Mid Length Haircut for Chubby Faces

Do you also get anxious when getting a haircut? I do! There had been a few instances when I would end up going to 2 different salons in a day just to get my hair done. I do have my favorite hairstylist but because I live far from my hometown, I don’t get to see him often these days.

My hair right now is on my shoulder blades, I need to cut it just a little below my shoulders so it’ll be easier to manage. I also want to get new hair colors! It’s been 2 years since my last revlon hair. I want a Chestnut Brown hair color with caramel highlights. I want to try something similar to the 3rd and 5th pic from that collage. I need those uneven layers so I could hide my chubby cheeks. What do you think?

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July 2014 Commitment

We’re already halfway through 2014! Instead of WISHING AND HOPING, I want to set GOALS AND PLANS this time. And I want to stay committed to my goals– health wellness and financial independence.

So this July, I commit to:

– create a blogpost here at least 3x a week
– 1 blogpost for all my other blogs every week (malenggay.info, mydailysunshines.blogspot.com, pachamrecipes.blogspot.com)
– walk/run at least 2x a week
– eat veggies 6 days a week (1 day is reserved for chicken/meat)
– use the JUICER once a week! Sayang naman.
– post 10 ads everyday
– manage my finances better (no unnecessary purchases– clothes, shoes etc.)
– set aside money to pay our payables
– to save and invest
– start earning money again thru PU2B, PTCs etc.  PTCs etc.
– stop drinking Coke
– eat less rice
– take vitamin C, E and Iron daily
– apply Pond’s day and night cream everyday/night
– drink 8++ glasses of water everyday
– cut my grocery budget to half
– take the IC exam and pass it. Finish the 10-day e-learning.
– close at least 1 sale for July
– stop buying (and eating) chichiryas and pancit canton haha
– start earning money thru diff business ventures (RE, SF, Ag, BL)
– get enough sleep everyday and start each day early
– to do 30 sit ups everyday
– expand my network / become more sociable
– keep trying, experimenting, learning until I succeed

I will add more when I remember them later today.

Let’s do this!

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Lose Weight Using Portion Control Plates

How cool!!!!

Porcelain Control Plate

I need a set of of this china portion plates in my life! Sooo cool!

Why losing weight is sooo hard!!!! I am getting bigger day by day. I seriously haven’t worn maong pants in years! A lot of my clothes from 2-3 yrs back wont fit anymore!!! I know exactly what to do but I just can’t find the time and courage to do it. I need a complete paradigm shift about my thoughts on dieting and becoming healthy. How to start???

Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Repeat 100x!

Dieting means eating well. Eating well doesn’t mean eating everthing you like! Eating well means eating the right food in healthy quantities and in proper proportion to each other. I should stop eating rice and bread and potatoes! I know I cannot stop it altogether because I’m such a Ricevore and Carboholic haha. My action plan is to start with half rice each for morning and lunch and no rice for dinner, then more veggies throughout the day and just a small portion of lean meat. Easier said than done, I know. I need this portion plate to remind me to watch what I’m eating all the time! I just need 1 piece that I could bring wherever I go.

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How To Kill Foot Warts

I didn’t know such warts exist until I got them some 6-7 yrs ago. Foot warts are tiny lesions that appear on the soles of the foot. They can be very painful, and at times, they can get really itchy. Since it’s a virus infection, you can get it from another person via skin contact.

It took 3-4 weeks before they disappeared entirely on my feet. I believe I cured them by soaking both my feet in very hot water with alcohol for 1 week.

Other methods to cure foot warts are:

Using a duct tape to cover the warts for 7-10 days. Once duct tape is removed, rub the warts with a pumice stone. Repeat the process until the warts disappear.

Use apple cider vinegar. Take a cotton ball, soak it with the vinegar and apply it directly to the wart. Cover it with a bandage and let it remain overnight. Repeat the process until the warts disappear.

The best and more convenient method is done using electrosurgery equipment. It’s safe and quick! You don’t have to wait a long time for the warts to be treated. I know! I should have consulted a dermatologist before and resorted to this option to lessen my suffering, but I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for the treatment! After 2 months or so, the nurse in our office told me our HMO card covers this kind of disease.

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Stacy’s Pita Chips Cinnamon Sugar

I love all sorts of bread! I can live without eating rice but pls. spare me piece of bread! On weekends, I eat pandesal for breakfast. Every afternoon after my office hours, I drop by at this bakeshop near my apartment to buy diffrent kind of breads. My dinner the other day is from Bread Talk haha. My all time favorite snack is Plato Wraps made from pita bread. I make sure to buy them whenever I go out malling. When Pan de Manila, French Baker and Tous Le Jours Bakery opened near my workplace, I was extremely delighted. Yes, I’m a carboholic like t hat! But lately, I am tyring to change my diet and eat less carb and eat more protein instead. Hay soo hard because I’m a carboholic since birth haha. I’m also trying to avoid sweets, chips and all kinds of junk food. What a hard life to live! LOL What to do when my cravings for sweet, bread and chips attack? THIS is the answer:

It’s stacy’s pita chips cinnamon sugar – made from all natural pita bread (baked not fired) and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with no cholesterol and no trans fat! All my favorites!!! Healthy? No? I’m not sure but looks really yummy! Where can I buy this in my country?

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My Shui Hilot Healing Spa Experience

Thank you Ruthie for this bday gift! 345P instead of P1380 for a 90-min Shui Hilot with Ventosa Cupping and Dagdagay.

