On Wearing Makeups

I’m not really a fan of makeups,  I do put them on, mostly lipstick and face powder with some blush on, during special occassions, but you’ll hardly see me wearing them when going to work. I don’t hate them, in fact, I own a couple of lipstick and eye shadows, it’s just that I find it difficult to apply them on my face. You know, I have very small eyes and very little eyelids and it’s hard to put make up on them. Like when I put eyeliner, it smears a lot or if I use eyeshadow, I can’t seem to make them look balance. Do you know how I can make my eyes look bigger with make up? Eyes come in a different shapes and sizes, there’s deep set, narrow set, wide set, protruding etc. and there are diff styles on how you can enhance them.

They say for small eyes like mine, there’s only one rule, that is to use lighter colors to open them out. Using lighter eyeshadow while blending them with dark shadow near the eyelashes will make them appear larger. Check out the latest eye makeup at stylehive.com. Also, avoid putting eyeliner at the bottom edge of the eyes. For bigger eyes, using darker colors will make them smaller.

I don’t know, I still have much to learn but I’ll try to put make up  sometimes. People look in the face more often, so make sure when you put make up on your face, keep them simple to look  great.

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Nuffnang’s First Movie Premiere: Burn After Reading

Watched Nuffnang’s first ever movie premier last night, Burn After Reading, (Brad Pitt and George Clooney), with aimzster and pusa.

me and my singing friend amy (feeling red carpet) with special participation of Gab

my super dear kumare, pusa

with the byoootiful Jing, nuffnang phils manager

“grabeeeh!! ang gwapo ni brad pitt!!!”

peace and justice league

After seeing it, I ended up scratching my head and got clueless. Just like the CIAs, I don’t feckin’ know what I learned either. Seriously, it’s somehow idiotic, outlandish and yet, downright intelligent. A social commentary done with stupid humor. Not my type of movie but nonetheless, it was fun. Great casting. My favorite is John Malkovich’s character, Osbourne Cox. Harsh and rude all the time, quite entertaining.

Osbourne Cox: I know very well what you represent. You represent the idiocy of today.
Ted Treffon: No, I don’t represent that either.
Osbourne Cox: You are part of a league of morons. Oh, yes. You see you’re one of the morons I’ve been fighting my whole life. But guess what. Today, I win.

Osbourne Cox: You’re a Mormon. Compared to you we all have a drinking problem.

Osbourne Cox: Sorry, I don’t happen to know my account number because unfortunately I don’t sit around all day trying to memorize the f*ckin numbers! Moron!

I must commend Pitt’s short-lived appearance too, sooo cute. George Clooney looks very old in the film but still sexy. Thanks nuffnang for hosting this event. I hope next time, TWILIGHT naman weeeeh! Wait, I didn’t get any SM gift checque LOL. And it was fun to see some Pinoy bloggers out there.

Aerin, Earthlingorgeous, Ada, Gab, sorry I forgot the rest.

HAVEN’T JOINED NUFFNANG YET? Where have you been all this time? Sign up now as in now na! You’ll not only earn extra money, you’ll  get lots of freebies too and the chance to social climb with other pinoy bloggers.

 photos by Eric Fernandez of nuffnang phils

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Planning a Beach Getaway

Planning to go to the beach? Here’s a quick list for your must-haves to make sure you have a hassle-free getaway:

1. Don’t go to the beach without your favorite bikini, tankini or board shorts like this Ed Hardy Board Shorts. Pick the items that suit your figure and color. You wouldn’t want to look wasted on pictures, right?

2. Wear flip flops or sandals. I don’t wear flip flops whenever I go to beach. You’ll always find me earing my tribu sandals I bought several years ago. I sometimes wear them when snorkeling to protect my feet from getting a wound from sharp rock or coral edges.

3. Shades to complete the summer look. This isn’t just to add to your ‘porma’, but moreso, shades are essential to protect your eyes from too much sunlight. 4. Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste.

4. Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste.

5. Beach bag. I use my very reliable Montanara backpack in all my outdoor trips. Been using it for ages. It’s water and tear proof, with lots of compartments.

6. Sunblock. Need I say more?

7. A nice sarong that could be used as a beach towel or coverup.

8. Underwater camera to capture your underwater moments.

9. Extra clothes

10. Lastly, whether your destination is Amanpulo, Boracay, Caramoan, Puerto Galera, Pagupud or Anawangin, make sure you bring special people with you. It aint nice to go to the beach alone, right?

Have fun!

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Snorkeling at Puerto Galera


me and my best friend while feeding the ‘fishes’

we rented the boat for 1500, good for a whole day of snorkeling. Each complete set of snorkeling gear was 100P (for rent). The bread we used for feeding the fish was paid for 25P (1 slice only). Nilibot namin yung buong coral farm with manong and we paid him 100P each.

