5-Day Itinerary To Enjoy Your Singlehood

I am on a 5-day VL starting tomorrow! Yessss!

I’m planning to catch up on sleep, rest and eat well but it looks like I’ll be very busy. Here’s my itinerary for this vacay:

Day 1: Photowalk with myself??! LOLS. Planning to drop by in Quiapo to buy brocolli because it’s cheaper there and some beads. Might also drop by in Ongpin to look for the Dong Bae Restaurant and try their famous dumplings. Tomorrow, I will prove to the world that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be lonely. Muahaha

Day 2: Go to BPI to inquire about index funds. Liz told me to invest in index funds instead of mutual funds. Based on what I googled, for people like me who do not have time and expertise to study stock market, it is the best way to invest. Returns are not as great as other equity funds BUT, it is the safest. I have very limited knowledge about investing so I’ve been reading investment ebooks these past days because I really really want to save as much money as I can for my future (I need to buy at least 2 haciendas hahahah) I realized if I just put my money in the bank, it’ll only earn a few cents of interest. So if I want to be able achieve my finacial goals, I need to start investing ASAP. Had I done this years ago, I would have been rich and famous by now lols. I’ve joined forums, downloaded free ebooks about financial management, read online resources and now my head is aching trying to learn various investment strategies. The simplest is Binary Option Trading also called all-or-nothing options. They can be very rewarding but very risky. This is how it works:

You purchase a 100$ stocks with a payoff of 1000$. If the stock trading is at 100$ or higher, you get 1000$! If stock trading is below 100$, you get nothing.

Very very risky but exciting, don’t you think? It’s also easier to understand. I wanna try it someday. CedarFinance offer this new trading strategy online. They also provide personal account managers who can work closely with you to ensure you’re getting all the help you needed when trading.

Yes, the day after tomorrow will be spent searching and attarcting money, lots and lots of money in my life!

Day 3: Apply 5S at home! I seriously need to declutter my apartment – bathroom, kitchen, and my living room! I’ve already done de-cluttering my room last week. Took me hours to finish! Do the laundry. Clean my room (I might have a roommate next week!). Throwing away those extra baggages. This day will be all about organizing whatever’s not organize in my life!

Day 4: Sunday! Attend morning service (7AM) in Day by Day Christian Ministry in Folk Arts!  Lord, I will seek you early in the morning and late at night! This day will be for Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Day 5: Pedicure, spa, whole body massage, derma lols, glutathione haha, and everything else! Day 5 will be all about me, myself and my me-self attitude LOLS.

Tomorrow onwards, I plan to really really enjoy myself, start living a healthy lifestyle, be productive, become more appreciative, practice 5S in my life, get closer to God and move towards my goals!!!

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There’s a big pile of work on your desk and you wonder how you can ever get it all done. There’s a long list of things to do on your calendar, and you wonder how you will ever get through them all.

It’s time to stop wondering and start doing. Begin with whatever is on top of the pile, get it done, and then move on to the next thing. Rather than letting yourself become overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, start whittling away at it.

If you can’t possibly get it all done, that’s all the more reason to start doing some of it right away. Getting frustrated or worried about it will only waste your time and make it worse. Instead, put your energy where it will count. Every moment, every effort will make a positive difference and will bring you closer to finishing the task.

When you have a lot to do, that’s great! It sure beats the alternative of being bored and aimless. Dive into it and enjoy the experience of making a real and positive difference, and of getting things done.

— Ralph Marston

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5S Your Closet

1. Take everything out! All of it!!!!

2. Quickly sort into 3 piles – KEEP, MAYBE, DONATE.

· KEEP – this is for stuff you really really love and actually use.

· MAYBE – this is for the stuff you have trouble getting rid of for some reasons. The stuff that you think you might use in the future.

· DONATE – this is for the stuff you haven’t used for more than a year. The clothes that won’t fit anymore. The extra stuff cluttering your closet.

3. Clean out the closet nicely. Put the KEEP pile back in the closet. Put it back neatly and organized.

4. Deal immediately with the other piles.

· Put the MAYBE pile into boxes and store them somewhere in your closet. Label each box using a dymo color label printer – one for summer clothes, winter clothes, scarf/shawl/accessories etc.