I just received my very first whole body massage in a massage spa last Saturday…and quite honestly, it wasn’t the best (and not the worst either) experience…if anything, it was a bit traumatic. Charooot! Seriously, it was just a so-so experience. It’s not something I’ll look forward to doing again. Mas gusto ko mag masahe si Inday, my kid sister, esp. when she’s mad haha because I can really feel my whole body react to her every palo, kurot and reklamo. Ok, I’m not really used to body massage, so parang I’m not in the position na mag-inarte diba lols…but I definitely know how to differentiate a good service from not. Ok again, it wasn’t that bad…it just didn’t meet my expectations na hindi naman masyadong mataas.

We arrived 15mins late bec we haven’t printed our vouchers yet, buti na lang Ruthie called Shui first to adjust our schedule. Mimi arrived a little later so nabawasan yun 90mins nya. So make sure you come on time when you place your reservation, otherwise, mababawasan yun time nyo. I’m not complaining, I think this is actually nice esp. when there’s a lot of people in queue.

Upon entering the cubicle rooms, they asked us to remove our clothing (yes, bra and all! charot, may panty naman hehe), then lie face-down. Shocks!!! Lampin lang ang pantapis! HAHA. Ok lang because naka-dim light naman. It was my first spa experience so pls. understand if I went berserk. I dind’t want to let go of my panty!!!! LOLSSSS

First thing I tried was Ventosa Cupping. – those little bottles + candle placed on your back to suction all the “lamig” in your body. It looked non-sense sa picture…it wasn’t that bad but for 2 days, my back hurts.

Then Dagdagay – foot hilot therapy. Nothing extraordinary here. Just some pinching and pressing your talampakan. My only worry is my toe injury I incurred in Davao last 2009. My tolerance to pain is sometimes very low…esp. when it comes to this part of my body. One time while having a foot spa, I forgot to inform Ate abott my injury so she pulled my  toe and I collapsed! OA OA OA!!! I screamed in pain, it hurts so bad, I thought she pulled my left index toe out of my foot.

Then the whole body hilot which was more like HILURIN MO LIKOD KO. Hahaha. But I think that’s the traditional hilot talaga…yun hinde masyadong masakit.

Lastly, head massage that only made my hair looked greasy with baby oil. Ampanget because I looked really really haggard!

Some things I wish they could improve:

First, I prefer having a Zen music being played while having a massage. Mas relaxing. Shui Libis branch doesn’t have any music palyed in the background. Kahit FM man lang sana hahaha

Unlike other spas that I’ve visited in the past, the interior lack some ornaments/decorations. Ang arte-arte ko lang di ba hehe. It just doesn’t look very inviting. Yun lang naman.

It lack that minty fresh aroma that’s sooo addicting. Yung parang VICKS!

No bidet in the comfort room. Ang arte lang, eh wala din naman ako nyan sa partment haha

But the staff are really nice.

Look, they’re very pricey! My verdict? It’s worth a try but just don’t expect a lot. 5/10 stars.

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Doing Yoga to get better sleep

I read somewhere that yoga can get you better sleep so I bought a yoga DVD and a yoga mat (I should have bought the best jade yoga mat instead) to help me practice it but why oh why it’s sooo hard to learn it! I have only been practicing the basic positions and oh boyyyy, I sweat a ton all over my body. Add to that the problem of having a tiny living room. Whenever I do stretching, my hand reaches my TV rack and my left foot reaches my couch making it difficult for me to move. Maybe it’ll be better if I do it in my bedroom, with dim lightning, scented candle and a relaxing yoga music. I’m planning to stick to yoga and practice it everyday, hopefully I can give it more time.

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Is USANA Nutrimeal effective?

I met with my college friend Glenish last night and she introduced me to USANA Nutrimeal products. I have yet to try it but I read good reviews online. I’m eager to try their 5-day reset program. Will try it probably next week, will keep you posted with the results. I just hope this is the answer to my battle with weight loss problems.

What is Nutrimeal?
Nutrimeal™ is a low-glycemic drink mix that provides complex carbohydrates, soy protein, 8 grams of fiber, and other vital nutrients. With only 230 calories, a delicious glass of Nutrimeal will satisfy your hunger while helping you lose weight. In Malaysia, Nutrimeal is available in Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors.

High-Glycemic/Low-Glycemic Food
High-glycemic food are the type of food that spikes up your blood glucose levels. Low-glycemic food keeps your blood glucose level more stable, helping to reduce carbohydrate cravings, leave you feeling satisfied longer, and control your appetite more easily. A poor lifestyle can cause your body to over-stimulate the release of insulin-the body’s storage hormone. In essence, if you keep overeating sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates, you will be more likely to gain weight. High-glycemic food includes rice, potato, ice-cream, chocolate, noodles, pasta, (almost everything that you consider your favorite food) etc.

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How to get an even color all over your body?

I wonder what really causes uneven skin tone and how to address them properly? My thighs are whiter than my legs, same goes with my arms. My face is slightly whiter than the rest of my body. I need to use a sunless spray tan on my face, tummy and anywhere else that’s hidden or use a bleaching soap on my more exposed body parts so my color could get even. Here are 2 natural remedies I found on the web – exfoliate skin once a week to remove dead skin cells and apply lemon juice on your skin. I might try kalamansi instead of lemons since they’re cheaper and easily available. Wish me luck!

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I need to lose 30 lbs in 3 months!!!

photo credit: dessy bridesmaid dresses

I need to be that “thin” so I can wear that same gown on December!

My cousin Mitchie is getting married soon and it’s stressing me out! How will I ever get rid of these baby fats that I’ve been keeping since ages ago? I need to lose weight ASAP! I need to find the perfect weight loss program that’s guaranteed to work for the kind of lifestyle that I have. HELP!

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