1 Night and 2 days in Tagaytay (Itinerary)

Yehey! We survived Tagaytay for 2 days without bringing a car! I still prefer kung may kotse sana, more convenient, eh since wala namang kotse and we wanted to spend a little money as much as possible, we have no other way but to commute. Ok naman mag rent ng van (Manila to Tagaytay) kaso they usually charge 2000P for 10 hours, since we’re staying there for 2 days, this is clearly not an option for us.

If touring Tagaytay with smaller group (2-5), my suggestion is to commute via San Agustin bus (bound to Nasugbu) then just rent a car/van there to tour your around. Cheaper that way. Surprisingly, commuting to Tagaytay is easy, there are plenty of public transpo available (tricycles, buses and jeepneys) to get you to different places, it is, however, impossible to find a taxi there.

Touring Tagaytay in a tight budget? Here’s a complete 2-day Itinerary to Tagaytay by commute, with budget assumption, some directions and side notes. Hope it helps!

2-Day Tagaytay Itinerary (commute)
2-Day Tagaytay Itinerary (commute)

Tagaytay is actually an expensive city, but who says you can’t enjoy Tagaytay with spending less money? With a little less than 2k for a 2day tour (fare, food, accommodation and pasalubong included), this is quite cheap!

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Where To Go On Your Next Team Building

Planning your next team building activity? Try Caliraya Re-Creation Center and Resort!

Caliraya Re-Creation Center,
Barangay Lewin, Lumban, Laguna
Tel Nos: +63 2 638 0515, +63 2 637 7027

It’s just two and a half hour drive from Manila, of course, depende sa traffic but more or less it’s 2.5.

Upon arrival, there’s a quickie boat ride from the shore of the man-made Caliraya Lake.

We rented 2 lakeside duplexes (good for 12-15 person each). For Hotel /Duplex Room (I think 1500/head)

1. Entrance fee.
2. Full board buffet style meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).
3. Free flowing coffee & hot tea during meal time.
4. Overnight accommodation (aircon room with cable TV).
5. Free use of swimming pool, slip n slide, earthball, monster basketball and obstacle course.
6. Free use of slide pinoy & hanging bridge.
7. Ferry boat ride to and from the resort (24 hours service)
8. Jeepney transfer inside the resort

The 7.6 hectares of trees of green, skies of blue and clouds of white is the perfect place to have bonding moments with you friends (and family).


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Korea Sparkling in 2010

I’ve caught the K-virus and it’s changing me big time haha. Promise, next year, by hook or by crook, I am going to visit Korea to end all these Jun Pyo madness.

Anyway, this is a gift I got from my brother last month. It’s authentic spoon and chopsticks he bought in Korea. Of course, I am not using them, serves as a display only. Haha.

Last weekened,  me and my travel buddies got all excited over Cebupac’s promo fare for local and international flights. The round trip airfare to Incheon (S. Korea) was only 1400P (reg fare is almost 10K, round trip).  Yeah, that cheap. It’s even cheaper than my trip to Palawan. But as soon as we were ready to book the fly date, all seats were taken. Sayang!! It could have been nice sana. So if you guys are planning for your adventure next year, whether it’s orlando vacations or Asian tour or Philippine tour, make sure you bookmark cebupac’s and PAL’s websites and watch out for their promos, ok. Annyong!

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Jump for Joy at El Nido Palawan

I feel sooo guilty….while most of you were all panicking and worried due to bad weather caused by the low pressure area, I was out here……..jumping for joy.

my best jump shot so far 🙂

*todo effort yan, i felt like breaking my vertebrae haha*

Sorry sorry! Parang wala akong karapatang mag-enjoy di ba.

Anyway, in case you’re asking, this was taken at some island in EL Nido, grabe this place is heavenly! A must-see spot for all the tourists. Worth your every penny!

