Taking A Break

I know. I know. Puro na lang tinda..puro na lang Posporo, Palito, Pito!!!! Anobeh!!! I realized, mas mahalaga ang pera kesa sa IDEOLOGY noh LOL. 

Watched Eagle Eye yesterday, starring Shia Le-hinde-ko-ma-spell-ang-last-name-nya pero sya yung starring sa Transformer na hawig ni Kevjumba na boyfren ni Minnie na pinsan ni HappySlip na pinsan ni Josh Verdes na kamakailan lang eh nag-asawa kaya pareho kaming broken ni reynz na napaka-controversial na uragon na nanggagalaiti sa ‘bestfriend’  betsch self righteous na lola kala mo kung sino pero at the end of the day umuurong ang buntot so who cares what’s new wa me pakels eh last year ganyan din ang drama nyan some people talaga just never learn their lessons. Whoah, ang habaaaa. Yes, as you can see and read, I am a bit freakin pessed right now….I need a break.  

I will be in Puerto Galera next week. See yah there!


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Eraserheads Reunion Concert on August 30, 2008

Everyone was excited about the rumor: Eraserheads Reunion. Finally!

And then weeks later, rumor was that the Eraserheads Reunion was canceled. Due to pressures from the anti-smoking campaign led by the Department of Health, the organizer Philip Morris backed out from producing the show. For all Eraserheads fans out there, just like moi, this was an ultimate letdown.

But it’s now pushing through!!! This time with a different producer. Eheads drummer Raymund Marasigan himself made the announcement: The Eraserheads are “most definitely” pushing through with the reunion show. On schedule. At the right venue.

08.30.2008 at the Fort Bonifacio open field

From: raymund marasigan
date: Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 8:37 PM
subject: [subsandwich] eraserheads aug 30 08 confirmed

dear everybody

after much ado. the eraserheads concert is most definitely pushing through.

philip morris and its brands have pulled out from the concert. but another company is taking over the production. the turn over started
yesterday and they have already started work on the site in the fort. so you can check.

there are good news and bad news.

unfortunately it’s no longer free. all the long winded registration procedures in the red nation site is now void.

the good news is that the age limit is now 12 years old (for safety reasons) and tickets will be sold so you don’t have to wait for confirmation and what not.

the official announcement and ticketing details will come out in major newspapers and on the radio on tuesday.

these are the only details i know for now so no need to email me. i’m just the drummer.

btw. i just got home from the last rehearsal. the band is cooking. we will see you all on the 30th.


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My L2S Outdoors Club Experience

I SUPER LOVE THE OUTDOORS. Beachineering. Camping. Snorkeling. Hiking. Everything that has to do with nature! I am so glad to have met people whom I share that same passion. Meet my L2s folks! They’re funniest, coolest and wackiest group you’ll ever meet…they’re very dependable too! Here are some wonderful pix from our journey through the years…LOL. Enjoy! Take note of all my bandanas in assorted colors! Love ’em! LOL

First HELLO at Majayjay Laguna. 1st Bandana: ORANGE GOLD to match my orange tshirt

Majayjay Falls of the defunct Tabing Ilog drama series

Camping at Majayjay…1st socials night

Leaving majayjay

Mt. Maculot

Enjoying the view…

…andito pala ang camera eh


Waiting shed…wearing my red shirt and re bandana hahahaha take note of the get up dahil isusuot ko ulet later lol

Trekking in a super duper  hot afternoon

5 min. rest….Mt. Tarak, Mariveles Bataan

Summit kuno

Camp ground, Mt. Tarak

Papa-cute while preparing to go down…

Taking a quick bath in the Papaya River…

Conquering Pico de Loro with my Bandana #3: BLACK


Summit-summitan ehehhehe

enjoying COKE

Camping in some nice BEACH (NASUGBU, Batangas)

Nasugbu pa din

Punta Fuego

Getting wacky…


Enjoying the falls at Mt. Famy with my Bandana #4: PURPLE

Socials in a Bahay Kubo…

Going UP!

Gulugod Baboy with my Bandana #5: BLUE


Gulugod Baboy with my red bandana to match my red shirt LOL same outfit nun Mt. Tarak hahahha

Teletubbies Land

More pictures in the teletubbies land

Sancai at ang F4!!!


Mt. Daguldul with my yellow bandana LOL

Daguldul Trekker in Bandana Blue to match my Blue long sleeves Tshirt

Anawangin Babes


Haaay sarap ng buhay!

Going to Capones Island

Camouflage bandana in Anawangin. July 2007.

Happy 5th Year Anniversary L2SMOC!!!

Can’t wait for our next outdoor activity guys!!!! Miss you all!!

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Gurls Gone Old Skool At Eastwood City

We watched a free concert last night…at Eastwood. Nope, it wasn’t MANDY MOORE’s. Definitely not Chicosci. Not Bamboo, Kamikaze, Sandwich, Sponge Cola nor Up Dharma Down. Dyaraaaaan!

