Becoming Lola at 30+

How old were you when you became a lola?

I’m 30+ and I have 2 grand kids already, both boys, from my cousin’s daughter, Lindy. Howww the hell??! I don’t even have kids of my own yet and now someone’s calling me Lola hahaha. Sooo unfair! I suddenly feel so sooo old. I’m quite young to be called a lola, but it’s ok, awkward but ok, not blaming my niece Lindy for getting married early (she was only 18).

Do you have grand kids too? I’m already doing my Christmas shopping as early as now. What do you think is the perfect gifts for your grandson? Train toys? Clothes? Shoes? Or maybe books? I’m not planning something extravagant for them since I have plenty of young nieces and nephews too, plus 10+ godchildren.

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Sending Christmas Cards Via Snail Mail

Technology has changed this world so much that I don’t get cards and handwritten letters anymore. All I get are PMs, FB wall messages, email and SMS!

I miss receiving and sending handwritten letters. Back in college, I used to write letters/notes for Ruthie and Mimi almost everyday. They also reply to me the next day with their own letters. I kept hundreds of those in a shoe box at home. Sometimes, I read them and look back at how simple our lives were. All we ever thought about were – surviving college and seeing our crushes hahaha. Haaay good times.

This Christmas, I plan to send greeting cards via snail mails to my dear friends (HS and college friends), maybe not handwritten letters anymore, but I’ll use photoaffections for photo christmas cards . I got the idea from Lizzie. A few years back, she sent me a nice card with a picture of her family and I felt really touched when I saw it. I think it’ll be nice if I surprise my friends with the same thing. My only concern now is how to get their home addresses.

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Mini Christmas Party

This post has been loooooong overdue.

Because we don’t have enough budget to rent a place for a party, we decided to held our Department’s year end party in our pantry. It saves us a lot of cash, and saves time too since we don’t need to travel. It’s also guaranteed that everyone will be present.

First, we decorated the tables with balloons and we also placed various handcrafted xmas decors hanging on the ceiling.

For games, we had Pinoy Henyo!

Battle of the finest (questions are work related)

Balloon popping games. Trust me, this game is sooo fun and tiring. Japox was sooo funny, he emerged as the ultimate balloon popping king!

Lots of delicious food ordered online.

Exchange of gifts (pre-determined) worth 500P. What I received was…500 cash!

We also had a Name That Tune contest. Japox brought his DVD, kenwood speakers and microphones. Good thing there’s already a huge LED TV available in the pantry.  Everyone got gifts courtesy of our bosses. There was a raffle draw also – prizes include trip to Puerto Galera (it was actually a pair of beach sandals only), trip to Korea (Luck Me jjampong noodles), GC to Vicki Belo (eskinol), Dental GC (toothpaste) and a lot more! Had so much fun. Looking forward to another parteeey this year!

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Say Hello To Bebe Julia

Say hello to my very cute niece bebe Julia!! Aint she the cutest? She’s currently staying with us until her dad (my younger brother) gets ready to go back sailing. Love loveee bebe. Sooo cute and behave, wanna pinch her chubby cheeks all the time, she cries only when hungry and when it’s hot (well, I don’t have an aircon in my apartment and I don’t intend to have one). Must get her new kids ceiling fans, the ones we have at home is too strong and big for her.

You know, I can understand better the joy of being a mom now that I am an Aunt. Shoutout to dear friends who are enjoying their new roles as first time moms – Amy, Rochelle, Rhea, Janice and Syana. I know you guys must be feeling inexplicable happiness, congrats and God bless you on your motherhood. Happy for you and I envy you guys a lotttt! Wanna have my own babies soon!

Love you bebe, hope you grow up nice and God-fearing and smart. Mwhugs!

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Toni and Liz

Everyone, let’s welcome Toni and Liz into blogdom, fresh from Singapore!!!!