More chicka when I return for good. Hoping everyone will be safe..as LUPIT roars toward Pilapens.

picture perfect by bestfriend


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Visit to a Japanese Garden

I’d like to build my dream garden someday where I could spend most of my day having tea with my loved ones, reading my favorites books on early mornings and probably watching my grand kids play on afternoons. It has to be very cozy, with trees where I can put a hammock, with comfy outdoor furnitures (with outdoor furniture covers) and a nice playground for kids. I’m thinking of a Japanese inspired garden less the Koi pond.

Here are some pictures from a visit to a Japanese garden. Very relaxing place indeed. Enjoy!


Me and my friends posing at the entrance gate

a darna-wannabe lols

peechur-peechur by sherliez

The Koi pond

love kois…they can actually bring relaxation to your outdoor living

Perfect photo shoot day

Tired from a long day of walking, we rested for a few minutes in here

I tell you, this garden is sooo relaxing and serene you can’t help but fall asleep haha

Everybody happy and fully charged now

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The Abyss Experience

 The Abyss Turbo Drop – Ocean Park’s ultimate thrill ride!

A vertical free fall from 20 floors above ground level.

Getting ready na

all excited

and a bit nervous



Waaaaaahhhh!!! @#$%^&*(!!!)(*^%$#!

I almost died lol

buti na lang hinde ako nag back out, it was indeed a fun ride

The thrill, rush and bounce will keep you coming back! Visit Ocean Park HK and experience one of a kind adrenaline boost.

see what it feels like to ride the Abyss, watch this vid:

[youtube ETy2OW7_oD4]

photo credits to ate karen and ruthie

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Welcome To The Pilapins, Chuva and Diwa!!!

Oye! Another EB event mga tsong and tsang. Halos buwan-buwan may ka-EB yata ang lola nyo haha. Kakatuwa to finally see their faces. Ampuputi nila haha. Anyway, I met most of these bloggers online through Reynz, almost 2 years ago. I didn’t expect to meet such beautiful souls in real life haha 

Si Ditseeee of chuvachienes.com, ang nag-iisang NEGASTAR!!! Kaasar, ang flawless nya, iba talaga ang kutis pag galing Jameirica, mala-sutla.

si Diwa na uber prettyness ang face, camera shy ang bruha

ang cute na cute na si Kotsengkuba, ang ever reliable tech support ng Barrio Siete

Amorfancis dot com and son, mga 3x ko na din na-meet itong si Amor, super nice ever! 

si Heyokity dot Com na pang supermodel ang katawan, naging super close ko na din ang gurl na itey, madalas kaming mag-EB ng 2 lang kami haha thank you ‘daaay mwah. inggit ako..i want that SLR too

All Crab Boodle from Seafood Island

Leftovers, kung andito si Reynz, pihadong ipapa-take out nya to for his boylets hahaha

walang humpay na kwentuhan and tawanan

Chuva and KK

Finally, The Chuva and Chuvachuchu Tandem LOLSSS

cheap lang kami kaya dito kami sa McCafe nag kwentuhan over a cup of coffee

Ang mga relief goods from Jameirica!

Dyaraaan!!! 2 tshirts and 2 blouse, hmmm amoy imported, aylabeeet! Thank you!

nakngtokwaaa hinde tinanggal yun tag haha, hoyy baka singilin nyo pa ko ha!!

at 2 chipipay na chocolates!! Hoy hinde man lang CADBURY!!!! HAHAHHA. Mukhang sa 711 nyo lang to binili ah hahahah. Chos.


To Chuva and Diwa, super duper thank you ever for the friendship, pati na din sa relief goods haha at sa dinner and coffee. I love them. Mwaaah mwaah, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I wish you both a safe travel back to America. Pwede ba akong magpabitbit ng package? HAHAHA

See yah!

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Bonggang Bonggang Birthday Bash

Sorry for the late post. Been really busy. Here are the things that kept me for a while. Enjoy!

