1 Year Since You’ve been Gone

Already 1 year since tatay went to heaven. I miss him everyday!

We’re all okay. Nanay is okay, she cries sometimes but for the most part, she is strong and moving on. Very admirable. You would have been very glad to hear that both your sons are working outside of the country. Ate is okay and very happy with Keith. Inday is following your footsteps! She’s now learning to play the guitar (we bought one for her last Christmas). Julia is super smart, kulit and sings very well, just like you! Sayang, you didn’t get to see Ponsky! He looks just like you, Tatay! You would have been a doting grandfather to him if you were here. I’m okay now, feeling a lot better and slowly accepting everything what happened. I don’t cry as often as I used to now.

I MISS YOU TATAY! I miss you so much, everyday. Please watch over us from heaven! I love you forever!

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New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Table

Yeay! It’s only 27 days until Christmas and 34 days until 2015! How do you want to celebrate your new year? My Aunt and I were discussing a while ago about our year end plans, we’re looking into getting a 2-night suite accommodation in Oakwood Premier Hotel somewhere in Ortigas, unfortunately, December 30 – January 1, 2015 are blocked off, so it looks like we’re all just going to celebrate at home. It would have been fun to party in a nice suite!

Anyway, this is our typical New Year’s table during Media Noche. Messy, right? Must get my Aunt a new round gingham tablecloth from here so the table looks more presentable. All my favorite food is served – caldereta, vegetable salad, chicken wings and sinfully delicious black forest cake. Making me hungry since I haven’t eaten anything yet since I woke up.

Hope you guys will have an awesome 2015!

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3 Things I am Grateful For

Do you realize how powerful your thoughts and words are?

2 years ago, I’ve been constantly whining over my life, how it was too boring and routinary and comfortable. I wanted to experience something dramatic to have a more interesting and exciting life. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and look out for more challenges. I wanted a drama, this Universe conspired and made it happen. 2013-2014 surely is the worst and most uncomfortable and challenging and dramatic year for me. I’ve never felt so down and depressed and lost.

I want you guys to be more careful with your thoughts, wishes and words. Never ever wish for a drama!

Anyway, here are the 3 things I am most grateful for today:

1. Grateful for my fast internet connection. Internet became my escape. It’s so nice that I can watch a lot of youtube tutorials, from make up to cooking to making loom bands to playing Bass guitar! I know nothing about bass guitar, so while browsing online, I saw this video and instantly it caught my interest! Got inspired by this young lady who learned to play bass by just watching youtube videos:

Mad skills right there! She didn’t even know how to read chords, she’s just playing it by ear. So cool. I know i know, it might be too late and ambitious to learn playing bass but who knows. HAHA. If I get enough money and time and right amount of passion, I might buy a Fender bass guitar and learn to play it.

2. Grateful for friends who have shown support in any way they can – from childhood friends, gradeschool/high school/college classmtes, officemates, neighbors, churchmates to blogfriends, I will never ever forget your kindness guys!

3. Grateful for the support of my family and relatives. I feel that I am so much closer now to them than I had been in the past. Thank you and I love you. Even if there’s a lot of pain now, everything would be all right someday.

What are the things you’re most grateful for?

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First Christmas Without You

Photo from Pinterest

We’re only 5 months away until Christmas! Are you excited already? I am not.

I can picture already that my family and I will be really really sad when that day comes since it’ll be the first Christmas without my dear father. I remember when he was still alive, he loved celebrating Christmas (he was born on December 24), he loved to invite and entertain guests in our home and he loved to play Christmas songs on full blast very early in the morning.

I miss you everyday Tay. I miss you and I love you! Instead of being all depressed and sad on your birthday/Christmas, we will try to celebrate and remember you. Just like last year, we will put up the big Christmas tree around the corner of our living room, maybe we’ll even setup a department 56 dickens village display on one of the console tables you made, we’ll cook all your favorite food on your birthday/Christmas and invite some friends and relatives. We will try to live well and be grateful always. Please help us esp. Nanay to keep moving forward.

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Simple Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday I received a nice little gift from my officemate’s son N – a wallet size picture complete with dedication! He’s only 4, btw. Sooo cute hahaha. N is such a fine little boy, very talented and smart too. He knows how to play the drums already. Tita is sorry for pretending to be Anne Curtis to you (I told him I was Anne whenever we talk on the phone and he was really convinced about it). Pls. know that it is your mom who encouraged me to do that hahaha. Thank you Mommey K, I will treasure the picture Thank you also for being a friend to me all these years.

