Blog of the Moment: Marnie Pakyaw

Bruhaaaa, haffe birthday. Naaalala mo ba noong yung panahong halos araw-araw umiiyak ka kase halos araw-araw kang ina-awardan ng nanay, tatay, mga kapatid mo at lahat ng nakakatanda sayo? Saksakan ka ng kulit na bata. Naalala ko yung mga panahon na pinapaliguan kita (yaya nya kase ako lol) At naalala mo ba noon…bumibili ka ng burger sa burger machine tapos nagtatago ka sa taas ng bubong ng bakery, kase ayaw mong mamigay? At kung ilang beses kang nag-audition at hinde natanggap sa Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Dream Academy, Philippine’s Next Top Model at Bb. Pilipinas (pang-Bb. Arteche ka daw eh)? Charrring!

Happy twenty something birthday, cuz. You’ve grown into a very fine young lady – beautiful, talented and intelligent. Naks, naniniwala hahahaha.

Seriously, happy birthday to you marnieboi aka marniepakyaw. Alam mo naman na super bilib ako sayo, ikaw ang pinaka-talented sa angkan naten. Aywabyu and all the best to you.

PS, grinab ko ang piktyures sa multiply, inferness, ang ganda-ganda mo

PS2, eto pala ang gift ko sayo, bonggang bonggang LINK and BLOG POST hehehe.

PS3, pramis…ikaw ang pinaka-maganda sa buong Arteche hahahha

[youtube QeQNoJhQEt4]

[youtube 35Kssevsx0w]

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A Night of Reminiscing, Gluttony, Laughter and More

I had a date last night with some of my college buddies whom I haven’t seen for years. These are the people that I’d like to be friends with for a very long time. Thank you guys for a wonderful friendship. I can still remember those years we shared eating lugaw, kwek-kwek and all those dirty food along Sta. Mesa hahaha, those “sharing” days spent in the lagoon, those days sa camp, haaay, parang kelan lang noh? Na-miss ko bigla ang college life. Parang kelan lang mga childish pa tayo and look at us now, childish pa din lol.

It was sort of an impromptou reunion. No plans. Txt-txt lang.

this is jean and eugene with their cutie daughter MJ, who became my instant inaanak. So sorry, I didn’t bring any gift, I’ll make bawi next time. Jean was one of the hearthrobs in our batch, she luckily ended up with this handsome lad, who used to be a playboy lol, Eugene. Uy, charing lang.

We went to Trinity Dampa in MOA. Pers time kong dumampa or mag-dampa, whatever you call it lol.

So good to see you guys, walang masyadong nagbago, parang college lang ah.

Here’s our Mr. Palengke aka Superex, who works as an Analyst in one of the biggest corporations around the Phils. aka SM.

That’s Ma’am Joan, who teaches GMRC in one of the Universities around Manila lol. She was supposed to get married last December. Hindi ma-finalize ang date ng kasal, may kung anong force na pumipigil. Anyway, congrats and best wishes, sana mare-sched ang kasal nyo sa May hehehe.

Superex and Jo, bat di na lang kase kayo ang magpa-kasal, uyyyyy. *insert kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal, di ka na muling luluha pa*

Everyone’s excited to eat already. Mabilis sila magluto sa Trinity, and I must say na their food are great and reasonably priced.

This shrimp tempura was my favorite dish that night.

Calamares was delicious too but I still prefer Dencio’s calamares.

Their buttered shrimp was delicious too.

Chopsuey, no comment.

Buttered Mussels, yummy too. 

Sinigang sa Miso

Buttered crab with Oyster sauce, I guess. One of the best. Super duper sarrrap.

From L-R: Me and others LOL seriously, that cute girl beside me is Mayeen , Jo, superex, trel and jean

This is Trel from Dubai. Thank you thank you for this wonderful treat. You’re as gracious as ever.

We missed you Emz and Lovesky. It would have been a lot funnier with you around.

Cheers to the good life! Hope to see guys more often this year.

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One Lovely Xmas Gift from Toni

Wow! A nice paper bag seated on my desk…


From starbucks!  What could this be? A tshirt perhaps? LOL


Thank you toni, I’m super touched!



Wow! You know, I’m not a fan of starbucks…but I super duper like this one.


Finally, I’ll be able to dispose this coffee cup I used for yearssss.


Thank you Toni! Ayrililaykeeet.

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Acceptance, Forgiveness and Living a Happy Life Together

Most of my friends are now settled, and has started to build their own families while some didn’t manage to take the pressures of “marriage” and separated. It saddens me to see how these people walk away from each other. Recently, one of my friends contacted me on Friendster to ask for my advice. Here’s the situation, my friend and his wife just separated, and his wife wont allow him to see their child ever again. He’s now fighting for child custody. They have a 3 year old son.

