your bathroom. Do maintain it and use top-quality bathroom safety products to prevent serious injuries.

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High Tech Locks for Your Home

How do you like to use your fingerprint to open your door lock?! Cool, eh? If you’re thinking of buying a new house, you might consider installing a fingerprint lock to enhance security, style and ease of use.

Save yourself from worrying about losing your keys, especially if you have kids. They can be very playful and misplace your house key. Some people might find them and use them to let themselves into your home. With ths use a fingerprint lock, you get more protection as you don’t need to give your key to anyone to avoid being duplicated or copied for later use. It only need fingerprints saved into the lock’s memory and you can delete them whenever you need to. It’s guaranteed that only authorized person can get access to your door lock.

Not only they offer security and protection for you and your household, they’re also more convenient to use than any mechanical key locks. All you have to do is place your finger on the optical sensor and wait for few seconds for the door to unlock itself. Aint it cool? If you would you like to have one of these for your house, check out

Remember, you can always loose your key, but you always have your finger.

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Add a Beautiful Charm to Your Homes

I love curtains. Curtains with beautiful styles and designs can really add sunshine to your boring homes. It adds a beautiful charm. It can make any room in your house more comfortable and friendlier. My mom and my Aunt are religious curtain collectors. They love going to malls and thrift shops to buy curtains of different styles and colors. My favorite is the white sheer lace curtain hanging in the window of our living room. The fabric is airy and light, allowing light and air to come through the window. I love looking at them as they sway gently backward and forward on windy afternoons. Gives you a refreshing and relaxing feeling. Its plain and simple design compliments the wood furnitures we have all over the house. Adds a homey appeal, very provincial and yes, it looks a little romantic too. DO you like curtains too? If you have a minimalist theme in your house, try the black and white with bold lines. It will look great in any part of your house. If you want to achieve an earthly appeal, buy curtains with earth colors mixed with the floral prints on it. Curtains with loud and contrasting colors like green/red, orange/gold, will look best on light colored walls. There are actually different types of curtains and window drapery hardware you can use to decorate your house – bamboo shades, mini blinds, country curtains and shutters. For all your window blinds and decoration needs, check out Smith Noble website. Super love their living room curtains collection.

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