Irrepressible Goodness

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful. Though life’s goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed.

For every single act that is senselessly destructive, there are thousands more small, quiet acts of love, kindness and compassion. For every person who seeks to hurt, there are many, many more who devote their lives to helping and to healing.

When something needs to be done, even if it is difficult and demanding, there is always someone who steps forward to do it. When problems arise, there are always those who are eager to deal with them.

Though the goodness of life does at times suffer setbacks, it always endures. And when it is challenged, the goodness of life comes back stronger than ever.

For in the darkest moments it becomes vividly clear that life is a priceless treasure. And so the goodness of life is made even stronger by the very things that oppose it.

Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction.

— Ralph Marston

NOTES: Exactly what I needed today – “Open your heart and look around you. You will see that goodness shining in every direction”

Something not so nice happened this morning and I don’t want to focus all my energy about it today. No to negative stuff pls. I want to just enjoy and focus in the goodness of life!

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Lose Weight Using Portion Control Plates

How cool!!!!

Porcelain Control Plate

I need a set of of this china portion plates in my life! Sooo cool!

Why losing weight is sooo hard!!!! I am getting bigger day by day. I seriously haven’t worn maong pants in years! A lot of my clothes from 2-3 yrs back wont fit anymore!!! I know exactly what to do but I just can’t find the time and courage to do it. I need a complete paradigm shift about my thoughts on dieting and becoming healthy. How to start???

Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Repeat 100x!

Dieting means eating well. Eating well doesn’t mean eating everthing you like! Eating well means eating the right food in healthy quantities and in proper proportion to each other. I should stop eating rice and bread and potatoes! I know I cannot stop it altogether because I’m such a Ricevore and Carboholic haha. My action plan is to start with half rice each for morning and lunch and no rice for dinner, then more veggies throughout the day and just a small portion of lean meat. Easier said than done, I know. I need this portion plate to remind me to watch what I’m eating all the time! I just need 1 piece that I could bring wherever I go.

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Storage Cabinet For Beads

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know what I do during my free hours – beading and DIY jewelries! I started way waaaay back and my beading collection has become massive over the years. My favorite pieces are charm bracelets and earrings. I sometimes earn a few money by accepting customized orders.

This photo shows a tiny part of my collection

I have several pieces of storage boxes in different sizes that’s causing a clutter in my bedroom! They’re seriously very hard to maintain and clean up, I should go get a storage cabinet for my beads collection! Something like this:


It’s neat and less hassle when cleaning up! Perfect! My collection isn’t this huge yet but who knows, if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I may need to have a separate room for my beads 5 yrs from now! You know any shop selling this type of storage cabinets? I haven’t seen anything like this in SM malls. Maybe they’re customized.

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2013 Goals: A Brand New LED TV

New goals for 2013 – a new TV!!! A 42″ LED TV with a monitor floor stand! Preferably a Sony brand or Samsung. My old tube TV which I bought 8yrs ago is still working, and it’s taking a lot of space in my tiny living room. I am thinking of disposing my TV rack and other cabinets to free up some space. I want it wall-mounted at first but my landlord disapprove any holes in the wall, so my next best option is a floor stand! It’s also more convenient in case I decide to move things around my apartment.  Target date for this goal is 3rd quarter. I still have a few months left to save.

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On Fashion: Thank God for the leggings!
On Social Media: At the end of the day, blogging pa din!
On Faith & Reason: It feels good to pray everyday.
On Family: They’re my only treasures!
On Facebook: Avoid posting annoying FB statuses! lols
On Friends: Matutong makiramdam. Huwag ipagsiksikan ang sarili sa mga taong ayaw ka namang makasama.
On Travelling and Exploring the world: Very expensive. When I think about those money I spent travelling here and there…haaaay. I don’t regret the memories but the moneys…that’s a lot of money talaga enough for me to buy a hacienda in my barriosiete!! LOL
On Cooking: I have the potential t o become a chef! Charotttt! Ang totoo I have the potential to become a good….wife and mother. Mas lalong Charottt! HAHAHA. Secret to a delicious ulam – Ginisa mix! Do not overcook bawang, sibuyas and kamatis. Use camote instead of potatoes. Use baking soda when cleaning, even when brushing your teeth.
On Deodorant: Powdered tawas will save the day. Cheap and effective!
On Beauty: I highly recommend Myra 400E. And it’s ok na magpa DERMCARE once in a while. Drink lots and lots of water everyday!
On Home: Don’t buy leatherette sofa from SM Dept!
On Living: Practice 5S!
On Internet: I cannot live without internet anymoreeee!
On Love: Allow people to fall in love, even if irritates the hell out of you.
On Life: Enjoy life’s little blessings like – a good weather, trees swaying outside your window, birds chirping in the morning etc.
On Myself: Share your courage, keep your fears to yourself.
On Music: Music has no language. Look at Gangnam Style.
On People: I don’t have to force myself to like everyone.
On Food: Eat as many Malunggay and Brocolli as you can.
On Technology: I want an iPad! And a MACBOOK! iPhone? Not so much.
On Money: Money is meant to be enjoyed.
On Career: It’s never too late to change careers!
On Health: Truly understand now the meaning when they say HEALTH is WEALTH.
On Men: They’re better as they age.
On Youth: I realized…I wasn’t that fat back in college.
On Aging: Walang hindi kinakaya ang mga 30 anyos! And always wear sunscreen!
On Time: Cherish every second of your life because ang nakalipas ay di maaring balikan.
On Whitening: Effective pala talaga ang Kojiesan hehe

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s all have a blessed and fruitful 2013!