Pack the DONATE pile nicely (please don’t use plastic bags, instead use a blanket, towel or old t-shirt to tie up) and bring them to charity drop offs!!! A lot of people need them more than you do.

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Is USANA Nutrimeal effective?

I met with my college friend Glenish last night and she introduced me to USANA Nutrimeal products. I have yet to try it but I read good reviews online. I’m eager to try their 5-day reset program. Will try it probably next week, will keep you posted with the results. I just hope this is the answer to my battle with weight loss problems.

What is Nutrimeal?
Nutrimeal™ is a low-glycemic drink mix that provides complex carbohydrates, soy protein, 8 grams of fiber, and other vital nutrients. With only 230 calories, a delicious glass of Nutrimeal will satisfy your hunger while helping you lose weight. In Malaysia, Nutrimeal is available in Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors.

High-Glycemic/Low-Glycemic Food
High-glycemic food are the type of food that spikes up your blood glucose levels. Low-glycemic food keeps your blood glucose level more stable, helping to reduce carbohydrate cravings, leave you feeling satisfied longer, and control your appetite more easily. A poor lifestyle can cause your body to over-stimulate the release of insulin-the body’s storage hormone. In essence, if you keep overeating sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates, you will be more likely to gain weight. High-glycemic food includes rice, potato, ice-cream, chocolate, noodles, pasta, (almost everything that you consider your favorite food) etc.

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Sending Christmas Cards Via Snail Mail

Technology has changed this world so much that I don’t get cards and handwritten letters anymore. All I get are PMs, FB wall messages, email and SMS!

I miss receiving and sending handwritten letters. Back in college, I used to write letters/notes for Ruthie and Mimi almost everyday. They also reply to me the next day with their own letters. I kept hundreds of those in a shoe box at home. Sometimes, I read them and look back at how simple our lives were. All we ever thought about were – surviving college and seeing our crushes hahaha. Haaay good times.

This Christmas, I plan to send greeting cards via snail mails to my dear friends (HS and college friends), maybe not handwritten letters anymore, but I’ll use photoaffections for photo christmas cards . I got the idea from Lizzie. A few years back, she sent me a nice card with a picture of her family and I felt really touched when I saw it. I think it’ll be nice if I surprise my friends with the same thing. My only concern now is how to get their home addresses.

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Carbonara with Brocolli Recipe

Yeay, brand new pacham in the house!!! To celebrate my brother’s despedida parteeey, I decided to experiment on Carbonara again. My previous carbonara recipes aren’t the best in the whole world, ok, that’s why I keep on cooking/experimenting it until I find the perfect one that will blown me away.

Quite honestly, I don’t really know how to cook that well. So last week I tried using a ready mix so I don’t have to worry about the timpla.


3 packs McCormick Carbonara Sauce Mix
1 big tetra pack of Nestle Low Fat Milk
1 250ml Nestle cream
7 strips of bacon (deep fried and cut into tiny bits)
Steamed Brocolli
Parmesan cheese
500gm San Remo Fettuccine
Secret weapon: Magic Sarap!

Here’s how:

Cook pasta according to package instruction.
Heat milk in a pan, then add McCormick Carbonara Sauce Mix, cook until the powder is dissolved.
Add nextle cream, pepper and bacon bits (if the taste is bland,add MAGIC SARAP!)
Add cooked pasta in the mixture, then add steamed broccoli
Top with Parmesan cheese.
Serve hot or cold.


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This is my dream life

To wake up each morning with this view just outside my window. To have breakfast by the terrace, overlooking the beach, while reading my favorite book, eating my favorite ensaimada and drinking a cup of great taste white coffee. To have a beach house where I, my family and friends can relax and unwind. To eat healthy vegetables that I planted on my backyard. To eat fresh seafood everyday. I want a garden too with lots of mango trees and pretty flowers. To spend my afternoons walking by the beach and just enjoying God’s creation. To earn passive income so I don’t have to work another day in the office. To sleep in a nice and not so fluffy bed, with 4 fluffy pillows, no aircon but my room should have windows so it’ll be well ventilated. To experience stargazing night after night. To live a peaceful and healthy life – no stress, no deadlines, no traffic, most of all, no pollution!

Do you also desire to have this kind of life? Start off with buying a Holden Beach NC real estate first.