Toni’s Laugh and Roll

I have known Toniiiii since 2002 or 2003 when I started working in XXX. We were both entertainers there, charrrot. She’s very bubbly and funny and spendthrift and sexaaay. One thing that I will not forget about her was that time when she unselfishly gave her Christmas basket to one of our kuyas in the office. I wasn’t expecting that. I figured, she does it every year, we weren’t just aware. It was the first time I’ve seen that side of her and it was heartwarming to me.
The habit of cooking century tuna with corn – I learned from her!
Her favorite motto: I play with my organ. LOLLLL

Liz and so forth

I’ve known Liz for some time, while working in the same company XXX. She’s very petite and a certified chinese cutie! I rem bumping into her each morning in the CR, washing her face, so so flawless, no pores! Memorable moment was during that time when we spent breakkie in Chowking everyday, she never missed a day without eating her century eggs. Also, those times when we listened to her stories and how she and RJ (now her hubby) were going through tough times. Unknown to many, she once starred in a movie hahaha and she’s related to some TV personality!

Have fun blogging, beauties! I’d like to read more of your exciting stories there. If God wills it, I might see you in Singapore soon!

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Gift Ideas for My Father

I barely noticed my father growing older. He’s still fit, and still capable to do a lot of things, but the last time I went home for a short visit in the barrio, he’s become thin and lines are clearly visible on both sides of his face.

Thank you God for blessing me a father who’s responsible and works hard at any thing. I am proud to say that he doesn’t smoke and drink alcohol. I haven’t seen him puff a cigar, not one time. And he is really kind and cool. I wish he’ll stay healthy for a long long time.

Other than clothes, I don’t remember giving my father any special gift, so this year, I am planning to spoil him, maybe not with flashy material things since he’s not into that, maybe he’d like gift baskets for dad which includes, shaving cream and razor, some tools etc. Or maybe a pair of Nike rubber shoes since he likes to play basketball. My father’s new hobby is fishing…so maybe a fish rod or fishing lures that he can use will make him really happy. He also loves pizza soo much! I still remember his delighted face when I treated him in Pizza Hut for the first time, he was really happy! So when there’s a chance, I’ll bring home 2 boxes of pizza when I go home.

Soo many gift ideas, but I know what he really really likes to receive from us but I’m not capable to give it yet, maybe in a few years time, so my prayer is for God to bless me in all aspects so I may become a blessing to my parents.

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2012 Quarterly Review

Welcoming my first ever niece, Juliaaa! My brother is too excited to go home this summer, he probably bought lots of gifts for baby Julia already.

Lola passed away several days after Julia was born. Saaad.

Inday got a new toy – PSP, a gift from my brother – it has been her wish since she was 6, she’s now 10!

Short vacation last February with cousins and aunt.

Soooo happy for my cousin Mitchie. She is finally getting married this year! Congratulationssss! She asked me to help in planning for her big day, I said YESSSS of course, I’d love to do that! Excited!

Seriously, I need to stop visiting deal sites like ensogo and cashcashpinoy, I always end up wanting to buy things I can’t buy. So frustrating!!! Just a few weeks back, I bought a voucher worth 15,000P!!!

Puerto Galera trip cancelled.

Lastly, I lost 2 freaking lbs since I started going back to the gym 2 months ago!!! FAIL! LOL.

Perfect attendance from January – March! What an achievement! I am aiming for 1 year complete attendance this 2012. I still have 8 months, I can do this!!!

Hoping my next quarterly review will be so much better and exciting. See yah!

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This Post Is Wonderfully Inspired By A Song – Where Are You Now? By Honor Society

To my gradeschool classmate Jocelyn Bartolome
who taught me how to make polvoron
To my childhood friend Ma. Ritchelle Javier (cheche for schort lol)
who gave me a chupa-chups lollipop
To Ma. Luz Acebuche
who was always my seatmate back in grade school
To blend45, nescafe and others
the first set of friends I remember
To my ninang who gave me a pair of pink sandals
that’s too big for my size
To my 2nd grade classmate Ulyses
oh boy I wish I knew your last name so I can stalk find you
To my 1st grade teacher
who used to make palo-palo my hands with a ruler
To this very nice and pretty girl friend
who i always believed to be as Isabel Granada (hahahha)
To the friends I made back in a beautiful small town in Isabela
Where are you now?

