Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I keep getting stressed out whenever I see my couch at home!! It’s sooo ugly! I need to replace it ASAP and it’s becoming hazardous to my health. I slept on it last night and this morning I woke up having colds/allergies. I’m guessing I had it from those tiny synthetic fibers breaking out from the cover. I really wanna throw it out! I wrote the other day that I’d rather buy new ones than get it upholstered so I’ve been searching around. I want a corner sofa, just like what I have at home, neutral color, budget-friendly and very very durable pleaseee. I really want a leather sofa but the last time I inquired, 3-seater cost around 35,000P already. Too expensive. I want something like this (pictures from Mandaue Foam website):

Bernard L-Shape Sofa

Isn’t it nice? I really like neutral interiors for my apartment.  The black and white here creates a balanced look across my living room, and it looks very clean and modern. Plus, it’s wide that means I can sleep on it at times.

Set of three tree painting

I also wanna buy this set of three tree painting that I can hang on my living room. I think it’s perfect and it’ll blend well with that sofa above. The bubbly pink color can add life to black/white colors. Ahhh I can imagine how pretty it’ll look like. I’m also thinking having a huge family picture (in b/w) hanging somewhere in my living room.

Caprice bed

And lastly, this new bed with functional headboard so I can have a place for my books and other stuff. Eversince I moved out of the house, I haven’t been able to buy myself a bedframe, so I’m used to sleeping on the floor (with bedfoam, of course) and sometimes, on my sofa. But now that I am older, I want a comfortable bed so I can sleep better. Ain’t it nice to come home to a nice apartment after a long and tiring day in the office?

Money come to me! I need these things in my life!!!

Do you also have plans to renovate your apartment? Go go go and do it ASAP, make it a showcase of your personality, it’s your home, your imagination! Check out more of Mandaue Foam’s website, there are a lot of choices there, and here’s their newest TV commercial:

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Everyday I’m Unhappy About My Couch

It hasn’t been 1 year since I bought this couch and it has worn out its cover already. It looked really nice in the beginning but after a few months, everything deteriorated! It’s now an ugly piece of furniture in my living room, I wanna throw it out! I went to SM to return it, get a replacement/refund but the people there aren’t gracious and considerate! They said there’s no warranty for this product!  Their suggestion is to get it upholstered for 5,000 – 10,000P. Whaaat!! That’s as good as buying new ones. I’d rather get custom fit seat covers for now. Next time, I’m buying a leather couch! So if you guys are planning to buy a couch for your living room, pls. say no to synthetic covers!

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Flooding in my Kitchen

My kitchen floor is getting flooded from water coming from our sink. It’s causing me a lot of stress since I have to mop the floor several times a day. I checked the pipes underneath and looks like it’s leaking, it needs major repair. We need to replace the metal hose with new ones ASAP before everything collapses. Argh stress! I don’t know anyone offering plumbing services around QC. I have no idea how much they’ll cost, but I hope not a lot! If you guys know any plumbing services, fast and reliable, do comment below! I need help ASAP! Thanks!

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DIY Hanging Shelves

New project coming up – hanging shelves where i can put my books, photo frames and other stuff. It’s cheaper than buying a cabinet, simple but classy and most importantly, it saves a lot of space! I need to install hanging shelves in my room and maybe in the kitchen also. Must learn how to make them ASAP. I will need some lighweight wood, brackets, screws and nuts to piece them together. It sounds easy to do but I’ll probably have a hard time doing it. I wish father will visit soon so he could help me put those shelves on.

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I went to the grocery this afternoon and woowww I was so schocked to find out how expensive fruits and vegetables are! Imagine, 3 pcs of eggplants is worth 38pesos; 2 pc of sayote is 34; 1k of camote is 80pesos; 1pc of bittermelon is almost 50pesos! So expensive they give me stress! Makes me want to puff a swisher sweet cigar lol. Why is everything sooo expensive?!

Haaay, just when I’ve finally decided to live a healthy lifestyle that’s when these prices rise up. I ended up buying canned goods instead.

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The Inspiring Cinderella Story of Master Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro

I love watching cooking shows even when I was very young. Back in the days, I was a huge big fan of Wok With Yan and I never fail to catch it on afternoons. These days, I love watching Junior Master Chef, Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef, Oliver’s Twist and almost all cooking shows in Asian Food Channel!

I watched JMC last night and can’t help but be amazed at those kids cooking like a pro. Wow! I didn’teven know how to fry an egg until I was 13! Haha. And because I am now 30 something, I’m trying to learn to cook different dishes – mostly pachams. I don’t dream of becoming a chef at all but I wanna learn how to prepare gourmet dishes, at least. I want to learn baking too!