Shucks, walang libre sa Puerto Galeraaaaa!!! Lahat may bayad ultimo pag gamit ng CR, limang piso!! So if you come to PG, make sure you bring extra extra money!

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Keeping Eyes Open Underwater


It doesn’t look like it’s open but believe me it is. It doesn’t hurt that much. I was too scared to do it before, thinking my eyes would  float away if I open them LOL

Just push yourself, jump into the waters, swim on it and keep your eyes open. That way you’ll see the beauty underneath and once you get used to it, it is rather easy.

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The Truth About The Shangrila Expedition

One day…while talking to Reynz over the phone for our usual routine of okrayan slash chikahan slash tigbakan…

“Treat ka namin ni Pusa ng dinner, san mo gusto”

“Ah talagaaa?!!!! Gusto ko sa SOFITEL!!!!”

“ha?? ayaw mo ba ng real authentic Pinoy dish like sa Kamayan?”

“naku gusto ko sa SOFITEL!!!!!”

“How about seafood island?”


*Shucks!!! Paano ang budget koooo?? Tsk, nao-overdose na yata ako sa social climbing*


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The Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia

Nag attend kami ng event somewhere in The Fort last night. The event showcased different Artworks by 10 of the promising Filipino Artists today. Eh sa totoo lang kase, ang lola Chuva nyo is an art connoisseur. Hinde ko lang pinapahalata, but I am an expert judge in matters of taste LOL.

Organized by 2ND MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, a non-stock/non profit organization, the event promotes awareness that billboards are not just tools for advertising, moreso, it is a channel for communication. Totally agree. Di ba nga, advertising is influence. Can you imagine how I got affected with Dingdong’s billboard in Balintawak?Naku, halos everyday eh nag e-enjoy naiinis ako ‘pag nakikita ko yun LOL.

The Art Auction & cocktails was held last October 16, 2008 at
Fully Booked (Roof Deck) – Bonifacio High Street, Global City.

I invited my model friend – new image  model ng Mendrez Kenneth Cole

and my cousin mitchseego dot com

we met other bloggers sa event like josh of chickenmafia and lizz

From Left to Right: Jing of Nuffnang Philippines and others

libre ang dinner. infairness, masarap yung lasagna and quesadillas

here’s Ms. Tina, explaining those billborads

meet the very handsome host

mistulang nag re-review ang mga lola ko LOL

eeeeeekkk! pag sini-swerte ka nga naman oh, may libreng dinner na may 1K gift checque pa.

may naiuwi pa kaming boylet puto

and cochinta LOL

charing! Nuffnang mug ang laman nung mga basket. Cute noh? Wala nyan sa SM

After the event, hinde nakuntento ang mga lola ko, chumorva sa Brava for wine drinking session

all together now…. CHEEEERRRSS!

ito ang glorified pulutan, fried mozzarella with Jufran ketchup LOL

umorder kami ng Maria Clara Sangria LOL

and rice wine LOL

muntik na akong mag collapse sa babayaran – 6,720 for 2 bottles of wine, 5 cups of coffe and 2 servings of mozarella. mas lalo akong ni-nerbyos nung ako pala ang magbabayad…IN CASH!!!!!!! hinde ako prepared! 6700 lang ang cash koooo!

buti na lang madaming pictures ng mga boylet pera sa wallet ang reyna elena. Kabisyo naman move on naaaaa. Hinde totoo ang true loveeeee!!!

small world talaga. can you believe that? si Jing of Nuffnang Philippines eh BFF ng pamangkin ni Reynz.

the night ended na sila na ang bagong mag BFF

we saw a lot of popular bloggers sa event…si chever chenelie ek ek andun.

meeting adjourn. nakakapagod ang social climbing lol

HINDE TOTOO ANG SUBPRIME!!!! Akala nyo lang OO, pero hinde! hinde! hindeeee!!!! Kung may iso-social climb kayo, si Reyna Elena ang ilagay nyong number 1 sa puso nyo…ang lola ko nag-pasalubong ng brand new canon digicam kay Pusa!!! Eh kahit yung tatay ko nung nag abroad, ni walkman hinde ako pinadalhan hahahah! Kaya if I were you, umpisahan nyo na magbasa ng blog nya 365 times a year at i-feed ang kanyang ego 24/7 LOL after 1 year, magkaka laptop ka o kaya digicam weeeeeeeeh!!!!

It was such a fun night. Thanks to the organizers. To Jing and Roanna, thanks for the invite. More power to Nuffnang Philippines. In true reyna elena  fashion, Let’s Keep Social Climbing Alive!!!!!

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