Cafe Maria Jerica, 24×7 Restaurant in Cubao Quezon City

This has got to be my favorite hangout place in my neighborhood Cubao! Sobrang chill ng place and homey. Very very Cubao ang ambiance – busy, accessible, magulo, maingay, vibrant, masaya!

A good place to hang out with your family and friends.

Actually, hindi ko din ma-gets ang theme eh but I guess it is what it is – complicated. HAHA

I like it that they have al fresco dining! Iba yun feeling na nag b-burger kayo tapos may dumadaang tricycle. Iba! Heads up, limited parking. Kahit anong request nyo sa management, hindi yata magagawan ng solusyon yan. Pwede mag park sa SM, Sparks or Alimall tapos mag tricycle na lang kayo papunta sa Jerica.

Iba-iba talaga ang motiff!

Walang aircon pero okay lang.

What’s good about this cafe is its AFFORDABILITY and HUGE SERVING.

Nasa Php 110 lang ‘to! Ang dami-dami nila.

Seriously, ilang cafe/restaurant sa Pilipinas ang nag ooffer ng 100% natural mustard? LOL

For 2-3 sharing, only 120. Not bad.

It’s not the best, not that bad either. Sakto lang sa presyo nya.

Php 50 each, Cucumber Lemon. Sulit to!

Pork Tonkatsu, masarap yun sauce! If you’re craving for american, italian and japanese food, this should be your go-to place. Sobrang daming choices ang hirap-hirap umorder!

All for only Php 420!

Affordable, huge serving, free delivery within Cubao area and open 24 hrs! These are the reasons why I loveee Cafe Maria Jerica!

Cafe Maria Jerica is located in 14th Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, just 1 tricyle ride from SM Cubao or AliMall.

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Team Building Facility Near Metro Manila: San Rafael River Adventure

Looking for a team Building Facility that’s just outside of Metro Manila?

Check out SAN RAFAEL RIVER ADVENTURE! Very nice place to unwind and enjoy the nature! Provinciated but the accommodation is SOSYAL! Imagine sleeping inside a GLASS HOUSE or GLASS VILLA? They have a big facility that offers a lot of team building activities for your team. Quite exclusive accommodation, for now, they only have 4 Glass Cottages and 1 Glass Villa. You can also enjoy sleeping on a tent here, they call it GLAMPING and GLAMPING with a twist — floating tent, basically.


One of the best breakfasts of my life! Al fresco style. Fresh air, good food and good company! Truly enjoyable!

Inside the GLASS COTTAGE, good for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Because it’s made of glass walls, you will see the outside right away. Very refreshing to see the nature as you wake up in the morning! Ang cool ng experience.

View deck overlooking the San Rafael River.

Other side of the view deck.

Bali inspired Reception area.

Plenty of water activities that you and your team can enjoy. You don’t even need to go that far (aka Bohol) to experience river cruising. They all have it here!

There are ATVs as well.

Floating bridge. One of the many teambuilding activities that you can try.

Bigger teambuilding area where you can play volleyball etc.

of course, Infinity Pool!

GLASS VILLA for bigger crowd! Can accommodate up to 20pax. Very nice!

Inside the Glass Villa

Glass Villa has 2 Bathrooms, if I remember correctly.

Veranda overlooking the San Rafael River. Where you can eat lunch/dinner with the whole team.

San Rafael River Adventure is my new go-to place to unwind! Perfect for staycation with your loved ones or colleagues.

Check out their Facebook: San Rafael River Adventure

Contact their Manila Landline: (02) 334 0195 for reservation and inquiries.

Check out their awesome Virtual Tour here:

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Fika Manila, Cozy Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City

Why hasn’t anyone told me about Capitol Greenstreet? Seriously. It’s such a fineee place for late afternoon coffee, very quiet while you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset, array of fire trees and beautiful landscape. The place is not well marketed and I like it that way! I lived and worked in Quezon City but never heard of Capitol Greenstreet until 2-3 weeks ago when I had the chance to eat at Fika Manila.

nullThis adobo is unexpectedly good. Ohmaaay! The best sauce in the world! I need its recipe! Hindi kami maka-get over!

Fika Manila Best Seller AdoboYummy barbecue! Akala ko sawa na ko sa barbecue, hindi pa pala. Huge serving! Not a fan of their sauce though.

Fika Manila Chopsuey Chopsuey! Sakto lang. I like that the veggies are crunchy.

Matcha smoothie with heavy whipped cream!