After Image

Ang age! Ang age! Ang ageeee!! Hahaha. Infairness, talagang sikat naman sila during the 1990s. Kung di nyo pa alam…they popularized the song “Habang May Buhay”, “Next In Line”, and “Mangarap Ka”. Now after 10 years, nagbabalik namagmuli ang mga lolo ko with their new album “Our Place In The Sun”.

Enjoy na enjoy tong 2 fans

Eto pang isa

Feel na feel ang pagkanta ng “…in this cycle that we call life..we are the ones who are next in line….”

Lizzie, Marry Me Amy and Angleofthewaters – talagang fans di ba…bumili ng ALBUM

Nakipag unahan sa backstage…

para kunin ang awtograp ni Wency…

at makapag pa ficture kay Wency! Infairness, mabango ang pawis nya. LOL

Ang gwafooo ng drummer!!!

Ang waffffooooo ng bassist!!!! Gusto kong iuwi. LOL

Old skul na old skul di ba hahaha. Tangkilikin sana naten ang OPM. Stop Firacy! Buy the Original!

Support aimzster’s band – MARRY ME AMY!!!


check out their MYSPACE music

Click here and make sure you listen to their original song – EMBRACE. Really nice.

Now playing: Marry Me Amy

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Peechur! Peechurs!



eeeeekk! di ka kita ruthie…dito ka sa gilid ko.

Hahahaha. Hinde pa din kasya. Dito ka na nga ulet sa gitna.

Toinks! Bitin. One more…1-2-3 SMELL!!!

Konti na lang isa pa!

Sa wakas, nagkasya din. LOL

that’s moi, malensky, malentods

aimzster dot info and aimzs speaktures and aimzster dot page dot ph

zitrozil dot net and justlizzen dot com and zitrozil dot wordpress dot com

angelofthewaters dot page dot ph and harry loves ginny and angelofthewaters dot com


Woaaaah! Call it panic blogging! LOL


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Movie Review: Hancock (Will Smith, Charlize Theron)

2 words lang – GOOD JOB!!!

At first, I didn’t want to watch it kase baka mamya ADULT FILM pala…but it wasn’t! Hahaha. You should watch it. I liked it better than WANTED. You know naman me, mababaw lang ako kaya movies like HANCOCK…solb na ko. Ibang klase yung concept…sabi nga…something fresh. But I can’t help comparing it to IRON MAN. Hahahaha. Pareho kaseng lumilipad pero walang kapa, take note.

It’s an adventure-drama-comedy all rolled into one. Magandang pang bonding moment.

Basta si Will Smith aka Hancock is an ordinary man with an extraordinary power. Bullet proof ang bida kaya walang sinabi ang curving bullet ng WANTED. ANg gwapo nya. Hotness!

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

Pero ang ending mamamatay lahat cast. SAD.


Charing! Syempre hinde noh.

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Chuvachienes’ Happy Birthday Celebration

Did you read this post here:


Truth is, I was just joking about that 50$ payment for the blog post pero ang bait ni ditse!!! Tinotoo!!!!

One of the many things I like most about blogging is that it allows you to meet many really good people in and out of the cyberworld. Blogging made a humongous addition to my already-many-friends, kaya naman wherever I go, parang I have friends all over. I get to socialize with the rich and the poor, LOL. I am really glad to have met people na sobrang galante like Chuva, who just celebrated her birthday last May 24, he’s so generous para i-finance ang aming dinner slash despedida party ni reynz! HAHAHA. Ang bait di ba? Pero sana ginawang 500$ noh? Ang saya diba!!!

This is for you DITSE!!!! Tita Mega! O ayan! Rainbow ang motiff diba…o colorful yan ha!!! Hope yah like it!


and here are the videos:

[youtube DelNluTWcF0]

[youtube d4KTPYui-HU]

[youtube y33Xn9Bu3Ak]

We had dinner here:

Masarap sa Seafodd Island yung All Crab Boodle nila. Sulit na sulit.

Masarap din yun sinigang na hipon nila

Happy Birthday!

Lovely PUSA in her heyokity dangling earrings

Ryenz devouring food at the table.

around 12AM, walang humpay na kwentuhan sa Jack’s Loft

O ayan ha, nag accounting ako…sakto yan!

Kaya kayo, kung gusto nyo na maging masaya ang birthday celebration nyo, HIRE US! We can make your birthday truly memorable sa napakamurang halaga lang! Just send the money to my paypal address. Minimum charge is 50$ only. Experience a birthday like no other…celebrate it with us. Kahit san man kayo sa sulok ng mundo, we’ll make sure na parang you’re just around the corner. LOL

Happy Birthday Chuvachienes also known as Progobbler.net. Thank you for your kindness and everything. Thank you sa IPod shuffle. I hope you enjoyed your special day as much as we have enjoyed ours. LOL. May you have many many more wonderful years to come Tita Mega. See you soon!

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