To N, I hope you grow up as a nice young man one day. When Tita Malensky become rich (as in super rich that I walk on money) I shall give you the best yamaha drums set in the world! But for now, a bigger firetruck will do, right? Be safe, you guys!

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Preparing for my first trip to Baguio….this year!

Soo excited for my first trip to Baguio….this year! Thank you Japox for paying for our accommodation. We’re all very excited!

I’ve been to Baguio twice, year 2000 with the whole ECE graduating class, and 2008 with fellow bloggers Reyna Elena and Pinoyambisyoso. Both very memorable to me so I hope this year’s also a good one. I am just happy I could visit the place again because I didn’t have the chance to travel that much last year (except for our Team Building in Laiya and Puerto Galera and a few trips to my barrio) due to busy schedules (and poverty lols).

Visit 168 Divisoria for all your party needs. Very very cheap price there. That HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles is only 30P, you can buy the same thing in Goldilocks for 150P.

Since Japox paid for our accommodation, we decided to make a surprise party tomorrow night to celebrate 2 things – his bday and promotion! Congratulations on being promoted as the new MARKOVA for Asia Pacific! Do you have your business cards already? If you haven’t, I know a place where you can get quality custom business cards printing services for your personal cards. Let me know if you need help, ok. Congrats again! Well deserved!

Baguio..here I come!

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Bebemon Wedding

I have been into many weddings and this was honestly one of the best ceremonies ever! It was very light, funny, even the MC was impressed because everyone’s willing to go crazy and just have fun that night! There were singing and dancing everywhere – imagine the Ninangs and the whole entourage dancing to Gangnam Style haha, (yes, I danced too!), the parents of the bride dancing to I Will Survive (first time we saw bossing to dance!!!), Groom and that Harry Potter guy who got the bridal garter danced like they were some kind of strippers – epic!  Adeng, was specially crazy and funny that night, giving life to the reception party. I really enjoyed every minute of it!

My first time in Fernwood and it is really gorgeous!  Color motiff is purple, yellow and gray – perfect colors for a night wedding. Guestbook table looked very pretty and detailed. Each guest table had a wine with laser printer labels of bride and groom’s picture. The food they served were all yummy. Impressive SDE. Watch:

Raymond and Michelle from Dan Mendiola on Vimeo.

It was a beautiful wedding, Mitch and Raymond! I truly believe this is God’s will. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your entourage! And thank you for the lovely gown! Wishing you guys a lifetime of success and happiness! Good health to you both and your babies. Can’t wait to see little Bebemons!

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Becoming Lola at 30+

How old were you when you became a lola?

I’m 30+ and I have 2 grand kids already, both boys, from my cousin’s daughter, Lindy. Howww the hell??! I don’t even have kids of my own yet and now someone’s calling me Lola hahaha. Sooo unfair! I suddenly feel so sooo old. I’m quite young to be called a lola, but it’s ok, awkward but ok, not blaming my niece Lindy for getting married early (she was only 18).

Do you have grand kids too? I’m already doing my Christmas shopping as early as now. What do you think is the perfect gifts for your grandson? Train toys? Clothes? Shoes? Or maybe books? I’m not planning something extravagant for them since I have plenty of young nieces and nephews too, plus 10+ godchildren.

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Sending Christmas Cards Via Snail Mail

Technology has changed this world so much that I don’t get cards and handwritten letters anymore. All I get are PMs, FB wall messages, email and SMS!

I miss receiving and sending handwritten letters. Back in college, I used to write letters/notes for Ruthie and Mimi almost everyday. They also reply to me the next day with their own letters. I kept hundreds of those in a shoe box at home. Sometimes, I read them and look back at how simple our lives were. All we ever thought about were – surviving college and seeing our crushes hahaha. Haaay good times.

This Christmas, I plan to send greeting cards via snail mails to my dear friends (HS and college friends), maybe not handwritten letters anymore, but I’ll use photoaffections for photo christmas cards . I got the idea from Lizzie. A few years back, she sent me a nice card with a picture of her family and I felt really touched when I saw it. I think it’ll be nice if I surprise my friends with the same thing. My only concern now is how to get their home addresses.

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