They also have cakes, brownies, cupcakes and coffee.

More than the food, what I really love most about this cafe is its quietness, coziness and relaxing ambiance. They play the most relaxing Filipino instrumental music ever! Good food + good music + overlooking view = awesome experience!

Fikå Manila
Ground Floor, Capitol Green Street
Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City Philippines
Phone: 355 – 3132 / 514 – 2480

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New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Table

Yeay! It’s only 27 days until Christmas and 34 days until 2015! How do you want to celebrate your new year? My Aunt and I were discussing a while ago about our year end plans, we’re looking into getting a 2-night suite accommodation in Oakwood Premier Hotel somewhere in Ortigas, unfortunately, December 30 – January 1, 2015 are blocked off, so it looks like we’re all just going to celebrate at home. It would have been fun to party in a nice suite!

Anyway, this is our typical New Year’s table during Media Noche. Messy, right? Must get my Aunt a new round gingham tablecloth from here so the table looks more presentable. All my favorite food is served – caldereta, vegetable salad, chicken wings and sinfully delicious black forest cake. Making me hungry since I haven’t eaten anything yet since I woke up.

Hope you guys will have an awesome 2015!

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Preparing for my first trip to Baguio….this year!

Soo excited for my first trip to Baguio….this year! Thank you Japox for paying for our accommodation. We’re all very excited!

I’ve been to Baguio twice, year 2000 with the whole ECE graduating class, and 2008 with fellow bloggers Reyna Elena and Pinoyambisyoso. Both very memorable to me so I hope this year’s also a good one. I am just happy I could visit the place again because I didn’t have the chance to travel that much last year (except for our Team Building in Laiya and Puerto Galera and a few trips to my barrio) due to busy schedules (and poverty lols).

Visit 168 Divisoria for all your party needs. Very very cheap price there. That HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles is only 30P, you can buy the same thing in Goldilocks for 150P.

Since Japox paid for our accommodation, we decided to make a surprise party tomorrow night to celebrate 2 things – his bday and promotion! Congratulations on being promoted as the new MARKOVA for Asia Pacific! Do you have your business cards already? If you haven’t, I know a place where you can get quality custom business cards printing services for your personal cards. Let me know if you need help, ok. Congrats again! Well deserved! I come!

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Yabu House of Katsu Review

I normally don’t rave about restaurants but today, I will make an exception, because I lovveee loveee Yabu sooo much they deserve a very OA review from me! Haha. It has been only a little over 1 month since Alia introduced it to us and I visited the place 3x already!

My first visit was last December, while having a short meeting with my sis, Alia and cousin BEBE MITCHITA. I haven’t  heard Yabu prior to that so I was reluctant to try it at first. When I arrived there, ohmaaay, there were a lot of yuppies lining up in queue. Insanely loooong line! Anong meron!? Good thing Alia called ahead of time to reserve seats for us so we didn’t have to wait. So if you’re planning to visit during lunch time esp. in Megamall branch, make sure to call their hotline to make a reservation.

Yabu Branches:

SM Megamall
2nd Flr, Mega Atrium
(+632) 576-3900

Robinson’s Magnolia
Lower Grnd, Robinsons Magnolia
New Manila QC
(+632) 961-4975

SM Mall of Asia
2nd Flr, SOuth Arcade
Main Mall Atrium
SM Mall of Asia
(+632) 511-7202

True to the Japanese culture, there are manga comic strips decorating their walls.

True true true! The meat is sooo soft they melt in your mouth. Oh maaay panis ang pork chop!!! I could eat this forever! LOL

Condiments – sesame dressing, sesame oil, hot sauce and Himalayan salt fresh from the Himalayan Mountain Ranges!

Their interiors are modern and elegantly simple! Superb lighting, ganda sa picture even when you’re only using phones. They have free wifi connection!

A lot of yuppies eat there during break time.

I’m not sure if they’re serving mineral water….tastes like tap water kasi. I could be wrong. Or maybe ganun talaga ang lasa ng Japanese WATERRR? LOLSS

Wet towel provided in case you decide to “pack, pick and push” your food.

Special Yabu sauce and sesame seeds. This is the perfect sauce for your Rosu and Hire!

Deep fried Rosu (porkloin, with fat trimmings). Another version is Hire (tenderloin, without fat trimmings). This is a MUST TRY! When you visit the first time, try this and you’ll not regret it. Hindi complicated yun lasa…and not oily.