The life I’m living right now is sooo much different but I’m embracing what God has given me and I’m trying live well one day at a time, but I know someday, I’ll get there! Dream life come to me soon.

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Why LED Lights?

I’ve had my first encounter with LEDs when I was in college. Our professor in one of our Electronics subjects asked us to make a project out of LEDs. Our team made a custom LED lighting that dances in sequence, which can be useful when making decorative Christmas lights. It was so cute!

I never realized LEDs can actually do more than that. They can now be used as an alternative to regular light bulbs and other light fixtures. It has evolved and can be used in indoor and outdoor too – you can find it inside homes, offices (even our office is also using LEDs because lights are needed 24/7), restaurants, traffic lights and even streetlights.

If you’re looking where to buy cheap LED lights locally, check out T. Alonzo St. in Binondo, they have a variety of LED lighting fixtures there. There are also plenty of electronics stores in Raon, Quiapo. Just a reminder though, Quiapo is not a very safe place visit so make sure you take extra precautions. The streets are very small in size, lots of people telling you to buy this and that, place can also be very hot and several pickpockets roaming around! So if you value safety and convenience, whynot consider ordering low cost LED lights online? I’m sure there are online stores that provide high-quality LEDs at affordable prices too with fast and secured shipping.

So what are the benefits of using LEDs, you ask?

  • Unlike florescent bulbs, they do not contain mercury and other toxic material, so LEDs help in protecting our environment
  • LEDs produce minimal heat so it never gets too hot when you touch them
  • It’s energy-efficient! (can save up to 85% percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs and up to 50% of electricity used by fluorescent bulbs)
  • LEDs do not flicker unlike regular light bulbs
  • Above all, LEDs can reduce maintenance costs since they last much longer than regular bulbs!

So if you want to save money, through reduced energy consumption, switch to using LED lights now!

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Money Come To Me

Aside from “I’m fine, thank you”, my new motto in life is “Money, come to me!”

Last night, while traversing Masinag Hi-way heading to Cubao, one of my colleagues mentioned out of nowhere that she doesn’t have any desires to be rich. My thoughts on that subject are very opposite. I wanna to be rich! I wanna be able to buy all the things I want. I want to travel the world! And if I have lots of money, I will not think twice to share it and become a blessing to others. I don’t understand why people can say easily that they don’t want to have lots of money, because most people I know think otherwise. And even when I was very young and roleplaying with my cousins, I always wanted to play the role of a “senyorita” hahaha, someone who lives in a huge house with a spiral staircase, who wears nice clothes at home, has a classic telephone and a complete set of victorian sofa!

Well maybe she grew up having nice things in life already. Can’t blame her.

I need money not just because I need it for myself. I need more money so I can be more of help to others. I need more money so I can provide more for my family. I need money so I can plan my next 10-20-30-40-50 years. No one knows what will happen in the future. I could be healthy and fit today, but not tomorrow (Oh Lord, pls. guide me and keep me safe, including my family and friends, all the time). I’m not being all negative, I just wanna make sure I don’t cause burdens to anyone, even when it’s my time to go (Lord, I wanna live longer!). It wont hurt to be prepared, nothing wrong if you think about planning your own memorial service (check here for funeral planning guide) as early as now. It doesn’t mean you’re in a hurry to use it, ok. Just making sure everything is well planned!

Lord, you know what are my desires. Help me to find the means by which to live comfortably, free from financial worries and burdens.


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I need a bathtub in my life!

I’ve never wanted a bathtub until recently, when I started to get conscious about my health and lifestyle. Why I want it? Not only it serves as a perfect place for relaxation, you can also get various health benefits from it:

– soaking in warm water calms internal organs and endocrine system by stimulating nerves on the spinal cord
– warm bath relieves stress
– it alleviates sleeping problems
– it lowers blood pressure
– relaxes tense muscles, and supports and reduces stress on the joints
– bubble bath can improve the condition of your skin

I need a bathtub in my life, except that I need to get a much bigger bathroom first!

So which of these clawfoot tubs bathtubs is perfect for your lifestyle?

Perfect for the minimalist

For the young and bubbly college students

For matured older women

For the sensual and independent woman.

For the homemaker

For the artist

For mommies with 2 adorable kids

For the sophisticated Asian!

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