My fave Filipino chef has got to be Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. I remember watching him on QTV11, he’s very engaging to watch, too hilarious, plus he’s got a very inspiring story to tell. If I can afford it, I’d go to his culinary school in Cavite. Who knows, this might be my calling! Why not? Besides, culinary careers – such as chefs and Food Service Manager Jobs – are very in demand nowadays. But then, mypachams aren’t really that tasty to begin with so maybe NOT. Anyway, here’s an excerpt of his very inspring story, read and learn!

Chef Boy started as a houseboy in a Chinese Restaurant in downtown Quiapo at age 13. After cleaning the house, he would go down to the restaurant and help out in the kitchen, kneading dough’s for siopao and assisting the chef cook lechon kawali.

He then started working in different restaurants. His life made a complete turnaround in 1982 when he left the country to work as sous chef at Sultan Qabass Bin Said’s Palace in Oman. He tried to get along well with the Egyptian Chefs, learned to speak Arabic, and took his job seriously. He made an impression on the Sultan, who grew very fond of him and thus appointed him as head chef. He accompanied His Majesty on International trips, where he was exposed to Spanish, French, English and Turkish gastronomy. After eight years he came back to the Philippines. He joined Manila Diamond Hotel in 1992 as one of the sous chefs. Promotion came in his way and in 1995, he earned the distinction of becoming the first and only Filipino Executive Chef in a five-star deluxe hotel in the Philippines.

Now, he realized his full potential as a Chef Instructor and mentor to students of his unique culinary school. He established the Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary And Kitchen Services, which has attracted a local, regional, national and international following. The School is located in Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite Philippines.

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This is how I spent my Christmas last year

A bottle of Tanduay ice, a glass of cali sparkling shandy, slice of leche flan, omelette, a handful of rice, fried dilis and my fave eversince the world begun ENSAYMADA. Sarrrap!

Yes, first time spending Christmas alone and it’s just….liberating. Not sad at all, in fact, I had funnnn. It’s a new experience and I’m proud to say I survived it. And I celebrated the New Year by myself too!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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5 Minute Brownie in a Mug (No Bake Cake)

Trying out the 5 minute brownie recipe I saw somewhere! Really yummy and fun to do.

4 tbsp all purpose flour
4 tbsp white sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 egg
3 tbsp milk (evap, full cream or fresh milk)
3 tbsp oil (we used melted butter)

1 microwaveable mug

optional ingredients: choco chips, nips, cashew nuts, walnuts etc.

How to do it:

– mix all dry ingredients together
– add 1 egg, mix
– add melted butter and milk, mix again
– mix altogether

Establish a strong consistency of the mixture. We added some choco chips in the mixture too.

Put in the microwave oven for 3 mins.I was shocked at first to see it blowing up!

Don’t worry because it will subside once cooked

Dyaraaan! Here’s the final product – 5 minute brownie in a mug!

Success!!!! Now top with choco chips and nips for a lovelier presentation. Very easy to do, no need to bake! Great bonding activity with your team, friends or kids. We also tried to top it with Strawberry yogurt, really yummy!

Total cost: 363P
Servings: 8-10

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On Retirement

Have you ever considered planning for your own retirement? I have. I don’t wanna keep working when I’m already old. I wanna be able to enjoy life when I retire, living a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and not worrying about money. I want to travel different places and just do everything I can while I’m still alive. The first step to achieve that is by getting a guaranteed life insurance. Most people think insurance is a burden when it’s clearly not. If anything, it’s an investment that protects you and your family in the long run – it can give you a pension when you’re old and gray; when suffering from sickness, it helps you pay the hospital bills; and when the time comes  that you have to depart from this world, you wont be leaving your family penniless. If you haven’t bought an insurance yet, it’s high time you think about it and your future.

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Pacham Diaries

Must get these le creuset cookwares! They actually come in different colors but I like the black and white ones. So classy!

If we’re friends on FB, you’ve probably seen my wall updates about my newfound hobby these past days. When I’m not soo busy, I’m usually in the kitchen having fun cooking different PACHAM dishes. I cook just about anything what I see on TV or read in magazines. I like to experiment a lot, many times, I just pick whatever is on left on the fridge and toss them altogether, adding a little salt and pepper and that’s it. I can’t say I’m a good at cooking yet, but oftentimes, I think I’m doing ok hahaha. My specialty? None. The thing is when I cook, there’s not a dish that tastes exactly the same because I don’t really know the proper way of cooking them (the Adobo I cooked last week isn’t the same Adobo I cooked yesterday LOL).

If you want to know more about my Pacham dishes, check out my food blog, Pacham Diaries. Thanks!

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