Closer look of Rosu. Now I’m hungry. This comes in 2 sizes, 120 and 180 grms. The meat is sooo tender. Yummy!

Yabu Special Katsudon Set. Served with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit.

Yabu katsu, drizzled with a light and sweet miso-based sauce, accompanied by nori, bonito flakes and a fried egg on top. A hint of shiso, or Japanese basil, is also found in the dish adding an unexpected freshness.

Closer look. Walang wala ng katsudon ng Tokyo Tokyo and Teriyaki Boy! Hugeee serving too! I almost couldn’t finish the entire bowl of goodness!

Hire and Seafood Katsu Set

A piquant mix of pork and seafood. Hire, Black Tiger Prawn, Cream Dory, Scallop and Eggplant & Pepper.

I ordered this on my 2nd visit. Huuuuge serving, nakakalula! More than 500Pesos per order but really worth the price. Waaaaah the prawn tastes soooo beautiful! I can still remember when I first took a bite. My eyes are popping out because it tastes glorious! HAHAHA napaka OA lang ng review ko! But seriously, this dish is MADE IN HEAVEN!

I never thought devouring on cabbage can be this good! This is not your ordinary cabbage. They’re perfectly shredded by manual tearing! Joke! One of the staff told me they use organic cabbage from Benguet. Nice. Their sesame dressing is very nice too.

I have yet to try their curry and menchi dishes. Sabi ni Ruthie and my boss, hindi masyadong masarap yun menchi…so I wont take chances the next time I visit.

Overall, I really had nice experience in all my visits to Yabu! My friends say the same thing. The staff are very consistent and accommodating and very attentive. When I called to reserve, Mon the manager even remembered me. Superb customer service!!! The ambience is very cozy, not very stressful and not very Japanese. I have to say their CR is very fun! The prices are a bit expensive but all worth it. Prepare 350 – 500P when going there. They don’t have a lot of food choices but it’s ok! Food = WIN! Plating is nice too. Yes it’s a little expensive than your regular Jap resto, but Yabu offers great value for your money! Next time you plan to eat out in a more expensive resto, try Yabu! They truly truly serve happy food!

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These J.CO Donuts Are Evil!!!!

These J.Co donuts are evil!!!! They’re fattening and probably drug-infected that’s why they’re very very addicting! I like them very much! Sabi nga ng boss ko – this will be my donut for lifeee!!!

I didn’t understand all these J.Co craze happening in FB until yesterday when some friends and I tried it for the first time. Ohhh myy!! How can they be sooo delicious!!! Insanely delicious they’ll make you come back for moooore! We were there yesterday afternoon, we’re back again today at 7AM! Yes, that early!!! We went early to avoid long lines. Surprisingly, we were greeted with this very long queue:

Seriously!!!??? And that’s just 1/4, ok. The store opens at 7AM, we were there at around 7:15! Ever wonder why these donuts are very popular? First, they’re really yummy! The dough is very fluffy, the toppings and fillings are both delicious. If you think Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donuts are heavenly, haha, wait ’til you get a taste J.Co Donuts, they are sooo beyond heaven!!! LOL ang OA lang reaction ko!

My only problem (and perhaps the biggest problem they’re facing) with them is the very loooong queue! All branches are like that! It’s crazzzy! We waited for an hour this morning!  They seriously need to practice 5S in their processes, hire more people, get bigger working space, use bigger trays and avoid unnecessary stuff like putting donuts in each tray every now and then. The shortage of manpower makes it hard for the customers to have variety of donuts to choose from. The tiny space is causing too much hassle for the crew! I can imagine how tiring it is to work for them.

2nd, they have a very inviting marketing strategy! Look look look:

Each donut costs 42P
1/2doz is 230P
1doz is 350
2doz is 550

They make you buy 2 dozens even when all you need is just 2-3 pieces! Ah the power of brilliant marketing! That’s why ang haba-haba ng pila all the time, everyone is buying 2 dozens!

As much as I love their donuts, I must say I’m not a fan of their coffee though – Avocado Coffee something. yun palang naman ang natikman ko and I won’t buy it again. Also, J.CO is not the perfect place for mahaba-habang kwentuhan because the chairs aren’t very comfy – they’re too low. May wireless signal but you can’t connect haha. Maganda ang effect ng lighting sa picture. And bec crowded, minsan mainit sa loob ng store. But overall, ok naman. Buti na lang sobrang winner talaga nun donuts!