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Bacon Ranch Potato Salad Recipe

Sharing to you this yummy recipe I got from Errol P. and Jadie – Bacon Ranch Potato Salad. So delicious! Perfect for this coming holiday. I tried it last week, on my sister’s birthday and it tasted really yummy. Make sure to refrigerate it for a few hours before serving. Enjoy!

½ cup Mayo

1 cup ranch dressing

1/8 teaspoon Paprika

1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1/8 teaspoon Black Pepper

6 eggs

6-8 large potatoes

1 Big white onion, chopped

6 strips bacon, fried


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Wish List 2013

I’m planning to sell a few furniture I have in my apartment, so anybody interested message me here pls. I’m also thinking of selling my refrigerator, DSLR camera, and old clothes and shoes. I’m not migrating anywhere, I just want to practive 5S i n my life and have less clutter at home. I have a huge L-shape sofa that’s taking a lot of space in my living room, instead of having it re-upholstered, I might sell it instead and get a 2-3 seater couch, or this huge bean bag.

I love to have this huge Bean Bag as a Christmas present!

It’s 6-ft and can accommodate 2 -3 adults comfortably. It provides cushion and pillows for support. I like it sooo much, it’ll definitely look good in my living room! It’s also the best loveseat when watching romantic movies! So if you guys feel like giving me something this Holiday, pls. bear in my that I need this bean bag in my life. Thank you!

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My Dream Backyard

I want a backyard with a mini pool like this:

credits: plantnj

Oh myyyy, it’s soooo beautiful! I can already imagine myself enjoying a hearty breakfast here, while reading my favorite book! It’s sooo perfect! I want my future backyard to have lots of pretty flowers and all sorts of plants and trees and a man-made falls too! I need to have a jandy aqualink installed so I can adjust the water temperature and the lighting. I want it to look pretty at night too! I wanna dive in this picture

God help me to find the means to fulfill all my dreams! Many years from now, I want to live comfortably and happily in my dream house.

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Havaianas vs Ipanema vs Dupe. The battle of flip flops begins!

This is an unbiased post, ok, just honest to goodness review that I want to share to you all!

I can definitely say Dupe slippers are a lot better than Ipanema and Havaianas.

The problem with Ipanema is that its soles (mid-section area) can easily tear apart. Ampanget! Merong slice dun sa mid part nun swelas. How the hell it happened? It’s not because I’m heavy, no? Pang 50kilos and below lang yata tong stepin na to eh. I’ve had it only for less than a year and it’s already useless (bought Oct 2010)! Not an isolated case because Carol’s Giselle Bundchen Ipanema slippers had the same problem. My cousin also said the same thing about her Ipanema slippers. Total waste of money!

Last May 2011, my brother went Havaianas crazy and hoarded 8 pairs of Havaianas for us and guess what, most of them are already broken! Ang dali mapigtas nun strap. I haven’t even used it for long because it’s Havaianas and it’s sooo precious to me! Original teh because he bought it in Brazil mismo. I haven’t even brought it to Boracaaay lols! Haaay sayang. Ang mahal-mahal pero andali masira. Ruthie had one too na sobrang expensive and nasira din agad yun strap.

But my pair of Dupe slippers (I had it since Feb 2011) still look like it’s just out of the box! Walang bola, ang tagal mapudpod even when I use it often – going to palengke, SM, inside the apartment, even inside the CR, my sister even sometimes wear it to work. Ang tibay ng strap. Very comfortable esp. yun may gel sa heel portion nun slippers. I love it!

If you want value for your money when shopping for slippers, get yourself a pair of DUPE slippers. They have pretty designs and colors too, they’re very very affordable, above all, they last for a long time! Amazing lang sa tibay.

So yes, DUPE SLIPPERS for the win!

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5S Your Home

Reduce your stress and enjoy more time for yourself and your family!
Apply 5S concept in your home NOW!

1. Keep like items together.

2. Store things where you use them. Keep extra sheets in the bedroom, videos near the TV, and cleaning supplies on every floor.

3. Make frequently used items easily accessible and rarely-used items less accessible. If you use your blender daily, keep it on the counter. If you use it once a month, put it in the back of a low cabinet.

4. If you don’t use it get rid of it. Unless it’s a beautiful decorative item or a cherished memento, why are you keeping it? Pass it on.

5. Establish a place for everything. Designate a “home” for every item in YOUR home. Make them so specific you can find things in the dark.

6. Always put it back where it belongs after you use it. Teach household members to do the same.

7. Use lists. Make lists of things to do and buy.

8. Develop systems and routines. Find the most efficient way to do the laundry and stick with it. Use a meal planner consistently. You’ll save time by not having to think about the details.

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