To my ex- friends
Don’t know how we grew apart
To my kumare/kumpare
who have hurt me saying those hurthful words
To Mang Boning and Inang (and ate cecille)
of my favorite lugawan
To the faces I see in my memory
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

To my 4th grade classmate, Francis Abellera
who made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone (charing hahah)
To my last lover
I am living the best life ever, thanks.
To our phonepals – Roy and Eric F. hahahha
being teenager is awesomeee!
To the friends I met in various camps
who made me see how i can change my life
To Aling Kastre
who sells my favorite puto seko
To the ones I loved
Didn’t show it enough
Where are you now

To Ate Gina, Michelle Caranto, Debbie Abarca, Marvin Caranto, Ding, Dondon etc.
who made my childhood days really memorable
To those nameless faces
and faceless names I remember

I know we’ll never see those days again
And things will never be that way again
But that’s just how it goes
People change but I know
I won’t forget you

To the ones who came
Who were there from the start
To the love that left
And took a piece of my heart
To the one who’d swear
He’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be how I am

Where are you now?

To my college diary
Where are you now?


I’ve met so many amazing people in my life and I wish I had made an effort to keep in touch with some of them. I really hope you’re all happy and doing well wherever you are. Thanks for the beautiful memories. Sana mahanap ko kayo kahit sa Facebook man lang.

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Friends Reunited After 20 Years

Omigaaaaaaaaaaahhhd! Facebook is really awesome. I was reunited with one of my childhood best pals – Dodong! I remember blogging about you HERE. Really happy to see you, friend.

Look at you, you’ve grown so tall! Hindi ka nagbago ng haircut, teh? LOL. Last time na nagkita tayo, ganyan na yan eh hehehe. You just didn’t age a bit, ok, so a little wrinkles here and there (hello 30anyos na kaya tayo lol), but you still look the same!

I knew it!

It’s not a surprise that you’d grow up to be a singer…eh noon palang magaling ka na talaga. Super proud naman ako while watching you sing “Kung Mahal Mo Sya” by Jayr. Ang galing!!! That song is on repeat on my playlist. Ang bongga ng rendition mo, feel na feel ko ang pagiging martir!!!

Your talent and humor has quadrupled! Let’s meet again soon..kain tayo ng lugaw and pandesal kina Mang Boning! HAHAHA

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Socials Night

December 2000, PUP-ECE Baguio Tour, Socials Night

Nyahahaha. Kuha ito nun sumayaw kami ng Summer Lovin (from the movie GREASE) nun 5th year. Ginampanan ko ang role ng bidang babae (naks!) May violet na pajama akong suot nyan, pinatungan ko lang ng palda. Ginampanan ko din kase ang role ni Tinkywinky (na kulay violet) of Teletubbies prior to this dance number HAHAHHA. Kami yata ang grand prize. Parang that’s entertainment lang. Nakaka-miss  ang college life. Ang dami kong hinde ko nagawa noon like yun mag-aral ng mabuti LOL para maka-graduate kahit cum laude man lang bwahaha.


– Hilig ko na yata talaga ang mag-blog noon pa, look kung gaano ko winalanghiya ang picture na to
– Year 2001 pa lang marunong na akong mag-TAG, so nauna ako sa FB? lol
– Hirap pala akong mag-memorize ng dance steps hahaha
– Mahal na mahal ko si Mimi and Ruthie
– Tiks has got to be one of my most treasured guy-friends
– Year 2000, 5th year college…shucks ang ageeee!!!?? So mawawala na pala ako sa calendaryo this year!? NOOOOOO!


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