So when you feel like craving for sweets, visit J.Co and make sure to grab these:

Creme La Fame and Alcapone

I tell you, they’ll be you donuts for life too! Now I’m craving again. Arggh. They branches in SM Megamall, Greenbelt 3, Mall of Asia, Trinoma Mall and Eastwood City.

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Planning a getaway for this coming holiday

Long holiday next week! Yesss! I need a relaxing getaway – no traffic, no deadlines, no quotas, no computer – just plain relaxation and recovering. I was in Manila Ocean Park the other day for my dental checkup (clinic is inside Ocean Park, ok), and while waiting, I strolled around and checked the lobby of Hotel H20, the place is sooo elegant and yes, expensive! They have Aqua rooms (with wall aquarium inside your hotel room) that’s sure to provide a unique and refreshing experience. It’s also overlooking the Manila bay! This might just be what I needed!

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Team Building for 20 – 30pax? Try Moonlight Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas

Planning your next team building activity?

Try Moonlight Beach Resort
Laiya Balacbacan, San Juan Batangas
Check-in: 2:00 PM / Check out: 1:00 PM
# 0920-2215493

Why I recommend it?

It’s just a few hours away from Manila. It’s beach front. Compared to other resorts that we checked, it’s more affordable and pretty decent. They have a very accommodating staff. They don’t require huge amount of deposit.

This is the frontview of Moonlight Beach Resort. Super bright yellow, looks newly painted. We rented 3 rooms to accommodate 20-30 person.

Room 7, 8 and 9 (good for 30 pax)
each room has 1 queen size bed, 1 double bed (queen size)
All air conditioned with private CRs in each room (Note: No TV inside the rooms)
1 Nipa Hut (beach front) provided for the group
Ref, grilling area, gas stove and cooking utensils are provided
Resort fee (overnight stay, 3 rooms): P 11, 000

These are the other rooms available.

Parking area here. For our transportation, we rented out 2 vans from UV Express Service.

Van: 2 x 14-seater, 6K each (back and forth)
Text Aldwin 09473642978 for more details
Budget: P12, 000 (Gas and rental included)
Note: Toll fee not included, also we included Kuyas in our food budget since they’ll have to stay with us the whole time. For their accommodation, they slept in the van.

Several neighboring resorts here, we just didn’t have time to roam around.

Nipa huts beach front. Perfect for those visiting on day tour only.

Nipa hut outside  perfect for kwentuhan. The sand is not powdery white, pero keri na.

Beach front

this scene is familiar, looks like my barriosiete, except that we don’t need to pay to have funnnnn

lots of visitors pa din even when it’s past summer already

mountains as a backdrop, ganda-ganda!

For activities, Ruthie and I prepared a games (some are ripped of from our favorite Korean variety show called – Running Man)

– Bring Me Item + Queen’s Race (QUEEN’s feet shouldn’t reach the sand while bringing the items we asked them for so she has to be carried out all the time, promotes team work and helpfulness)
– Guess What? (guess what item is inside the box)
– Movie Charades

Infairness, the beds are quite big.

See!? Can accommodate up to 3 person each bed.

This is the kitchen area, no extra fee for the gasul. The last time we went to Puerto Galera, we were charged 50P each for the gasul, wow, kasing presyo ng bago eh we only used it twice.

For food budget, I think we allotted 5,000++. Here’s our Menu for the whole trip:

Lunch – take out from Andok’s + Dunkin donuts (KKB)
Merienda – lots and lots of chichaaaas
Dinner – ensaladang mangga (indian mangoes, bagoong, kamatis, sibuyas at itlog na maalat); sinigang na spare ribs; inihaw na isda; adobong manok and baboy
Brunch (Day 2) – pancakes; cheesedogs; bread; bacon; egg omelette with spam
Merienda – Jollibee somewhere

Japox setting up his film showing!! I think you can rent videosingko naman but we don’t want to shell out more cash for that so Japox brought his own home theater. Thank you japox for your resourcefulness! CDR-King always reliable! lols

Group shot – wet edition! There’s a huge area in front of the nipa huts, perfect for..picture taking hehe. Sino-sino ang naka-stomach innnnnn?? LOLSSSS

Ayan nakahinga na ng maluwag haha. One more group shot before going home!

All in all, it was all nice. Company paid so I can’t really complain. Hindi masyadong nakakapagod…hinde din nakaka relax. Definitely not the best experience but for a quick, not-so expensive team building, Moonlight Beach Resort is perfect for you and your team.

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