Hell no! I am not a lawyer, I don’t have kids yet and what the heck do I know about Family laws? So being the dependable slash always-at-your-side friend that I am, I researched and here’s what I found, under Phil Family Code, no child under seven years of age shall be separated from the mother, unless the court finds compelling reasons to order otherwise.

Now, is this law absolute? No.

The wife may be deprived of the custody for these compelling reasons – neglect, abandonment, unemployment and immorality, habitual drunkenness, drug addiction, maltreatment of the child, insanity, and affliction with a communicable illness.

The thing is fighting for child custody can sometimes take a very long time. Besides, I know his wife and I can say that she remained faithful and not once got drunk or addicted to illegal drugs. The court will definitely award her the custody. I told him to sort things out with his wife first but if it’s impossible for them to get back together, fighting for child visitation (check out for more info.) is the best solution.

I’m not in the position to tell you guys what you need to do, but I would like you to patch things up, accept each other’s flaws, forgive and live a happy life together. You know me, I am a sucker for true love and happy ending stories. I wish you guys will realize that in this battle, your child is the one suffering the most.

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Happy Birthday Amy!

Ei, it’s been 5-6 years of friendship! i am extremely glad to have met such a wonderful and talented person like you. Thanks for the laughter and crazy moments dear friend.  I hope you make it big time someday (hello Universal Records?). I can still remember the first time I heard you singing that Tina Arena’s famous “Burn” way  back when you were so much younger (and slimmer LOL), even then, you already had that amazing charisma that attracts people to you. Keep aiming high, Aimz. I wish you all the good things in life. Happy Birthday! I know you’ve been trying to lose weight, how about getting this best diet pill for your birthday tomorrow? You like? See yah!

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On Friendship, Subprime and Boys LOL

Aren’t you amazed how you can establish friendship over the internet? At first, you lurk at them…on the following day, you’d courageously say how much you enjoy his/her post, next thing you know…you are exchanging thoughts with him/her….and then months later, you’ll meet face to face and the friendship goes beyond cyberspace. Both parties will reach out by being caring and accepting; by listening to every heartaches and hearbreaks; by sharing laughters and wisdom; and by giving and taking and giving more and taking more LOL.

And then months later, arguements, quarrels, petty fights and differences will arise. Tapos, mag-sisigawan sa email LOL. Magsasabunutan. But after few days, mag ki-kiss and make up. Ay mali, make up lang pala, walang kiss. This is the kind of friendship I share with the phenomenal Reyna Elena. Ewan ko ba kung bat kami nag click eh kung tutuusin, I am almost half her age. I am 40 years old and she’s 80. Siguro kase pareho kaming mahilig sa ano, sa pera ahhahaha tsaka sa cute LOL. O kase baka parehas kaming wala sa tamang hulog lol. Whatever the reasons are, I am just glad that I have a friend in  you, amiga.

hoy ambo, mag pa-ramdam ka

jayrx300: wait restart ko la germania
jayrx300: bwisit
jayrx300: nawala sinulat ko
marlin ada: nyahahahaha
jayrx300: ano ba tong la germania ko
marlin ada: hahahaha, anobah ibabalik ko na ba un sony vaio mo
jayrx300: naku hirap na hirap na ako ateng
jayrx300: waaaaa
marlin ada: kaka guilty ka pero no return no exchange LOL
marlin ada: reregaluhan na lang kita ng 300$
jayrx300: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jayrx300: OW?! dagdagan mo nang isa pang zero
jayrx300: hehehe
marlin ada: gagi, 300 lang nga
jayrx300: me pangkape pa naman ako *hikbi*
marlin ada: sige na
jayrx300: hahaha
marlin ada: tapos i b blog ko tooooooo
jayrx300: LECHEEEE
marlin ada: oo nga, papadalan nga kita ng 300
marlin ada: diba
jayrx300: hoy ano ba
jayrx300: charing lang yun
jayrx300: saka na
jayrx300: pag 3,000 na
jayrx300: hehehe
marlin ada: alam kong gumagapang ka na sa lusak, nararamdaman ko
jayrx300: wag noh
marlin ada: gagi 3000, duh!!!
jayrx300: hahaha
marlin ada: anobeh, sobrang laki ng bonus ko LOL
jayrx300: ow?
jayrx300: kano bonus mo?
jayrx300: 200,000?
marlin ada: haller dream on..
marlin ada: maliit lang…199,000 lang lol
jayrx300: leche mabibili mo na mga boylets ko lahattttt
jayrx300: 2,500 lang nokia long term relationship na
marlin ada: hahahha, hoy one night stand lang un ngayon
jayrx300: gaga pag nalaman na me anda ka, di ka titigilan kaya LTR un
marlin ada: hahahah, hoy hinde totoo yan, eh baket ikaw tinigilan ni jeff hahahha
jayrx300: waaaaa ewan ko ba sa gagong un
jayrx300: tumawag bespren nya
marlin ada: hahahhha, magkano daw ang hinihingi LOL
jayrx300: eto na naman la germania ko restart now daw

