84 Days

And the countdown continues! Horray to the 1st day of the month! Infairness to me naman, I woke up at around 4AM! Eh I normally wake up at 1PM. Whoahh! Anyaree?

October, I will be good to you!

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91 Days To Go Before Christmas

At talaga naman pinanindigan ko na ang pag c-countdown! Hahaha. Sayang naman kasi yun in-edit at in-effortan ko na graphics!!!

Anyway, 91 days na lang. Truth is, I am 1% excited and 99% distressed about it. Don’t be fooled, obligatory post lang tong countdown ko just because!


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93 Days To Before Christmas

93 days to go before Christmas!

Ang bilis ng araw. Only 93 days! I need to work extra hard to earn more money money and more money! A random post to tell you the random things that happened today:

  • Marlisa Punzalan is safe from the elimination, she made it to Top 6 in The X Factor Australia 2014! Check out her Week 7 performance HERE
  • Blogsvertise is back! Yesss.
  • Buy more and sell more
  • Picmonkey and Pixlr
  • Thank you Driven Family!
  • Tummy ache!
  • To TC wherever you are, thanks!
  • I am never going to buy that frozen french fries packed in kilos again. Swear!

Hope you guys are doing great!

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Quick Post

Helloes! Just a quick quick post to tell you guys that I am still alive and kicking! I’ll be back to regular blogging when I’m not too busy learning (oh yes! i’m learning just whatever i find interesting like cooking — pachamdiaries.blogspot.com and many other things)

Check out soon for more updates!

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2012: Leave My Comfort Zone and Rock My Life

Hello everyone!!! Glad to be back blogging after more than 2 weeks! How’s your 2012 so far?

So my main goal for this year is to leave my comfort zone and rock my life. I have been doing the same things over and over…it feels like I am not growing anymore, just getting older.

I’m also quite busy with work and other stuff like Runningman and Farmville hahaha

Soooo many things running in my head right now. So many things to accomplish:
– Finalize team building preparations
– Reunion planning with elementary classmates
– Get new batteries for my alarm clock and sports watch. I need another watch that I can wear on business days! I want one of those stainless steel watches on sale last month in Cybermall.
– Apply for a VL for Manay Beng’s party in Davao
– Gym. Yessss!
– Plan my trip to ………
– Open my online stores
– Manage my closet – sell those clothes that wont fit anymore
– Save enough cash…
– Get serious with blogging, again
– renovate my room! i want a new bed, bedsheets, curtains, lampshade and a rustic bedroom furniture where I can put my DVD collections and books.
– Learn to live simply – I’m going to keep/dispatch those clutter in my apartment

Looks like 2012 will be an exciting year. Lord, thank you for another year of blessings. Teach me your ways…so that I may live according to your will.

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SEO Friendly, Minimalist and 2-Column WordPress Theme

Bagong theme! Yes, this is going to be my new theme for now – SEO friendly, minimalist and 2-column. Boring, no? EXACTLY! Because that’s how my I am living my life right now LOLsss and I plan to live that way for the next few months LOLssss

I used to have a very bonggang blog  na maraming baderitas left and right, parang fiesta everyday. 

Now, I wanna go back to my roots which is…keeping things simple. Charot. Signs of aging lang yata ‘to teh. Habang tumatanda, nag-babago ang preferences sa buhay, nawawalan ng sense of humor, nagiging mas matalino at lalong nagmumukhang pera pero meron ding tumatanda na hitsura lang ang nagmamature *parang ako* hahaha.

Eto talaga ang totoong reason why I switched to a new template:

I want to drive more traffic to this site.

Yeahhh! Traffic that’s convertible to cash!! So if we’re friends, pls. do visit this site again tomorrow and the day next after and so on and so forth. My site is open 24/7, no entrance fee so please come in and please sit down anytime LOL


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Rekindling the Romance with You

Because Valentine is coming very soon, I decided it’s the best time to rekindle my romance with you, yes you…my blog LOL

This is going to be the template for now – 2 column, mostly black and white and very simple just like me. NOT.

Basically, my main focus for 2011 is to achieve 5S in my life (bloglife included) hahaha so wish me luck!

Hope you’ll have a sweet Valentine!

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Say Hi to Tea, Goodbye to Coffee!

Heard this news last week, countries like Japan and China has only 5% Obesity Rate in their entire population. How in the world did that happen? Chinese food are mostly oily, right? Here’s one thing that both countries share and I thought this might be their SECRET: they’re the biggest consumers of Green TEA.

So I decided to start my No Coffee Policy last week to prove my theory LOL. I’m now on the 4th day and I am enjoying it. Yes to GREEN TEA with a little bit of honey, no to KOPIKO Brown Coffee!

Here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:

•rheumatoid arthritis
•high cholesterol levels
•caridovascular disease
•impaired immune function
cr. google

It also helps in burning calories. The only side effect is that green tea contains caffeine that may over-stimulate you and can cause sleeping problems. I’m not complaining though. Surprisingly, I feel a little lighter and more energetic and for the most part of the day, I don’t really feel sleepy.

Looks like drinking tea will become a lifestyle for me. 


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Project: One Blog Post a Day

Ruthie: Len, san mo nakuha yun yung pag nag t-twitter ka lumalabas sa facebook

Len: Tweetdeck, mag download ka ng tweekdeck

Ruthie: San dina download yun

Len: Ano..try mo download sa plantsa hahaha

Ruthie: i mean saang website

Len: sa google.com


Nanaginip ako kagabi…Nasa airport kami…pa-flylalu sa Europe (bonggaaa!) kasama si Toni, Jadie, Carol and Ruthie…naiwan daw ako.

Bumalik daw kase ako sa bahay…para balikan yun suklay ko.



Reading my archives. Natatawa ako sa mga blogpost ko noon. Para akong may sense of humor hahaha.


One blog post a day wont hurt, right? Yes!!! I decided…today is the best time to revive my love affair with YOU.

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