Super shocked talaga me when my bestfriend surprised me with a bday cake last april 24, 5AM

Yes, that early! I was actually taking a nap at that time, and then all of a sudden, somebody awaken my then sleeping beauty with a happy bday song and you know what they say diba…”magbiro ka na sa lasing waga lang sa natutulog”…so i was kinda annoyed at her, besides, i don’t want my colleagues to know that it was my bday, because you know…my officemates are like PGs hahahha. so there nga, i didn’t make her pansin and continue on with my sleep but she was singing sooo loud talaga i swear, and then someone shouted..”hoy!! may cake ka!!!” and when i opened my eyes….there it was nga!!! in my front was a goldilocks cake with candles and everything.

you see my hair noh, it’s sooo gulo anyway it’s always like that naman hahah and my eyes looked tired and sleepy whcih is oh so naturelle for me ahaha. but thanks ruthie for the effort. love it! yah know, i didn’t have many birthday cakes when i was growing up. In fact, I had my first cake when I was 18yo…..18 layers din sya charing! Seriously, there are no goldilocks in the barrio noh, we only had Ensaymada and Pandecoco, kaya super na-appreciate ko sya,  i am super duper touched by an angel of the waters. Alam ko medyo mahal ‘to, map-pressure tuloy akong higitan ang cake na bibilin ko for you on August 19 hahaha.

Later that afternoon, some of my friends and I went naman to Banapple along Katipunan

aila, moi, toni, sally, ruthie and sherliez with special participation of japoxx (not included in the pic)

to feast on my new favorite banoffee pie – the best banoffee pie in the world!

a desert made from banana, cream and dulce de leche.

then last week din, i went out to treat Pusa in some resto in Eastwood

to eat this humongous pancake

here’s pusa and me, enjoying our walk at eastwood. this place talaga has improved a lot. i remember….

this was once a huge parking lot..now, it’s a nice tambayan for lovers haha

it’s so bongga na talaga…and colorful too!

Wait!!! There’s MORE!!!

and lastly, i spent a dinner date with my cousins over at eastwood. these are the people i grew up with and i am super close to them talaga. grabe talaga how time flies, dati rati, sabay-sabay pa kami kung maligo nyan at mag swimming sa flanganaaa!!!


mas fave ko un crab boodle

to eat this bopis…

and this onion rings

and this tocino!

alia, adeng, marniboi, moi and mitchie

it was a week long gastos celebration for me…ansakit sa bulsa!!!! waaaah how am I gonna get those money back!!! Seriously, grabeng expensive na pala ngayon nga friendship noh hahaha But you know, this is my way of giving back to them what they have given me for the past years – friendship, trust, loyalty, lotsa lovin, laughters and fun – and that can never be converted to cash!!! Super thank you ever for taking out the time to be with me on my special day.

i still owe my superfriends a treat *pramis, pag uwi  ko na ha*

PS, thanks to everyone who sent their messages here and on FB, email and F. Andaming greetings ang na receive ko pero isa lang ang nag regaloooo!!!! HAHAHAH ano ba naman yan!!! mayaman ako sa mahihirap kuripot na kaibigan haha charing! You know i love you all…but with gifts, i love you more!

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Summer Parteey at the Boso Boso Highlands Resort

Did you notice, something is wrong with our climate nowadays. It’s supposed to be summer and yet, the rain wont stop these past few days. Effect of the global warming, I guess. Yah know, summer is my favorite season and it looks like we’re missing half of it because of the GW. Hay, we all should do our part to protect the environment and save the earth! Hehe

Anyway, I had a great time lastweekend! We spent a bonggang bonggang fun day at the Boso Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center in Antipolo. Here’s ruthie and her sister leah feeling the excitement already

my pretty colleague Ai, looks like she’s having a wonderful summer vacation on a star cruise with her get up haha

 “lahat ng natatanaw ng iyong mga mata ay akin…” HAHAAHHA

great location, I love everything about nature

swimming pools by the hills

pool #3

 There’s a big space you can use for fun activities like obstacle course, kite flying and palocebo.

 Part of the obstacle course

colored cottages

 enjoying the sun

there’s also a big venue for concerts

 and partying

It was indeed a fun day. Thanks to the committee and the management for a very successful summer parteey! See you all next year!

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