****after several minutes*****

jayrx300: sandali edit ko na lang nga current entry ko at iblog ko na to
jayrx300: di ko alam kung magpapasalamat ako
jayrx300: me pera pa naman akoooo
marlin ada: gagi
jayrx300: ngek ngek mo
jayrx300: ibabalik ko to
marlin ada: hoyyy anobeh, consider it as a xmas gift…huhuhuhu
jayrx300: naka ilalagay ko ba link?!
jayrx300: lilink ko?
marlin ada: wag na, baka madaming humingi hahahahha
jayrx300: ano?
marlin ada: makahaanp kaya ako ng boylet?
marlin ada: pag ni link mo ko??
jayrx300: ewan BAKA
marlin ada: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha
jayrx300: hahahaha
jayrx300: AM SURE me papansin
jayrx300: hahaha
jayrx300: lilink ko.
marlin ada: malalaman naten pag may kumagat
marlin ada: shuckssss, parang linya mo un ah hahahahahha
jayrx300: ayan hahaha
jayrx300: ikaw ang nagsimula eh’ mag-eexplain ka ngayon, dudumugin ka ng mga boylet
marlin ada: hahha naku sana naman magdilang anghel ka this time lol
marlin ada: huhuhu kelangan kong mabawi ang 300$
jayrx300: HAHAHA no return no exchange no!!!!
marlin ada: parang nabigla ako ah…
marlin ada: hoyyyy….binabawi kooooo
marlin ada: HOYYYYY!!!!! asan ka???!!! Grrrrrr!!!! nabigla lang akoooooooo
chat disconnected……


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The Fruits of Social Climbing

I met Reynz in the blogosphere just last year, around July, while searching for Josh Verdes’ songs. By October 2007, we met for the pers time, face to face, in Metrowalk. It wasn’t even planned. After that EB, Reynz and I became super friends. We’re more than friends actually. We’re lovers eeeeeekkkk SISTERS!!!! LOL

Ok, serious na.

Trulili, blogging makes the world smaller place. I met a lot of people online and offline through blogging. Now, my byooti extends far beyond LuzViMinda. I have friends all over…in Germany,  China, Zimbabwe, Norway, HK, Australia, Italy, US of A and Sweden. Hopefully, I can find my lover in the blogosphere too hahahha. Charing lang!!!

Ang saya mag blog. It unites the people from all walks of life. Earning $$$$ is just an added bonus. More than that, it allows you to meet the brightest people like this one generous-witty-hunky-hot-fafaaa-luis-alandy-look-alike:

Who own several SWISS accounts in PNB Ortigas, a condo in East Ortigas Mansion, a luxury TOYOTA car lol

*todo-todong build up itooooo!!!* 


….a new SONY VAIO LAPTOP – 4G, 250HDD, Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Buti na lang inborn ang pagiging social climber ko. Chinorva ko lang ang lola….

at ini-date sa Shangrila…and look look look!!!

….nasa bag ko na ang laptop!!! Weeee!! 

inuwi ko, hiniram, pero di ko na yata ibabalik hehehe

Loves it.

Mag-ingat sa lider budol-budol Gang in Eastwood!!!! Wag magpapadala sa mga ngiti at pambobola, or else….baka maghirap kayo at yumaman ako LOL


Many many thanks to you Reyna Elena for the wonderful gift of friendship. Thank you ‘daaaay. Super thaaaank you. Thanks for all the good times. Para kang si Oprah. Your charm, graciousness, wisdom and generous spirit are all inspiring.  Mwaaaah. Yah know I love you ‘daaaay, itutumba ko lahat ng kaaway mo heheheh if the price is right LOL.

Ask whoever in my name, and it will be given to you, except of course you-know-who, proprietary yun eh HAHAHAHHA

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The Truth About The Shangrila Expedition

One day…while talking to Reynz over the phone for our usual routine of okrayan slash chikahan slash tigbakan…

“Treat ka namin ni Pusa ng dinner, san mo gusto”

“Ah talagaaa?!!!! Gusto ko sa SOFITEL!!!!”

“ha?? ayaw mo ba ng real authentic Pinoy dish like sa Kamayan?”

“naku gusto ko sa SOFITEL!!!!!”

“How about seafood island?”


*Shucks!!! Paano ang budget koooo?? Tsk, nao-overdose na yata ako sa social climbing*


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